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RPG Explosion Challenge Day 2: Pool of Radiance Part 2

Well, Day 2 is a wrap and I’ll let the video speak for itself. I fully intended to make a longer video this time, but…you’ll see what happens. 11 more words


Dungeons and Dragons RPG Explosion Challenge for August 2016

My Dungeons and Dragons Explosion Challenge means I’ll be playing a series of extremely old, slightly old, and kind of old Dungeons and Dragons games through the month of August. 679 more words

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The Wolf Among Us Xbox One Review: A Wolf in Telltale's Clothing

Telltale’s the wolf among us is game storytelling at its finest. Slick, stylish and deadly, this unique and thrilling story experience has all the right ingredients for an excellent game, but can it stay consistent throughout? 355 more words


Skyrim Remastered For PS4, Xbox One And PC

As a big time The Edler Scrolls fan I had to cover this topic even though it’s not the hottest of news anymore. Bethesda has promised us a remake of the super popular  game, now renamed… 276 more words


Defender's Quest DX

Link: Defender’s Quest DX

Genre: Tower Defense/Fantasy RPG

Creator: Level Up Labs

Price: $14.99 (Mac, Windows, Linux, free online demo available)

Content Rating: Some blood, death, Slak, mild innuendo… 997 more words


Ara Fell

Link: Ara Fell

Genre: RPG

Creator: Stegosoft Games

Price: $9.99 USD (Windows)

Content Rating: Innuendo, mild profanity, blood, violence

Pint-sized but spunky young woman Lita LeCotta is just a kid as far as her father and the rest of the townsfolk are concerned, but she’s got big dreams. 1,247 more words


The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine review – A Gloriously Wine-Soaked Sendoff

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine
CD Projekt Red

We live in a very interesting time in the modern day gaming world. On one hand, we have some really excellent new IPs that have broken out and taken the gaming realm by storm. 1,232 more words