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In the Crater

I am here
in this crater
Devastation in every direction
but up
And I can hear her crying

There is this little dirt fountain in the center… 501 more words


Wish Upon a Falling Star

Look mom
A falling star

Quick honey
Make a wish

I wish . . .

Don’t tell me or it wont come true… 71 more words


Silence ~ the Beginning

Silent Sojourn
Billions of miles of absolute Nothingness
The Silence of Eternal Nightness flecked by silver specks
the Silence before entry
Falling is not falling till you’re near the end… 103 more words


CCLXXXVIII - Forked Tongue

A dragon came to Islador
and she shook the ground
with her gait and rancid roar
crumbled, did the town
her scales were blacker than my heart, 333 more words


Goblin King

Tied up in the tangles

in these broken guitar strings

we were lost in the labyrinth

of alka-seltzer dreams

Make haste!

We ride the manic froth… 59 more words


They Steal My Breathe

I dance with no music,
My body sways with one purpose.
I follow the path never taken,
Trip over seashells and cadavers,
My toe bumping into knifes… 265 more words


My Dreams

I’ve been suffering from writer’s block but I have had the opportunity to continute writing my book. Clink on the link and take a look! … 111 more words