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Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Obviously I’ll be spoiling the heck out of The Cursed Child in this post, and I’m going to kind of assume that if you’re reading this you’ve already read it (or don’t care). 2,569 more words


Grimdarkness and Heroism

It’s been really funny watching the grimdark categorization go from a pejorative to something actively embraced by a growing subgenre of fantasy literature. For those without an excessively nerdy or gaming background, the term comes from Warhammer 40K, a tabletop strategy game that has since blossomed into a massive interlinked series of novels, video games and more, which originally had the tagline “in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.” WH40K started off as a parody game riffing on the appeal of fascism, much like Judge Dredd and other media of 80s Britain. 1,435 more words


Four Roads Cross by Max Gladstone

I immensely enjoyed the first novel in Gladstone’s Craft Sequence, Three Parts Dead, but just couldn’t muster the same level of enthusiasm for the subsequent novels. 772 more words


A story has no name

The wind kept whooshing as the thick dark clouds stayed motionless in the sky, although they had roared over a hundred times. Leaves around and trees whirled up and down in space, flying in different directions, making the atmosphere look quite frightening. 1,789 more words

Traits of the Hero

There is something fascinating and truly compelling about the concept, however archaic and idealised, of The Hero. The Hero exemplifies all of the noble characteristics; discipline, virtue, prudence, wisdom,  courage, physical and mental fortitude, emotional resilience, patience, temperance, and an utterly indefatigable and incorruptible spirit.  383 more words

First Impressions of Charles Williams

In most fantasy novels, the characters leave the ordinary world and enter into a fantastic world.  Harry Potter exchanges his aunt and uncle’s home for Hogwarts, Lucy enters Narnia through a wardrobe, and even Bilbo Baggins leaves his comfortable hobbit hole for a world of danger and adventure.   463 more words

Charles Williams

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Ghostbusters 2016 Movie Review 

The 2016 Sony reboot starring Melissa McCarthy,Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Kristin Wig and Chris Hemsworth was ouright fun and funny. The movie follows two paranormal authors Abby Yates and Erin Gilbert as they try to prove that the ghostly apparitions that they have seen and experienced are real. 263 more words

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