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'The Gospel of Loki' by Joanne M. Harris

This is the first adult fantasy novel by the author and although it fall short from brilliant, it makes for very entertaining reading indeed. The author takes the plot from the Nordic creational myths and populate the novel with the gods and heroes that are now famous in popular culture, thanks greatly to the… 208 more words


Sunday Reddit Rewrite, October 4th

Here is the googledoc for the OP’s opening. I love the idea of “fallen empires,” especially since, as a Latin teacher, I deal with questions of Rome’s rise and fall constantly in my teaching.   545 more words



The poem shared below was born from a separate poem I read earlier today. The first line of that poem reads, in part, I am the wizard… 120 more words


Sunday Reddit Rewrite #2 September 26


Here we have an author who needs help with the introductory page of his story. Ten rewrites, twenty rewrites, thirty rewrites? How many rewrites do we need before something is done? 765 more words


Sunday Reddit Rewrite, September 26

Each Sunday, I’ll rewrite some paragraphs from the writing prompts thread on Reddit.  Here is my first rewrite.


Here is the opening of a good short story. 374 more words


We Have A Winner!

Well, I don’t know if we have a winner or not. I’ve never made a post with a poll before. Since I had to schedule this post ahead of time, I don’t know exactly what it will look like. 98 more words

Unveiling The Wizards' Shroud

Tolkien and Martin: Myth-Making and History-Making

Fantasy has been enjoying a fourteen- or fifteen-year-long renaissance, starting I suppose with Peter Jackson’s Fellowship. Maybe renaissance is the wrong word. Maybe it’s too grand. 923 more words