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Daily Prompt: Gremlins in the Pool

Wilson quickly pushed the coin tray of the pool table and blinked rapidly. No, he couldn’t have just seen that, it had to be a trick of the eye. 717 more words


Apsara, Lady of the Rain by John R. Canter

The rain stopped, as morning light trickled through the canopy. Drops dripped into the stream, ripples dancing outwards about the surface. Flowing downstream, leaves carried by the early-morning deluge off the trees came to a waterfall, and descended over the precipice into the wind. 1,562 more words


The White Badge of Deceit; Chapter 10

The denizens of the inn were just as Twitch thought they would be. A few people near the entrance to the room glanced over to see who the newcomer was, and then went back to their own meals, drinks, and whispered conversations. 2,327 more words

Fantasy Fiction

Children of Soil: Part One

So, a brief caveat. Typically I don’t post fiction online in full segments unless it’s for a short story or flash fiction, but this is a project that I started work on and had a lot of interest in, yet never really had the time to continue. 870 more words


The Door of Tireless Pursuit

The fifth Labyrinth of Souls stand-alone novel is out! The Door of Tireless Pursuit by Stephen T. Vessels launched at the World Fantasy convention two weeks ago. 637 more words


435. Looking for Louis L'Amour

To revise or not to revise, that is the question. Actually, the question is how much to revise.

There are legendary writers who write rapidly, never revise, and turn out books like Hershey’s turns out chocolate bars. 809 more words


Skelos 3: Now available from Amazon Books!

Here’s the front and back covers of issue #3 of Skelos, a print magazine of weird fiction and fantasy. I’m proud to say I have work here–though my contribution is a mere book review article. 96 more words