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Lotus Plain (children's tale) (WIP)

Among the nestling trees,
by the trickling riverbed,
a simple bush grew,
companion to the
many riverbank weeds
residing along its bank.

One day, as it shook from itself… 1,154 more words

Prose Poetry

Fay du Varle

She sang a trill
to soothe her spirited
limbs to quell their feisty
rhythm. The larks accompanied
her stroll as she felt its pulse — this… 927 more words


Lord Connor Tashun: Part One (WIP)

“I am Lord Connor o’Tashun,
son of Donno o’Howe,
grandson of Dewey o’Kerr,
clan leader of the Qluliss.
My folk come from the wilds
of Rigmaroll, a desolate place… 529 more words


Sir Lionel du Nolium: Part Two (WIP)

The fanfare was heard in his busy
quarters — the largest marquee among
the chivalric field of knights.
“Pray, what chordant jostling
is ruining my fast? 136 more words


Sir Quince D'Eshenchil: The Golden Vowel (WIP)

In days long past and now suitably
forgotten, like bad writing posing
as some wolfish fad, a young knight
wandered far into the Land of No Returns, 193 more words


Serena overcoming

Serena drifts through the gray buildings with her mind outside of her body. The dripping sound of water from the fire escapes above her are muffled by the horns and sirens on the busy streets of the city. 1,716 more words

Fiction Writing

Raven Saga: Preface

Draft of Preface

Aleea was tired. Her mind felt tired as much as her body. She sat down for a moment, sipping the fiery liquid she’d opened. 889 more words