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Twigs and Bones

I chanced to meet a faery,
with vibrant, emerald skin
my heart, that long grew cold,
now warmed me from within
her hair glistened at sunset, 88 more words


Jester's Bride

The little bell jingles and jangles

hissing an alert

‘here he comes’

‘here he comes’

all bow to The Jester.

I see before me tattered lace, 135 more words


The Jester's Bride

Twisting and turning, the garden path swirls about.

Lost within the leafy maze

unsure whether those statues are moving

or if it is shadows playing tricks? 119 more words


The Banshee's Lament

A soft steady chant

a whispering whine

begins a slow waltz

erupting as the screams begin;

The Banshee’s lament.

Plucking at coiled hair

tears tracking down soiled cheeks… 81 more words


Deceptions Throne

Seated upon a throne of lies

brought to be

through the desperate desires of others

seeking a righteous change.

Voices raised in violent rape

shattering the illusions… 137 more words


Fantasy, Reality and the Human Heart

no one can truly know
their own heart

without occasionally crossing over
from reality to fantasy


Time Eternal

Liquid lines

moving through time eternal

strands weaving and warping

telling the same old tales.

Woe shall befall the King

proclaims the blinded seer.

Blood shall spatter the Good Queen’s name… 66 more words