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...And the rest of Rotorua was pretty great, too.

Ian and I spent two days in Rotorua, which is famous for its geothermal springs and for its shameless exploitation of natural beauty – the city’s nickname within New Zealand is ‘RotoVegas’ I think because it has loads of crappy attractions designed to part tourists from money. 620 more words


Rotorua is amazing.

As I wrote in my last post, Dundle Hill was a hike that I would not recommend you do unless you have more or less infinite amounts of time to spend in New Zealand. 451 more words


Maybe Dundle Hill wasn't so bad after all

Ian and I somehow managed to go to New Zealand and not do the Tongariro Crossing.  this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, but it seemed like a very big deal to me in February, when I realised that Ian and I had gone literally halfway around the world and were going to miss out on the most famous hike in New Zealand and possibly the world.   323 more words



After we went to Auckland in February, we went to Waitomo to go caving and look at glowworms.  We had the most beautiful man-boy I’d ever seen as a guide; that made up for the fact that the ‘adventure’ part of the adventure glowworm tour was a little tame – though there was, as promised, a 50 m abseil, a zipline, and some easy climbing in some very unsexy gumboots. 354 more words


February's Grand Adventure, Part I

In February, Ian and I took a belated honeymoon/joint birthday trip to New Zealand.  Most of the posts recounting the adventures I had while I was there will be of interest to absolutely no one but myself and my partner, but as we have long referred to this blog as ‘Vanity Project #1,’ I think I’m okay with that.   329 more words


the internet hates me, and other news.

dear internet,

I’ve been trying to post pictures from my phone, from facebook, from instagram, and from my “skydrive” and none of them are working. I have led a charmed life lately and have all these adventures and some snacks to share.  88 more words


Toronto 2012

Somehow I only ended up with bad pictures of Toronto, despite the fact that its an interesting, vibrant, enormous city.  The weather wasn’t great and it turns out that I have inherited my parents’ skill for walking right into the ghetto.   405 more words

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