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Fantasy I'm Excited For

DARK IMMOLATION, by Christopher Husberg

Let me preface this by saying I was fortunate enough to beta read for Dark Immolation, which means the following opinions are preexisting. 447 more words


Test readers: I'm both grateful for and terrified of you at the same time.


My book is at my wonderful test readers as we speak.

In their hands, in front of their eyes, ready to be either loved or loathed.  458 more words

#amblogging: Wicca: Where Everything Old Is New Again

I don’t have a strong religious background. My Sunday school education ended at age twelve. Neither my parents nor any of my grandparents went to church. 335 more words

Fantasy Novels

Baptism of Fire by Andrzej Sapkoswki

Fantasy series often have a ‘middle book problem’, where in telling an extremely long form story, you end up by necessity having an entire book which exits to react to events in the previous book and establish events for the next book, with little memorable actually taking place in the book itself. 608 more words


The Name Game

Thanks to Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge, I have content! If only I would have done this back when the challenge first came out, like weeks ago. 599 more words


Fantasy and the problem with Tolkien

It has to be said that Tolkien causes problems. Quite apart from being so addictive that, once read, you are likely to go back and read the books again, you may never find anywhere quite as rich as  Middle Earth within the pages of another book. 852 more words

Miscellaneous News

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In lieu of a post from me (still working flat out), I thought I'd repost this great piece by Sue Vincent.

Reaching for the End of a Story

It has been a nerve wrecking time. Taking stock of the big picture and re-arranging the important writing space. Over the last two weeks I have upgraded from the favourite armchair to a desk. 358 more words

Fantasy Novels