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Chinese Lantern Festival

Okay, enough with the silly riddles! This month we’re lucky enough to have a public art event that includes a dragon or two. It’s the… 149 more words


The Shape of Family - Part Eleven

It’s Tuesday, which seems to occur once every seven days, almost like a schedule… It’s time for another entry in this shapeshifting bonanza, following the OG skinchanger, Sadie! 930 more words

Short Stories

Reviews | Days of Blood and Starlight; Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

As admirably ambitious as the series opener. But Books #2 and #3 of the Daughter of Smoke of Bone trilogy are let down by being structurally-flawed and overlong. 477 more words


Task #29: A Book More than 100-Years-Old – The Wind in the Willows

I grew up with this story, but never the book. I remember watching the animated movie of The Wind in the Willows several times and the scenes of the animated Mr. 698 more words

Book Reviews

New Stories!

Bit of an update to go with these new stories as well. I’ve shut down my Patreon. After the security breech, and the fact that I’ve only had one patron, I figured I should just put it on the back burner for now. 84 more words

Adventures In Writing

Book Cover - not a beer label

This is something I did for my own amusement – an ebook cover.

Years ago I read most of H. P. Lovecraft’s fine gothic horror works and hid behind the sofa for the next fifteen years, gibbering about the slithering Eldritch horrors who had escaped from dimensions… 564 more words

Ivan Bradley

Fear The Walking Dead.....season finale

It was about time we saw some zombies eating some people: the infected infiltrating the army base was one of the best set-pieces since the farm, the prison and sanctuary all fell in the other show. 335 more words