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The Shape of Family - Part Six

Tuesday is here! It’s time for Part Six of The Shape of Family. Let’s see what that old bandersnatch is up to these days..

_____… 1,231 more words

Short Stories

'Cold Deck'

With the first Elita Marcowe novel nearing completion, my mind has been tugging to escape to another world for a while. So here’s a little snippet of a piece I wrote for my own amusement. 652 more words


Navigating Through Loss and Fae in "Shattered Blue"

Thank you, Skyscape, for the ARC!

“For Noa and Callum, being together is dangerous, even deadly…They are bound by his deepest secret: Callum is Fae, banished from another world after a loss hauntingly similar to her own.” 472 more words

Young Adult

I'm Terrible at Posting—Here're Some Excerpts

The title says it all: I’m horrible when it comes to posting on my blogs, but I’ve been busy so I guess that’s a decent excuse (not really). 48 more words

Creative Writing

And So It Begins!

In late 2014 I started working with Marie-Hélène Fasquel an American International Literature teacher at Lycée International Nelson Mandela in Nantes, France. We started working together, and I eventually met her class in a series of Skype interviews. 4,103 more words

Unveiling The Wizards' Shroud

Messages on missiles: Here is a Sugar Plum for You!

Ancient Greek sling bullets with engravings. One side depicts a winged thunderbolt, and the other, the Greek inscription “take that” in high relief.

Ancient Origins… 341 more words

Fantasy Fiction

Fantasy is NOT Historically Accurate

Trigger warning for talk of rape.

The phrase “historically accurate” in regards to fantasy fiction is so pervasive at this point that it’s almost inescapable. Given that I hang out on r/Fantasy pretty regularly, I see this nearly constantly. 1,174 more words

Fantasy Critical