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Sunday Gnomedays 4-23-18

Belatedly, because I was at a retreat this weekend and got home absolutely beat yesterday. I am very grateful for your patience and assure you I have returned refreshed and refocused <3

The Art Galleries in The Story Well

Fantasy Faire has featured fantasy art galleries within the Fairelands since 2014. We aim to showcase the limitless options for your transformation in our shared virtual world, how truly only imagination is the limit. 406 more words

Fantasy Faire

Earth Day 2018

For Earth Day, April 22, 2018, I decided to highlight my six favorite fantasy artists. Five have Twitter accounts. Please have a look at the work of these women. 115 more words


Art and Creation Notes - "Just Relax"

Incredibly ironic considering the rather ocular focus this piece has, I sustained a mild eye injury while in the stages of completing this drawing. Hence, the sketch was actually finished like, in January, but it didn’t get cleaned up until April. 126 more words

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New Illustrations for Speak Softly and Carry a Sticky Wicket!


This is the second illustration for the latest in the Mr. Pelinger’s House series. Mr. Pelinger invites the Foster siblings to be contestants in a gameshow where the celebrity guests are Teddy Roosevelt and Queen Victoria battling over the supremacy of art, music, culture, natural wonders, vehicles, and just about everything between America and England. 232 more words

Strange Places

The Space Arbora - Premium Plots for Sale.

About the Space Arbora:

Welcome to the Space Arbora or the self-sufficient colony anchored half-way  between Jupiter and Earth. If your earthly existence bores your out of your wits and if you dream of emigrating to an out-of-the-world planet, this post is for you. 188 more words

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