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An Interview With Writer Corinne Morier

Corinne Morier is the author of The Red Sorcerer Trilogy; here is a link to her website:


Q: What made you want to be a writer? 985 more words

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

While many might identify Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass as a fantasy, it better fits into the category known as literary nonsense or nonsense literature… 1,510 more words

On werewolves and wargs: modern fantasy and medieval literature, by Eleanor Hodgson

When I’m asked about my PhD research, I’m faced with a choice. I can say that I analyse an anonymous and relatively unknown French romance, … 876 more words


May Bird AMONG THE STARS by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Genre: Fantasy literature, Children’s literature, young adult fiction

Number of pages: 260

Number of Chapters: 36 and a prologue

Number of books in series: Second book in a trilogy… 552 more words


The Four Tenets of Khar Am

The Forger has quite a bit of backstory and lore that’s not yet been revealed, but I thought it would be fun to give everyone a little preview.   153 more words

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Terminator Genisys "Movie Review"

Terminator Genisys directed by Alan Taylor and starring Arnold Schwarznegger and Emilia Clarke tells the story of Kyle Reese as he is sent back in time to the year 1984 to save John Conner’s mother Sarah Conner from the ultimate Terminator. 332 more words

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Along the Sandy to Sundial Beach

Jackie Chan, my faithful canine hiking pal, has been sick for some time, so a hike the other day was the first time he’d joined me on a real hike since his megaesophagus diagnosis.   349 more words

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