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In my poetry, dragons often represent my love for the unseen, the mystery of magic, and innocence, and dreams. Poetry is a way for me to make all of that wonderful stuff tangible. 90 more words


The Owl Service: reading and culture

The Owl Service by Alan Garner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve read this 2 or 3 times before but never liked it as much as… 517 more words


The Walking Dead Season Seven PremiereĀ 

AsĀ the intensity and anticipation grew over the last few months, The season Premiere of The Walking Dead unraveled like a roll of gift wrapping paper. 336 more words

Fantasy Literature

So I am Writing some High Fantasy

I finally restarted working on the high fantasy story I’ve been kicking around and wanting to drown for a while.

When I say high fantasy, I’m using the term in the context of- actually let me slow my roll. 956 more words

Indie Adventures

A preface and a short story


So I often write a lot of erotica type stories and certainly a lot of fantasy type stories but I never publish them. Now I am deciding I ought to because about a week ago I published a couple and they got MORE likes than the political “real world” stuff that I typically publish here. 1,987 more words


On the history of fantasy scholarship

This is some writing I did for Here at the end of all things that will not make it into the final ms in this form. 4,519 more words


Review - The Judging Eye

I’m not going to limit myself for this review, so if you’re wary of spoilers for this book or the Prince of Nothing trilogy, you should skip reading this review. 883 more words