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Fantasy Friday 8/18/2017 Little league Dreams

Rain  gave the  kids from the 16 team Little League  World Series field a little extra time to play ping-pong  on the 2nd day of play  How many of these kids   dream of not only the experiencing now but being a big leaguer someday like   a young Joey  Votto probably was while growing up  in Toronto or Paul Goldsmidt will playing in the amateur ball diamonds in  Delaware (Votto and goldy got hits for my bts) Maybe they will  catch the eye of some sharp scout like Votto did with reccently departed Gene  Bennett. 88 more words

Fantasy Friday - Kate Spade Olive Drive Bags

Oh Kate.

Must you keep putting your adorable bows all over EVERYTHING?? You know how I feel about bows, especially bows as beautiful as yours. It’s hard enough to resist your things as it is, but when you go and put my kryptonite smack bang in the middle? 184 more words

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Gazella R - Hot Wheels

If there’s one thing I don’t like about the local Hot Wheels scene, it’s gotta be the fact that no one cares much about fantasy (or generic) cars from Hot Wheels. 137 more words

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Fantasy Friday - Rochas Green Duchess Satin Dress

Oh my.

I don’t really know what to say about this dress, other than that it is just utter perfection. Not only is it one of my very favourite shades of green, but it is made from the most beautiful duchess satin, making it even more vibrant. 227 more words

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The Wild Architecture of Nanbaka

Greetings and welcome back to Fantasy Friday! As you saw last week, I’m trying to revive this series and have a bit more fun with it. 364 more words


Fantasy Friday - Ted Baker 'Felline' Bag

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that while I love the 50’s shapes and styles, I don’t like to wear outfits that are too authentic looking. See, it all comes back to that desire to blend into the background rather than stand out from the crowd. 373 more words

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