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Drafting for 2017 Fantasy Football

Are you as ready for 2016 to be over as I am? I mentioned in my last post that this has been by far my worst season so far. 1,741 more words

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Fantasy Baseball - Looking ahead to 2017

You think it’s silly that I’m already looking ahead to the 2017 Fantasy Baseball draft? With how my Fantasy Football teams have been doing, I’m already looking ahead to THAT draft. 2,098 more words

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Annenberg League - 12 Team Draft Recap

Surprise! The league that I joined last year with my grad school buddies, it’s gone up from a 10-team league to a 12-team league! Surprise! It’s still a PPR League. 1,186 more words

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League of Shadows Draft Recap

The League of Shadows. My first league, my longest league. Granted, I’ve only been playing for three years, but I’m glad my friends and I have managed to keep this league going even for that long. 1,820 more words

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10 Team Mock Draft #2 - A+?

An A+?

I learned last season not to get too excited about draft results. It’s very easy to see a grade from the computerized draft manager and start rosterbating (thanks “The League” for that delightfully smutty expression), but your team may look a lot different after Week One than it does before it. 782 more words

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