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Podcast 6

Things eventually come to an end. I have enjoyed my first foray into this high-tech type of interview, and I hope those of you who have listened have gained some insight into the process of writing. 18 more words

The Brotherhood


Been working slowly on the SMs and their Eldar Exodite opponents. What is taking up much of my time is decisions:


Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Mounted Warrior


A casual comment by a fellow gamer at the club day yesterday got me to thinking about expanding the mounted warrior into a diorama-type display. 2,456 more words


The Lammorian Chronicas: Desert Rose


Desert Rose. A book in the Lammorian Chronicas series

The idea for this story happened not long after getting out of the army. At the time, I was contemplating applying for university. 536 more words

Narrative Writing

Or The Demon Will Take Her Children? Every One Of Them.

«eradicate-neka» said the Spinner.
And if I fail? asked Kerrid.

But, alas, Kerrid needs first to return to the Realm of Divinities before she can complete her  task. 25 more words

Feast Fables