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Premier League: Set piece takers

Today’s article will be about the Premier League set piece takers. As you all know this kind of player is very important when it comes to fantasy soccer, set piece takers have always more chances to get points that players that aren’t involved in any of the set pieces. 469 more words


Draft Kings La Liga: Week 13 Sunday

After Thanksgiving, time to go back to soccer. I didn’t have much time with the holidays so this will be the only contest I’ll write about this week. 674 more words

Draft Kings Premier League: Week 11

We didn’t have much luck in our La Liga contest las week, we finished close to the money zone but in the end we couldn’t sneak in. 348 more words

Draft Kings: Basic tips

As a soccer lover and a fantasy soccer addict I was very happy when I discovered Draft Kings here in the US. You know, in Spain, even if fantasy soccer is big we don┬┤t have a platform where you can actually win prizes or cash. 308 more words

The 5 W's of Fantasy Premier League

I wanted to use this space to explain the rules and how to play Fantasy Premier League. In FPL, your lineup consists of two Goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders, and three forwards. 665 more words