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Countdown to Release: Cover Reveal!

I love these days. Well, I’ve only had one of them prior to this BUT CLEARLY THAT MAKES ME AN EXPERT.

I’m so excited to present to you this gorgeous cover. 99 more words

The Song Of The Ash Tree


I’ve been wanting to do a series of iconography based around byzantine gilded imagery and illuminated manuscripts. My face is just wrong for this, but I have a lovely, much more genuine model in mind for this project. 53 more words

Altar of the Ice Gods

This is a little exercise I’ve build to pratice hand painted textures both in photoshop and substance painter. Textures were added over a normal mapped mesh, originally sculpted in zbrush. 99 more words

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Google Art #DiscoveryFriday

My┬ábeautiful man text me the other day in a frenzy saying ‘Google Deep Dream Generator’. I did so, uploaded an image and what I got was a whole new way of seeing what my lens has captured. 171 more words



Louix’s younger sister in bear form. (book characters)

Concept Art

Sketch - Cyd, Gnomish Goddess of Song

Some DnD nostalgia. Happy Sigh.

(She was a Bard/Virtuoso in a post-apocolyptic modernish setting, who became a Goddess. She was/is amazing.)