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Review of Johannes Cabal The Fear Institute

My review for the third book in the Johannes Cabal series is up at Fantasy Faction! Only one more to go before we’re all caught up.

Fantastical Biology: Flight

Check out my article on Fantasy Faction about combining real world biology with fantasy. This one focuses on flying fantasy creatures. And don’t forget to check out the other great articles on that site as well!

Shadowplay on Fantasy Faction's Top 50 Fantasy Books of 2014

Whoohoo! Shadowplay is number 17 on Fantasy Faction’s Best 50 Fantasy Books of 2014! It’s at 17, which is pretty damn awesome. Feels great to be on the list and see some love for Micah. 192 more words


Underground fantasy part 2: Dungeons, tombs and underground mazes

The first part of this series on underground fantasy looked at caverns as settings and pathways to worlds below. Next we will explore dungeons, tombs and underground mazes to ascertain the root of their popularity. 917 more words