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#Art of Fantasy 122: Remko Troost

Today I want to introduce you to the Canadian artist, Remko Troost. Remko is a veteran in the games industry with over 15 years of making great art. 195 more words


Emhar 'Gokstad' Build - Part I

I finally managed to take the model from the box, detach the pieces from the sprues and get building. On the bright side of it I am learning a lot about the shape and design of the Viking longship, and a fair bit about model making as well; combing archives and forums every now and then for help. 426 more words


#Art of Fantasy 121: Nuare Studio

Instead of a single artist, I am showcasing a studio of artists this week. I don’t know the circumstances of their formation but it happened in 2006. 141 more words


The Offering - Preliminary Sketch

An offering offering insight into the offering!

Well now that I’ve got that out of my system we can get into the point of this offering, a preliminary sketch for an oil painting that I’ll be starting at some point in the next fortnight. 182 more words


Fantasy Art Wednesday

I know I haven’t posted one of these in a while. My schedule has been pretty busy, and my blog has been sparse as a result. 122 more words

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