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Trip to the Circus

I had never been to the circus. I didn’t like the idea of spending the day looking at people pretending to be something they’re not. 919 more words

Life of Lise Zai – Part 82 – Hasn’t It Been A While?

A rainy day on a rainy shore. The soft ground soaked with water. New oceans created over old ones. Efflorescence surrounding deep pits of collapsed dirt. 1,088 more words


Death in a Silver Swirl

“All at once the eyes of the hundreds turned icy blue as before and all looking directly at him, the man reached under his robe and pulled out his razor-sharp dagger. 55 more words


Flash Movie Review: Alita: Battle Angel

THERE ARE A COUPLE OF ITEMS I have sealed in plastic bags, hoping they may become valuable someday. Neither of them was expensive; I think the most I spent was $6.00. 612 more words



Trapped in the black lodge

Twenty five years and counting

Three versions of him

Revenants lurk and linger

Owl cave ring leaves his finger

♦♦ 44 more words


Review: The Dragon Prince, Season 2

I liked the first season of The Dragon Prince. I had my qualms, mostly with the animation, but I liked the story and the characters, I was intrigued by the lore and setting, and I was excited to see more. 828 more words