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the creatures of Light and Darkness

the creatures of Light and Darkness
some gentle
some insane

Hungry things
trying to convince you to go without a fight

Loving things that would give anything… 51 more words


the Dark Captain

I have come here
to wear black
and speak quietly
and to curse death
the evil rotten bastard
that has robbed me
of all sound… 15 more words

The Virgi Warrior Woman

The Virgi is flat of her back
In the center of some kind of circle
She can’t remember how she got here

“OH God
He’s here.” she whispers to herself… 469 more words


Stories of Madeline

Have i ever told you about Madeline?

Her beauty dressed in rareness

Her body a work of fine Godly art.

She walked like she treads not the ground… 106 more words




On my Spanish guitar, lovely tunes I play.
With beautiful, well coordinated chords and scales I display.
Sweet melodies and love songs all for you. 114 more words

The Journey Exhibit ~ Museum of Jade and Cinnabar

In this room
A helix structure convolutes into a rotating machine
dancing across the face of a weathered clock

It seems to be telling of a time when great explorers had frontiers… 34 more words


The Map Room~ Museum of Jade and Cinnabar

sketch of a Victorian house in sepiaed ink
on an aged parchment
wherein is writ the names of all the great men and women
who have offered their lives to the wonders of science… 64 more words