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Native-American lgbt fantasy myth FALLEN STARS

In memory of the 100 million Native-Americans who lost their lives. Let them not be forgotten. Nor their myths and legacy. <3
I fact, in 161 native tribes, being gay was fully accepted as souls loving one another was more important than being the ‘right gender’ for being together. 120 more words

As I Wrinkle and Ache

A Thanksgiving poem, albeit an untraditional one. Happy Thanksgiving!!

As I Wrinkle and Ache

I’m pleased
I still imagine
the fat goblin

the sticky pines, 35 more words


Sunday Reddit Rewrite


The OP has an interesting idea: he is writing a fantasy novel with a friend, so they each contribute characters, plot development and action. Here is the first page: 647 more words


Five Fandom Friday: Five Fandoms I'm Thankful For

Next week is our venerable Thanksgiving, the day we can stuff ourselves to the gills without shame. Turkey is healthy, right? And pumpkin is a vegetable, so my pie is technically a vegetable…right? 548 more words

Cover Reveal for new Fantasy novella 'The Cursed'

I’m pleased to announce the cover for my new¬†#Fantasy novella to be released next month!

I originally called it ‘The Legend of Aoife and Fionnuala’ and it was accepted by a publisher, but I decided to pull out to have full control. 175 more words

Vampires in the Lemon Grove: Stories by Karen Russell

Rate: 3/5

Medium: KindleBook

Overview (No Spoilers): Well, where to start. I found Vampires in the Lemon Grove from a Must-Read list pertaining to individuals who had loved… 162 more words

Book Review

The Bone Clocks: A Novel by David Mitchel

Rate: 4/5

Medium: KindleBook

Overview (No Spoilers): The Bone Clocks can be accurately described as a puzzle in which the reader struggles chapter, after chapter to piece together a glimpse of the bigger scope/world that the characters find themselves apart of. 141 more words

Book Review