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‘Hey, I’ve said it before but please drop dead.’ Tor said in a serious tone as his aura shot up. ‘The situation has changed I don’t have the time to play with you monkey!’ He got in a running stance, his mana kept building up but the blood ape was not just standing there, the spikes which had come out of the ape’s body suddenly bust out with a sonic boom and their speed was beyond what eyes could follow although they were not small. 1,125 more words


Lingering Game of Thrones Questions

In no particular order:

#1 – If Sam becomes Archmaester, what happens to Gilly and his adopted son and the son on the way?  Are Gilly and the kids always going to be Sam’s taboo secret family, hiding in the shadows?  173 more words

The Cloak of Nothing: Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Amortization? Now? We read the fine print years ago.


“If that’s true…” she says.

I can hear her smile and feel her disbelief. 2,338 more words

The Cloak Of Nothing

The Throbbing Spire

Routine squelches ejaculate out the pregnant walls to the flesh grooves on the edges of this novel architecture. Loud throbbing, wet percussion whang from inside the structure, certainly pretending to be alive. 997 more words


Liri Chain set (ZIBSKA)

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New release for the May round at Enchantment
Game of Thrones
Liri Chain set

incudes upper/mid/lower sections for styling ease with 16 colour options for sections via HUD. 26 more words

Second Life