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Thrymheim Dungeon, Jotunheimer

Finally, I’m trying to breathe back some life into my Architectural posts.

This is the last post concluding my SAO themed week. This week I’m looking at Season 2’s Excalibur Arc for it’s architectural aspects. 686 more words


Fantasy Friday| Grandpa Edition.

Swallowed up in dark bluish thoughts:
Ruben just had a baby.
Now we just got on a bus for free;
Conductor points us to a back seat. 177 more words


Excerpt • The Dragon Rider's Daughter

She turned to discover the wizard had her sketchbook in his hands and was peering at her drawing. Her cheeks suddenly felt extraordinarily warm.

“Oh…I, um, just thought you and the puppy looked sweet together.” 499 more words


Ouran High School Campus

One thing is for certain as I make my list of cool buildings for Fantasy Friday, is that most of the anime’s I’ve watched have incredible school campuses.  642 more words


The City of Arun

Architecture is a rather broad umbrella (it’s a topic I’m probably going to address in another post). Looking at buildings is one step while looking at the context of the building is another. 701 more words


Blue Exorcist: True Cross Academy

Welcome to Fantasy Friday in which I will look at fantastical pieces of Architecture found in the anime world. These posts will probably vary on length depending on if and what I am able to pinpoint as relevant as well as what I find myself drawn to. 557 more words


game 3 wrap

Josh   Tomlin’s dad has been on an emotional roller coaster in recent weeks.  Battling a condition which has caused  him to be paralyzed from his chest down being a low point. 79 more words