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The Cloud Searchers Review (Amulet Book 3)

I saw this fanart here! Katy also has a lot of other cool comics and art on that page!

Songs I Listened to while Reading This… 203 more words


Oathmark Dwarves

First Two plastic and one metal Oathmark Dwarves from Northstar. I’m a massive fan of Dwarven armies, and so I jumped at the chance of these when the pre order came up, and I’m not disappointed. 7 more words


[ Space Between ] Chapter 01 ~ Lost

Tác giả: Yuki

Biên tập: Yuki

Thể loại: Học đường, Đời thường, Omegaverse, Alpha x Alpha, Nam x nữ, Lãng mạn, Nhẹ nhàng, Soulmate,…

Nhân vật: 8,123 more words



Cuckqueaning is my new jam, apparently.

I knew what I was there for. They didn’t tell me but they planned it between them. And one night, invited me over after work. 1,553 more words


Where Am I?

Uhhhhhhhggggggg. Where am I?

Drifting in and out of consciousness, Dragon knew not where she was, nor why she was there. She had not the strength to raise her head, or even open her eyes, to look around. 2,112 more words

Nanowrimo ‘17 - Cup

His smell of his sweat felt like it was decaying in his nose. Geoff had been sat in the same room for over an hour now, quite how far over that hour he had been shaking was unfathomable. 632 more words