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Stream of Gut - Talent Tier 2.5: To Gurley or to Gronk?

Previously in Stream of Guts 1 & 2: Sailor J and The Wolf went ham. Wolf laid immobile until 4:11 p.m., Sailor J has not been heard from following his exorcism. 1,650 more words

Stream of Gut Talent Tier 1 - Antonio Brown

Written 3/19/16, the morning following a 3 day bender celebrating Sailor J’s return home, B-day & St. Patty’s all in one aggressive swoop.

Well, this sucks. 1,147 more words

Early-bird fantasy football rankings for 2016

Who doesn’t like to think about fantasy football all year round? Even though the NFL draft is yet to come, I couldn’t help myself and had to create rankings in April. 1,734 more words


Updated: Derrick Henry's Combine Proves He's Von Miller at Running Back

Derrick Henry’s Fantasy Stock Profile

Talent Score

Nothing else in fantasy football turns me on more than a massive running back whose body screams “feed-me-25-carries-a-game.” These horses are a dying breed in the committee plagued era. 1,364 more words

The Perfect Fantasy Football System

The Parallels, and Differences, Between Wall and Roto Street

I am no “Wall Street Guru.” I don’t know any fancy stock market jargon (except, of course, that I’m the BSD of fantasy). 2,233 more words