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'Lion of Macedon' and 'Dark Prince' by David Gemmell

Where Fantasy and History blend.

For those of you looking for a comprehensive and detailed history of Ancient Greece followed by Alexander the Great’s invasion of the Persian Empire you might find this series not exactly what you were expecting.    317 more words


Posts for #Indie Pride Day - find a new #author today.

In celebration of Indie Pride Day, awesome author Angela B. Chrysler – if you thought I was busy, you should see what this woman gets up to – has posted links to… 177 more words

Fantasy Novels

So you want to write a fantasy novel? For and against

Last week I looked at the PROs and CONs of writing a historical novel.  Hopefully, I managed to show some of the challenges a historical writer faces.  448 more words


Behind the Scenes - Dusk Runner

A cover for Melange Books. For this one, we focused on conveying the genre of the book, rather than particular characters. As such, people who like other fantasy books in a similar vein to this one can easily recognize another book they might enjoy. 105 more words


Elric of MelniCLONES

Elric of Melnibone was created by British author Michael Moorcock. He’s an influential character in contemporary fantasy, in the league of Conan the Barbarian, though he came later. 594 more words


The Forge Father, God of the Vvath & Religion in Domains of the Chosen.

This is a primer for my upcoming book, Bloodlust: The Blades of Khazak Khrim, which will be the fifth full length novel in my Domains of the Chosen series. 1,003 more words

Fantasy Tropes And Cliches

To use a pseudonym, or not to use a pseudonym? That is the question!


Recently i’ve spoken to many of my fellow author friends on Twitter and Facebook on the topic of  whether or not to use a  pseudonym (a pen name) for one’s writing. 602 more words