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Doom Review – Flashback to the Future?

id Software/Bethesda

Many months ago, when I’d originally heard about id Software (the developer) and Bethesda (the publisher) teaming up in order to produce the next Doom game, I was ecstatic. 1,204 more words


Idle: Hero Simulator: Idle Adventures

Link: Hero Simulator: Idle Adventures (Web), Google Play, iTunes

Genre: Idle Game

Creator: Spil Games

Content Rating: All Ages

In concept, idle games, arguably popularized by the likes of… 318 more words

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Adventure: Lost Ethereal

Link: Lost Ethereal

Genre: Adventure

Creator: TheLucre

Content Rating: All Ages

Crafted for LowRezJam, where it took second overall, TheLucre’s Lost Ethereal is an adventure told in 64×64 resolution. 265 more words

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Stellaris Review – A Grand Affair

Paradox Interactive

Stellaris, Stellaris, Stellaris…where have you been all of these years? I almost feel like calling out, just as Marlon Brando once did: “Stellaaaaa…ris!” In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, … 1,288 more words


Rainbow Six: Siege Dust Line DLC Review – Does it Add Enough?

Rainbow Six: Siege Dust Line

When Rainbow Six: Siege was released last year it really changed the way the gaming PC world looked at modern first-person shooters. 1,253 more words



Link: Solstice

Creator: Moa Cube

Genre: Adventure (visual novel)

Platform: Mac, Windows

Price: $19.99 USD (comes with Steam key, demo available)

Content Warnings: Violence, blood, sexual references… 934 more words


Upcoming: Rose of Winter

Link: Rose of Winter

Genre: Adventure/Visual Novel

Creator: Magnolia Porter, Jo Fu, Victoria Grace Elliott, Aatmaja Pandya, Conrad Kreyling, Pillow Fight

Release Date: September 2016… 246 more words

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