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Archer's Aim Daily Vol. 87

SciFiRom, 11 female SciFi authors you should read and a bunch of fantasy articles – Source


From Earth...Back to Reality

The pain was only temporary, the death though, that would last forever. Jekande’s heart stung both from the bullet he’d been shot with and watching his sister being burned alive. 479 more words


The Magic Liquid - Short Fiction

He looked out through the window. It was raining heavily and looked like it was going to be a stormy night. He grinned thinking of the last few weeks leading to this night. 219 more words


Book Review: Ignited by A. M. Deese (releases 3/27/18)

What this book is about: 

Jura finds herself in the terrifying position of sitting in her father’s chair as First of the Thirteen, trying to hide a terrible secret from the rest of the untrustworthy, backstabbing rulers.  906 more words

Book Review

Decided to Treat Myself + Updated TBR

So my classes were cut short for the day and I decided to go to the bookstore. I already bought the mass market paperback of Dangerous Women 3 last week but I’ve developed an obsession with buying physical books. 253 more words


Pulp Consumption: Sharp Ends

There are people who will argue that Joe Abercrombie’s work is the diametric opposite of pulp.  Abercrombie is broadly categorized as a “Grimdark” author, and his novels—especially those of his First Law universe—do not show heroic virtue being rewarded.  843 more words

Pulp Consumption

The Governor-General's Oath; Chapter 12

Evening was approaching rapidly by the time the Governor-General’s little wagon train made it to the engineer’s encampment. They had not been expecting to host the new commandant of the region, but they made the best of it. 3,899 more words

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