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Before the Day Is Done Part 23

Had the throne room ever been so cold before? Mari shivered as Bidkar forced her to kneel in the center of the room. Apep let go of Balak; he grunted but managed to stay up right. 2,856 more words


243. On Fantasy: Archaism

Marion Zimmer Bradley is well known for her fantasies, but she cut her teeth on science fiction. Her Darkover series was a massive best seller in its day. 496 more words


Beyond merely stating that fantasy fiction is entertaining, which holds little value since “entertaining” is a relative term because what I find entertaining you may not, there is a reason fantasy fiction is my go-to genre for both reading and writing. 610 more words

Moments In Writing

242. On Fantasy: Language

Up sword, sayeth Sir Gallant, lest I cleave thee where thou standest.

Yeah, that’s pretty bad, and it has been a long time since I’ve seen that kind of fake-ancient language used in fantasy, except as a joke. 647 more words


Demon of the House (dream)

The house was the most empty it had been in years. the knick-knacks, that once covered the walls, were now gone. As I went upstairs a wave of emotion passed through me, but it wasn’t mourning. 226 more words


My Muse

Sapphire skies in daylight

Deep navy with bright sprinkles at night

No wind, no hail, no snow

Splashes of ponds surrounded by

Elegant flying creatures… 70 more words

Random Fiction Writings

The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper : Creepy quote of the day

Young Will Stanton has discovered he is one of the Old Ones, defenders of the Light against the forces of Darkness. It’s Christmas Day and the service has just ended at the local country church. 439 more words