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in the darkness
I open the box
unleashing the Spirit Thing

It looks into my eyes

Quietly it takes a tender
tentative step… 34 more words


Poem: The Mushroom Men


Have you seen The Mushroom Men?

They come out each night at half-past ten,

Spreading spores from their stores of spores

To furnish the fens with fungi galore! 261 more words

Castle Poem/Not quite lyrics

I write a lot of drafts of lyrics, which really is just poetry.  Some of them I had a melody in mind for, but then after I finish writing them they just don’t fit anymore, and some of them I write but they had no melody to begin with and I couldn’t think of one so they just stay poems.  322 more words

this faded photograph

O gentle hand
that once touched a place inside me
a broken place

Tender heart
tender hand
your words are bitten by your teeth

yet. . 143 more words


Poem: A Troll's Tale

As I went for morning stroll

I was accosted by two trolls,

Who chose to walk by me besides,

Matching my pace – stride for stride… 530 more words

the angry wizard

Oh shit.
He’s going ultrasonic. We’ve got to get out of here.
What does that mean, he’s going ultrasonic?
He is summoning all of the mythical creatures adjacent to this place. 67 more words


#OctPoWriMo 5-Seeker

Seeker of the World
From shore to shore.
Seeker of the World
To the sky above,
Covering all the planes.
Seeker of the Past
Delving into history. 27 more words