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Task Master ~ Unlocking the Wizard part 4

In the darkness I said
‘I shall never know the Love that I sought’

Is there a comfort in this?
In knowing this. . . ? 40 more words


Love ~ Unlocking the Wizard part 3

True Love
asks no coin in exchange
Gives the way the mountain spring yields the waters that sustain life
without commerce

True love is the purest form… 29 more words


In Service to the Lady ~ Unlocking the Wizard part 2

How did he fall?
Was he not the top of his class?

He fell with honor at the Battle of RuFec’
Winning the day at cost… 24 more words


The Problem With Hope ~ Hope part 2

She kept floating out of her hospital bed
They tried all kinds of things

Tying her down
Placing heavy weights on her chest
Playing Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler… 224 more words


A Boy finds Hope ~ Hope part 1

I know you can’t remember
But we met on a dark and stormy night
Somewhere in the wilds of Georgia

I almost hit you with my car… 87 more words



She was
The Lost Planet Butterfly
Folded into a Time/Space
That could not hold her fanciful spirit
Finding mere matter
Too imperfect
To express her thoughts… 25 more words


Personal Mythos

I can not heal this wound
I fought and won
I limp home
Its never like this in the stories
It hurts

I lie down… 288 more words