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Fantasy Stories for Ambient

I’ve been writing short stories/flash fiction for an ambient music composer, Michael Ghelfi, creating music for D&D campaigns, writing, and other. Please give it a listen, it’s great inspiration ;) … 634 more words

Short Story

War in Hell - D:2.21

Daora Meredok and her grandfather climbed aboard a golden-white chariot.
The Angel of Death urged a majestic phoenix up. It launched the craft into the ashen skies with its powerful wings. 1,222 more words


U'gre Brainstorm

The u’gre are a race in my fantasy novel, answering the age old question: what if you combined bears and trees?  I wrote a six page outline for this race over ten years ago, but my novel has changed drastically in the intervening years.  1,173 more words


Magidrasa - chapter six

Korosh paced the tiny cell. A night and morning had
passed them and now the afternoon had given way to dusk. He’d combed every inch… 1,981 more words


September is fast approaching and it’s time to take a look at my most anticipated releases for next month.


I love a great treasure hunt adventure and when you throw in Vlad the Impaler? 1,149 more words

A Hot Chick Who Reads

The Dark Crystal Haiku

Bird-like creatures leer

Sneering faces poison air

Ghastly plans arise

Inspired by the film The Dark Crystal.


Two Stories Read by Angel Martinez

Angel Martinez reads a weekly story (or part of one) on her blog on Fridays. She’s read one of mine before, and this past Friday she read two! 14 more words