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Reading "The Lord of the Rings": "The Window on the West" and "The Forbidden Pool"

Having met the noble Gondorian captain Faramir and his men, we now get to see them in more detail, as Frodo and Sam are welcomed into their abode and treated as guests of honor. 657 more words

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10 Years: “Pan’s Labyrinth”

The thing with time and films is that some film’s need longer gaps between viewings. It’s the only way that what made them special in the first place remains in tact. 1,578 more words


Film Review: Arrival

Wow, a sci-fi film that I actually enjoyed has been released. 798 more words


Matteo Garrone's Tale of Tales

Today I watched Matteo Garrone’s Tale of Tales (2015)

As this film is based on a collection of 17th century fables and fairy tales, it takes the form of an anthology of three separate stories.   436 more words

Movie Of The Day

A Cold War? A 60 Second Review of Warcraft: The Beginning (2016)

“I’ve led thousands of warriors into battle, but I fear being a father.”

I’m one of the many reviewers to admit that I have not put a single digital foot into the world of Warcraft. 526 more words


Your Name - Review

Your Name is a Japanese anime fantasy film and is written and directed by Japanese director Makoto Shinkai. I’ve not seen any of his previous films, but from just Your Name alone it’s clear to see that he’s hugely influenced by Studio Ghibli legend Hayao Miyazaki. 492 more words


Why Are Tolkien's Villains So Compelling?

Every time I re-reard The Lord of the Rings, I’m struck anew by how absolutely compelling Tolkien has made his villains. In many ways, these formidable foes–Saruman, Sauron, the Witch-king–threaten to overshadow the protagonists of the novel. 708 more words

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