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Two-Start Thursdays! Aug 21-27 Two-Start Pitchers

We are back with another edition of Two Start pitchers! After some deep thought and consideration, I have decided to move the two start pitching article to Thursday instead of its original release day of` Wednesday. 899 more words


How should your fantasy team use bench spots?

Published simultaneously at PuckStuff.net

Ranking the top 200 players is only going to get you so far in fantasy hockey. If you want to rob your competition (read: co-workers) of trash talking opportunities you need to get the most out of your roster. 1,272 more words

Youth Movement: Pitching Prospects

At a young age every kid dreams about becoming someone spectacular. Some people want to be a doctor and cure cancer, some want to become an astronaut and travel across space, while some want to be a police officer so they can protect those around them. 1,519 more words


Fantasy Hockey: Top 15 Goalies, 5 Low Buy Goalies

Covered the forwards, defenseman and some stuff in between, therefore to end the week, goalies deserve some attention. A bad goalie in fantasy can ruin a good team, a good goalie can make a border line fantasy team a playoff team or not. 544 more words

Fantasy Hockey: Top 25 Players; PLUS 5 Fantasy Underachievers for 2017-2018

Fantasy hockey drafts kick off in about a month or so, but the lead-up stories and research begin now. With free agency over and not too many teams making moves anymore, many NHL rosters are set and now we can guess who will be playing with who, their expectations, etc. 783 more words

Premature Fantasy Hockey: Wild, Wild, West

Premature Fantasy Hockey: Wild, Wild, West

Being from the west, I’m pretty excited about getting the hockey season started. Being able to watch Johnny Hockey wear the flaming C with pride is going to be a pretty awesome sight. 1,715 more words


Premature Fantasy Hockey: Beasts of the East

Alright, I know it’s a little early to be getting all giddy about watching toothless guys rip one timers, but come on: we’re Canadian and can’t wait to get the fantasy hockey season rolling. 1,568 more words