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Labyrinth of Souls Kickstarter is Live

The Dungeon Solitaire, Labyrinth of Souls Kickstarter

Last summer I wrote and released a little game called Dungeon Solitaire. The original game was called Tomb of Four Kings, and it used a standard deck of playing cards. 168 more words


The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – A Flashback to the Days of Bonafide Expansions

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone
CD Projekt RED

A couple of months ago when a fellow gamer relayed to me that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was getting an expansion pack, I was a little confused and bewildered. 1,062 more words


Dead Water 3

Session 3 of the Dead Water Dominions 4 AAR is written and, mostly, type-checked, feel free to check it out by following the titular link in the header, or this link right here… 12 more words


Magic & Mythies: Meet Asher

He may be timid as the League of Mages’ leader, but Asher is one of the top elves in Terra. With such a friendly personality, all of his fellow Mages admire and respect Asher’s bold decisions. 82 more words


Dead Water: Session 2

Session two of Dead Water is written, posted and – I’m pretty sure – type-checked.  You know the drill, click the link on the header or follow the one here… 43 more words


Dead Water: A New Dominions 4 AAR

I’ve started the new Dominions AAR (quite a bit sooner than I was expecting, but the fancy struck me).  The introduction and first few turns of Dead Water can be read on their new page, which can be found just up and to the right on the header, or you can follow the link right here… 11 more words