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catching upFantasy friday 4/21/2017 Minnesota Twins

I have  Free agent Joe Mauer and released  Alceede escobar . Ithink joe is still a good enough player to help us a roster holes will be filled by twins player until 4/28/2017 The y rallied to beat the tigers at taget feild friday… 73 more words

Marketplace Monday and notes 4/17/2017 Houston Astros

I  fell behind starting thursday  I had a  idea blog  for 1982 white sox but  I realized as I “time traveled” to  the wrong date( the 12 and not the 13)  The White  Sox played the Redsox in  what I’m guessing was the  Fenway home openner on the 12 and had an off day in  Boston   so it went from a recap about the battle on 12 to figuring out “what to do “on the 13 with no game toi highlight” basically drive a firebird to 1982 fenaway and hang out with white sox first year tv anouncers Hawk Harelson and  Don  Drysdale… 418 more words

Fantasy Friday| Tale Of Two Demivierges


Eye sex;
Talkative eyes.
Eyes that tell lies;
Lies my ears can afford.

Skipping bases.

Tongue in cheek;
Except literally.
Watery is disgusting;
Disgusting is good kissing. 73 more words


Thrymheim Dungeon, Jotunheimer

Finally, I’m trying to breathe back some life into my Architectural posts.

This is the last post concluding my SAO themed week. This week I’m looking at Season 2’s Excalibur Arc for it’s architectural aspects. 686 more words


Fantasy Friday| Grandpa Edition.

Swallowed up in dark bluish thoughts:
Ruben just had a baby.
Now we just got on a bus for free;
Conductor points us to a back seat. 177 more words


Excerpt • The Dragon Rider's Daughter

She turned to discover the wizard had her sketchbook in his hands and was peering at her drawing. Her cheeks suddenly felt extraordinarily warm.

“Oh…I, um, just thought you and the puppy looked sweet together.” 499 more words