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Back to Work

It’s been one cruise and 2 weddings later, and I can now finally get back to work. Congratulations Kim and Buxton, Bill and Carly, I had an awesome time, and I wish you the best! 72 more words


Into the water.

Fingertips digging into the softened bark, Gattola strained to hear even the slightest sound of his companions. His. Ears quivering with the exertion of it. Hearing nothing he climbed over the tree roots, landing heavily in the stagnant water that collected about them, the black mud cracking his limbs.

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#Art of Fantasy 40: Johannes Voss

Johannes Voss is a professional freelance illustrator and digital painter from Leipzig, Germany. He currently works as illustrator on Magic: The Gathering. He has also done paintings for Playboy magazine and League of Legends, and apparently likes seals a lot. 84 more words


"Witchy Lady" (art post)

I worked on the actual drawing for several days, off and on.  Colouring in Photoshop took me about a week, working bit by bit, multiple times a day. 29 more words


More Cards...

Been scratching away at these in my spare time, REALLY enjoying working with line art for the first time in a long while.

Here’s the 4 of cups as I see it… 55 more words

Aaron Pocock

Playing with PicsArt 

Sooo, this app is also how I add my curved watermark to my photos, (I’m hoping to have a Tutorial page up in the near future, with little tips & tricks I use, so stay tuned. 142 more words