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Realism in Fantasy and the Nit-Picky Reader

For first time visitors here, I write a regular series about biological realism in fantasy at Fantasy Faction, so it’s a topic I like to discuss. 236 more words

Posting Schedule!

So far I’ve used this blog entirely to post my recently published articles (like this one and this other one), but I think it’s time to expand. 224 more words

Fantasy Creatures and Urban Living

My newest article about using real world biology to inspire urban fantasy settings is up at Fantasy Faction. Be sure to check it out here… 94 more words

Fantasy Faction’s Grim Gathering part 2: “You write wrong”

In the second instalment of this two part article on the third Grim Gathering event by Fantasy-Faction, authors Joe Abercrombie, Peter V. Brett, Mark Lawrence and Peter Newman talk about their creative process and other writerly things. 1,120 more words


Fantasy Faction’s Grim Gathering part 1: “Hell is other people”

Fantasy authors Joe Abercrombie, Peter V. Brett, Mark Lawrence and Peter Newman discuss human darkness in fantasy fiction as part of Fantasy-Faction’s third annual Grim Gathering panel in association with Harper Voyager. 1,246 more words


The Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan

Society doesn’t look kindly on women who want to expand the world’s knowledge of dragons through scientific study, scandalous affiliations and hazardous adventures across the globe but, as we well know by now, Isabella, Lady Trent cares not a whit for society’s glances or approval. 986 more words


An interview with Marc Aplin

Please tell us a bit about about yourself and Fantasy-Faction.

It is kind of hard to talk about me and excite anyone reading this because where as I feel like I’m always doing a lot, I don’t really seem to do anything, at all. 2,620 more words