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Tedieval Concept Sketches

For the above picture, it was basically a recreation of the Atlas and Axis cover. My plan was to ape the background shorthand of Pau. 63 more words


Details of fa'uwn warrior

Another crop from the Troll Fight image, painted for Bloody Quest.

This character was the genesis of the entire painting. I had originally started out just looking to do a quick sketch of a fa’uwn warrior. 46 more words

Digital Art

Spell Art, part Two

This image is for an animal summoning spell, or it could be used for a wizard summoning a familiar. The high contrast art style is really starting to click for me now, and I’m getting pretty excited about getting to work on more images!


The Grey Pilgrim

“I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.”

– Gandalf

On what started out as a seemingly ordinary day just over seventeen years ago, I happened to encounter an old wizard riding into Hobbiton on his cart that had been filled with the most amazing fireworks ever seen even by the oldest of Hobbits.

446 more words

Spell Art, part One

My fixation on fantasy games and high contrast drawing continues. I decided to start drawing up image art for different types of spells, the first of which is for Absorb Knowledge. 52 more words


Closer details of ranger

A cropped close up detail shot of the ranger in the Troll Fight piece created for Bloody Quest.

I didn’t really want to depict the ranger in a too classical way, covered in pouches, wearing leather armour and a long cloak. 39 more words

Digital Art