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Cinder: Lunar Chronicles, Book 1 First Impressions

I haven’t read novels for a long time.  I used to read a lot, both as a kid and as an adult but my reading has veered more towards the fanfiction variety in the past few years.  439 more words

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The World of The Agartes Epilogues: From the Boarshind's Job Archives

Job #44

Needing a group of 5 to provide armed transport for a trading
caravan from Ni’in to Port Nalvor. One-way only. 3x meals to… 25 more words

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From Sprint to Marathon

NaNoWriMo’s over. Final word count: 30,836.

So, I didn’t make it to 50,000 this year. But I don’t want to dwell on that.

Here’s what I… 144 more words


The World of The Agartes Epilogues: Found in the Shoho Family Farmhouse in the Sougen Plains

Dear Sume,

Kefier told me a little about himself the other day. He was
born in Gorent and lived there for many years. For some… 138 more words

Epic Fantasy

"The Spirit Thief" by Rachel Aaron

Plot Summary: In the city of Allaze, the king is presumably missing from his ruling throne room. The renowned Eli Monpress has a way with words. 619 more words

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I need to add that book to my library..

Is there a book you borrowed that was such a good read, you definitely want to have your own copy and make it a part of your personal library collection? 196 more words

Fantasy Novels

"Free the Darkness" (King's Dark Tidings Book 1) by Kel Kade

“Good men want only the power to make things right. Great men seek to make things right and gather the power to do so. Great leaders find those who are worthy of wielding power and set them to the task of making things right”    -Coroleus, J.E. 628 more words

Fantasy Novels