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A to Z Blogging Challenge - Day 18: Fantasy Squad - Pegasus

No squad is complete without Pegasus, at least in my opinion. I have always loved the flying horse; a particular favourite within Greek mythology. You probably don’t need to know that I collected as many pictures, trinkets, and stories as I could growing up. 316 more words


Review of the Maze Runner

I was rather surprised when I saw this movie. This movie had very much the feel of the old game Half Life, but in a different way. 524 more words



If you are taking the time to undertake extremely exhausting to suppose at a lower place the uncomfortably rough-edged surface of this RoboCop quite film, you may most likely capture one thing of a dramatic play buried beneath its topsy-turvy circuit boards and wires. 657 more words


La Lumiere Pt. 1

To a world in darkness, came a thin line of light.

He blinked as the line grew wider and wider, silently and slowly. The line became a bar, then kept growing until he found himself looking at a rectangle of orange, flickering light with two dark shapes silhouetted against it, with a short flight of stairs descending below. 1,365 more words


Melbourne ❤

I still remember the first night I landed in Melbourne with my best friend and cried like a baby about how am I going to go through this and what have I got myself into. 491 more words


Retrace 0: Down The Rabbit Hole

scriptwriter Liana D. S.


Apink’s Chorong and soloist Lu Han

feat f(x)’s Luna

genre Fantasy, Friendship-ish Romance, Anime!AU (Pandora Hearts) duration Oneshot… 3,394 more words

Teen And Up Audiences

Goodnight Moon and Other Sleepytime Tales

Synopsis: Everybody’s favorite bedtime story, “Goodnight Moon” comes to life on DVD for the very first time. Along with other beloved animated tales and lullabies, children and stars come together in a delightful exploration of the nighttime world. 543 more words