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Watcher of the Heavens, Part Two

Link to Part One: https://mindatticspiritbasement.wordpress.com/2018/04/20/watcher-of-the-heavens-part-one/

My family’s home backed up to a steep, but not particularly tall, hill. A few yards from the base of the modest mount was a tributary of the river I had followed out to the lake. 731 more words

Runestone - Ep.1 (Pilot) is Available!

Yoshi keeps getting beat up at School – Until he met the Old Man..

But this Old Man holds a secret that turns Yoshi’s world upside down.

51 more words

Watcher of the Heavens, Part One

The sky’s star-strewn expanse was deep blue two hours prior to midnight. Gnarled, crooked trees dotted the riverbank, extending their limbs (which were beset with bushy clusters of many-pointed leaves) out over the water. 350 more words


Dreams of the Scarlet Swordswoman #4

A red-haired girl lay in a field of flowers. She admired the crimson and blue on the delicate blossoms. The girl sighed at their sweet scent and plucked one of the plants, but noticed its petals now decayed. 354 more words


The Woman In The Forest

A gnarled oak tree stood tall and proud deep within the Forest of Raiyet. At first glance, there did not seem to be anything that differentiated this tree from any of those surrounding it. 387 more words

E.J. Ryan

Update - Summer Approaches

Greetings! This blog has been inactive for several weeks, as I have been occupied with maintaining my grade point average. However, over the summer, I intend to publish regularly. 157 more words