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The Queen of Freaks

The Queen rules over all the land

One hand holds a whip

the other a crooked crown

When she smiles, sharp teeth sparkle

Such tragedy that her subjects are all clowns… 18 more words



The wind beats at my door
And shrieks my name-
An owl hoots as it takes flight
And a raven croaks & takes it place. 224 more words


Foretellings from one of the Fey

A rustling in the shrubs

Alerts me to astounding wonder

Could it be a momma bear with her cubs?

Curiosity strikes me like yellow-white thunder. 191 more words



Puppet of the birds
Caught in mid-gaze
Flutter of thoughts
A flight of fancy
Drift now
On clouds of nine

“Meaning is lost to me, feelings are all” 67 more words


Shades of Purple

purple kisses

a bruised hue, molted– mulberry

smudged–dried with a thick sangria–

red wine–a vineyard of ripe grapes–

underneath the tempting aroma

lingers the capricious crimson crusted stains– 165 more words


Manjag the metamystic metamagician

the metamystic metamagician
is standing in an open field
cleared by the harvest

Manjag is standing perfectly still
in fact the World seems to be moving… 111 more words


Solitary Dragon

Sleeping in the mists
Strange and . . . curious creature
now with a heart of stone
Solitary dragon
sleeping all alone

Poor pitiful thing… 86 more words