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The Accident ~ Abigail and the Wind Wolf, part 1

He was there beside the road
Must have been hit by a truck or something
Meat and muck

Abigail was shaking
She hadn’t hit him… 214 more words


A Moment’s Quiet ~ Abigail and the Wind Wolf, part 3

“I am known as Kir H’dar. . .”

He is Talking!
Well he is talking inside her mind

Three days and he is mobile
He has lapped water but refuses to eat… 272 more words


The silent wisdom of animals

And on this night
This clean, sharp winter’s night

Under a sky
Where the Lady Moon
attended by Mars and Brilliant Venus
is witness to the troubled echoes in my mind… 67 more words


In This Moment

In this moment I have forgotten everything that makes me more then lance, sinew, bone and muscle.

I am my training.

I am the stinking sulphur-breath of a two thousand stone flying lizard. 100 more words

Creative Writing

Task Master ~ Unlocking the Wizard part 4

In the darkness I said
‘I shall never know the Love that I sought’

Is there a comfort in this?
In knowing this. . . ? 40 more words


Love ~ Unlocking the Wizard part 3

True Love
asks no coin in exchange
Gives the way the mountain spring yields the waters that sustain life
without commerce

True love is the purest form… 29 more words


In Service to the Lady ~ Unlocking the Wizard part 2

How did he fall?
Was he not the top of his class?

He fell with honor at the Battle of RuFec’
Winning the day at cost… 24 more words