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D'l Rugae-ky の空 魔法の色です

Some say the skies of D’l Rugae-ky
are the color of Magic
And to this day I don’t know what they mean

I have seen those skies… 81 more words


Chyfrin the Wizard, Nuxy the Dragon

such a very human name . . .
The human wizard’s name was Chyfrin
Nuxy had never known a human
much less a human male… 110 more words


When Gods Say Goodbye

when lovers are criminals
and criminals have to say goodbye

In the Land of V’rata Cijena

Love is feared by even the gods
Her velvet touch can bring even them to their knees


Lukshuna Meets Kolur in the World of Mist

“I know you old man.”
“Very good Lukshuna, I am so glad to make your acquaintance.”
“I’ve been watching a woman and a man in a tall building.” 228 more words


End of a Destiny

A man with a crooked nose and weathered teeth

walks into the back room

The old lady seated in her velvet seat

is not surprised by his sudden visit. 141 more words


An Ode to Tolkien

Tolkien is one of our best writers. If you haven’t read his epic odyssey, I would encourage you to. No copyright infringement intended – this was written to honor the master of Fantasy. 214 more words

Writing Secrets

Descend Part 2

She smiled

in her cool dark cell

It was only a matter of time before the beast came

Knocking at her mind’s door

and seething with rage… 65 more words