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I will be your metaphor if you will be my muse

She whispers, “I never had a chance…..”
The thought trails off
It doesn’t matter anyway

The wall before her . . .well, it splits
The way a movie screen would split if it had a slit in it… 208 more words


CXCVIII - Possession

I feel a chill crawl up my spine
and a presence, (not benign)
puts a pressure on my chest,
enters me
“I’ll do the rest” 71 more words


the Dance


Dragon Warriors they
Yin and Yang on the field
Dancing far beyond the skills of the norms
under the belly of Nux

Under a moon the colour of a robin’s egg… 108 more words


Fears Dispersed On Final Dawn

The shadows cast by the chair stand still,
But in them something darker it seems,
Can’t sleep either and paces the black.
Folding like a cloth it moves until, 60 more words


Excerpt from the Handbook for Muses

Excerpt from the Handbook for Muses
    Care and Maintenance of Your Poet in Service

In as much as you have been asked
And in as much as you are considering accepting 
The time honored position of Muse
By a Poet that has in fact offered his poetical efforts
Here are a few  . 636 more words

Dream Leviathans

Dropping . . .
Falling . . .
Somewhere below the quicksilver
surface of consciousness
Leviathans stir the oceanic waters
of the sleeping mind

The movement of their mass… 17 more words


My Fading world!

Can’t you leave that world behind?
I am growing dark circles,
they say I am haunted,
I don’t exist here,
they say I don’t belong here, 132 more words