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Pillars of Eternity, and So Little Time

Pillars of Eternity went active today just before noon.  I’d like to apologize in advance for any dearth of updates in the near future.



Kingdoms of Amalur Sucks at Multiclassing

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (from here on in simply Kingdoms of Amalur or KoA, possibly, because fuck that) was a hack-and-slashy adventure-RPG set in a fairly derivative fantasy world of elfs, dwarfs (ehem, gnomes, sorry), and men. 1,246 more words


Druid's Prerogative: Session 2

Session 2 of Druid’s Prerogative is up and was passingly proofread.  I’m not going to get enough sleep today.

As always, thanks for reading


Druid's Prerogative

Check out the new Dominions 4 After-Action-Report I’m working on, Druid’s Prerogative.  Watch as I lead the Barechested men of Marverni and their Druid Circle to world dominion and their leader, Oberon, to divine ascension; or watch us get crushed like bugs by the Frost Giants, the primal armies of Pangea, or something much, much worse! 39 more words


SNES Review - Battle Blaze

Quick, think of an iconic early Nineties fighting game for the Super Nintendo!

No doubt, Battle Blaze was the first game to leap to mind. Assuming, that is, that you’ve never heard of… 766 more words

Video Games

Breaker Online (The Game)

In the book Breaker of Iniquity, Breaker Online is the most popular MMO in the world. The year is 2037 and the game runs on a circular device called the Oculus Magna. 737 more words