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Bones piled high

bleached white beneath scouring sands

time has turned for

each passing of the hour.

Tides flow in and ebb out

casting upon the shores… 49 more words


The Lady

Secret hearts and tales of sorrow
Patina of her world
Once an eon ago her eyes could see color
Could see the way the world turned in both day and night… 139 more words


Broken and Bleeding at the Stable Door

Donzela enters the barn
(evening duties are so peaceful )

Traveler is not in his stall
and something stinks of. . . blood?

A wizard! 160 more words


In the Dark of the Moon

She is shaking
But not from the cold
For she has known cold far colder than the ice moons of MacTalb

She is silent
But her eyes scream volumes… 350 more words


Stranger in the Town

A formal experiment in epic poetry,
with sensibilities spanning whole stretch
of known time. To come in a series.

Fictional poetry
Epic poetry in a new form… 741 more words


Eclipse August 21, 2017

Two people
under a cyan sky
just barely troubled by white strato-nimbus clouds

Two people
in a rose garden tended by an artist
a maestro of the topiary art… 293 more words



Custard is the unlikely hero of a comic children’s poem by Ogden Nash. “The Tale of Custard the Dragon” was first published in 1936 but retains its appeal after 81 years. 151 more words