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Huntress of My Eyes

In my life of infinite dreams
We stand atop the hill
Our sky at twilight
We are clouds
the colour of coral

The eyes of my soul paint you… 106 more words


Manjag the Metamystic Metaphysician ~ an Introduction

But First
an Introduction

Current speculation has it that Manjag Entaphulus was born in far Caleiberiera
Or The Eastern Land of Xundenda in the year of the Gloam… 283 more words


The Dragon Warrior and the Priestess of the Moon

She walks within the Temple
in the cool of the Evening
Shadow and Light play across her
fluid movement

Beside the koi pond
she lingers for a moment . 479 more words


geisha of the gods

there are those who say
she was given many fine gifts

the gift of eyes
the gift of face
the gift of walk

and when the toad woman came… 356 more words


Three of Thorns is Always Trump

You draw the seven of Rainbows
That smile
I hate that smile

I draw the four of Flames
You wink

You pitch the nine of Wheels… 11 more words


Fair Lady of the Moon

Was it wrong of me
to go walking the Night?
T’was it foolish to wish a maiden fair?
To offer my craft as the spring offers its waters? 83 more words


tigers in the Baja

she said
there’re tigers in the Baja
there are dragons in the Hills
there is no time for love nowadays
there’s only time for thrills… 153 more words