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O’ed Adroddwr Recounts the Dark Captain of the Coração

Regwen is a water world
Many are her ships that ply the Void
and such wondrous tales are oft told in dim-lit dining halls
or drinking bars of some repute… 75 more words


Dragon Compass ~ Tales from Regwen

On a night much like this one
on the ascending road to Al’Vec
somewhere between the Pass of T’alsen
and the Crags of Zafete’
I chanced upon the roadside camp… 313 more words


Merellian Song

Upon a dream, a melody
Floats through the air, and to the sea,
And grasses blow, and birds may fly,
Along the edge of a lavender sky… 108 more words


Tennyoko ~ Tyro, Level 6

It is said
The snow hides the heron
When in Truth
The heron hides the heron
Do not blame the snow
Do not blame the heron for hiding in the snow… 24 more words


Lukshuna Dreams ~ an Epic of Some Length

Lukshuna Dreams

Frightened angel
Lukshuna dreams
Twitching and sometimes mewing and moaning
The tiny hands clutching

Fever is eating Lukshuna’s young brain
Turing his blood into a river of Fire… 3,611 more words


Entertaining Behinjari

I am a demigod in training
and have a name but can never say it
I only know it when I am called

In the rainy days of heaven… 271 more words


Developing Characters, the Art of Writing

First, here is the way I write a blunt force character description
Always remember that just about any character description is good in some way or another… 564 more words