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377. Science vs. Magic (2)

This is post two of three in another set which acts as a backdrop to one of the Westercon  panels. In this case the panel is Science & Technology versus Magic: what makes this such a compelling trope? 691 more words


50% of Dark Experiments

WoW!! Really?? I am so loving this alternate version of vampire traits and abilities. These vampires, as a result of medical breakthroughs, are capable of having babies!! 343 more words

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Tunnel #Writephoto

Azalus teetered on the bluff’s edge, warded sword wheeling for balance against the brilliant sky. The mountain beneath his feet offered no reprieve, a sheet of obsidian sleek as spilled oil. 458 more words


Fallen (The Fallen Series: Book 1) by Megan D Harding


I need to purchase stock in Kleenex… This book was so emotional. The ending made me want to cry. Decisions are always difficult to make when there seems to be no positive result. 367 more words

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The Blind Illusion! #22

“Lazek, it’s your turn. Come and serve your purpose.” The leader said picking up the body of Karisa with one hand and threw it away on his side. 572 more words


An Orc for All Seasons

The Slothjemian national anthem is a decidedly upbeat and happy sort of song that covers a lot of historical and political material. It gives a brief glimpse at the origin of the country, the sort of people that live there, an encouragement to outsiders to move there and seek a better life, and various threats aimed at anyone seeking to disturb the peace that Slothjemians enjoy. 1,487 more words

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A Potterful of stories

It was twenty years ago today that Mrs Rowling and Bloomsbury gave us the first of an extraordinary series of novels of an unusual blend of fantasy and almost dickensian realism. 6 more words

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