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The Journey Exhibit ~ Museum of Jade and Cinnabar

In this room
A helix structure convolutes into a rotating machine
dancing across the face of a weathered clock

It seems to be telling of a time when great explorers had frontiers… 34 more words


The Map Room~ Museum of Jade and Cinnabar

sketch of a Victorian house in sepiaed ink
on an aged parchment
wherein is writ the names of all the great men and women
who have offered their lives to the wonders of science… 64 more words

The Geiger Machine~ Museum of Jade and Cinnabar

The Geiger machine

mechanized emote
green-grey tubes and pulsating cinnabar panels

origami machine
turning in and on itself to create a puzzle box

begging to be solved


Jaguar Room ~ Museum of Jade and Cinnabar

A jade jaguar with eyes of fire
more machine than muscle
He runs across the table
past the stature of a hand
holding one of Dali’s Clocks… 12 more words


At the end of the first Day

On the eve of the first Night
all the animals and people were there
and having only seen the light
how could they have known what night would be? 255 more words


Enaido B

[…] the marshlands extended across the delta of […]
Some of the men were then possessed by evil spirits,
and each night Enaido dreamt that she was just awake, 424 more words

Middle Fragment

Enaido A

The Enaido Epic was composed some time between the fall of the Roman Empire and the 1100s. It only exists in a fragmentary form, written in the Galdajji script and tongue. 537 more words

Middle Fragment