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Fantasy Friday - Alexandre Birman Clarita Knotted Sandal

Ugh. My heart aches to be wearing shoes like this right now! They literally just scream ‘holiday’, don’t they? It’s still a fair while to go till my holidays unfortunately, so I’ll have to console myself with fantasising about it being warm enough to wear these instead. 291 more words

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Fantasy Friday - Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies Watersnake Fiore 100

Well, if these aren’t the epitome of Spring in a shoe, I don’t know what is!!

Despite the fact we’ve crossed into March this week, nothing is looking at all Spring like outside my window, which is incredibly annoying as it feels as though this Winter has lasted at least a decade. 245 more words

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Fantasy Friday - Phase Eight Sable Dress

Nothing quite says Spring to me quite like the emergence of cherry blossoms on the trees! Those sweet little petals bobbing in the breeze, littering the ground like pretty pink confetti, don’t half fill my heart with cheer. 264 more words

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Fantasy Friday - Ted Baker Mariz Maxi Dress

Once upon a time, maxis were a particular favourite of mine. Once the Summer months hit you could bet your bottom dollar I’d be wearing one for the majority of the week. 349 more words

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Romantic Fantasy • Clash of Wills • #free

Take a break from the Winter Olympics to read Clash of Wills. It’s a Kindle freebie on Friday & Saturday, February 16 – 17, so don’t wait. 178 more words


Fantasy Friday - Casadei Blade Bee Print Courts

Insects. Not often the, first thing you would have considered as a ‘cute’ print! I suppose butterflies have had their moments, but still, winged beasts probably wouldn’t be the first thing that came to my mind as a motif for shoes. 222 more words

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Fantasy Friday - Oscar De La Renta One Shoulder Cocktail Dress

Oh. Oh my. I think for once in my life I’ve been rendered speechless!

Oscar de la Renta is well known for designing stunning gowns, of course, and has been featured on my Fantasy Friday posts many a time, but I think this one is a hands down favourite. 276 more words

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