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A mid-life crisis for some

Passes quickly with a ho-hum…

Other men fight

(And women–you’re right!)

To keep what they’re losing–a crumb. 42 more words

By Jonathan Caswell

Filling Up the Corners: Eight Minute Empire - Legends

During Christmas of 2013 I discovered tabletop gaming. Specifically board games. I had already dabbled in some RPGs and throughout my life played the occasional CCG here and there. 2,273 more words

Board Games

The Blood Dragon - a Crusader Kings 2 AAR In the Warhammer Fantasy Setting

What you see here is Vampiric Bretonnia, ruled not without contest – but inarguably – by me, Walach Harkon.  Some people call me “the Just”, but it’s only a title.  1,578 more words


Christians and Magic The Gathering (MTG)

This weekend we’re featuring two highly-watched articles from this site’s history.

There is not a day that goes by that this article, which appeared on my son’s Facebook page a long time ago, does not come 1st or 2nd as the most-read piece here. 1,135 more words


The Bard's Tale (2004 Release for PS2, Xbox, PC, Mac, Blackberry Playbook, Android, Linux, and Ouya)

And I think this game is the most widely available title released since Tetris.

A long time ago in that fantasy land that’s pretty accurate to actual legends and tales while still being campy and hilarious — you know the one– there lived a young boy who was tired of being hungry. 1,217 more words

Play the Summer Movie Game. 

Generally Trivial has started up a league at FantasyMovieLeague.com. It’s a fun site where you’ll make picks of the newest releases to fill your virtual theaters. 26 more words

The Internet

Virtual Tourist - Skyrim 5/3/15


Hubby decided to buy me a new game on special. Beautiful graphics, but the ugliest characters I’ve ever seen! Not sure why anyone would want to do that. 168 more words

Gloria Oliver