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Fair Lady of the Moon

Was it wrong of me
to go walking the Night?
T’was it foolish to wish a maiden fair?
To offer my craft as the spring offers its waters? 83 more words


tigers in the Baja

she said
there’re tigers in the Baja
there are dragons in the Hills
there is no time for love nowadays
there’s only time for thrills… 153 more words


Falling From a Height

This one drops you
From way up there
On the roof

Straight down

I swear I can’t see where they hook the cord
And that crash at the end . 11 more words


Goddess in Training

She says
‘I been thinking . . .’
He said
‘Hokey Mokes
Here we go . . .’

She says
‘I want to create some Universes… 356 more words

Fantasy Poetry

The Infancy of James Arrowhawk

He grew wise
In an older house
You see young ones can grow very wise
in the strangest places

A huge white house
clapboard sides… 62 more words


the incident beside the brae - what ever happened to Merlin * Dungeon Prompts: Only for the Fierce of Heart

you notice that you are staring down the shaft
of an arrow aimed directly at your heart

without a word the Dark Captain lowers the bow… 619 more words