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I'm having way too much fun with this...

Hi everyone! So as you can see, I’ve decided to make another E/S fanvid.. I honestly had a lot of fun making the first one even if the quality was pretty amateurish at best, and ever since I finished Wildest Dreams, I’ve been dying to make another. 414 more words

Eric Northman


We’ve got something truly stunning to show you later this week! So, while you wait to see what’s to come on Wednesday, prepare yourself with this amazing video by our talented lil WitchEE Lynne (@K_MaRzi_WiTcHeE). 83 more words

Wildest Dreams - Eric/Sookie

Hey everyone! So, somewhere between writing fics and living a life away from my computer, I managed to find the time to put together my very first fanvid… ever. 194 more words

Eric Northman

[KrisYeol/SubFake] Một vụ cãi lộn

Chỉ vui thôi. Thích thì like. Ko thích thì đi tiếp đừng dừng lại.

Bạn chán gạch đá lắm rồi

Nhạc: Hồ Ly Tinh_La Chí Tường… 38 more words


Give Heart FanFic Video ^^

Annyeong ^^ Kunang’s here hehe *geret azumi

mian for lack update, awal 2015 ini aku ga se update awal tahun 2014 T.T /plakk kaya ada yg nunggu. 30 more words


Why Harry Potter Will Always Be Important to Me

WARNING: I am about to rant!

This post was completely unplanned, and I only realised how necessary it was when I watched the video above. To all those who know Harry Potter (hopefully everyone) please watch that video. 379 more words

J.K. Rowling

Fanvid of the Week: "Stay True"

Vidder: BeautifullyTragic6

This vid, just like everything from BeautifullyTragic6, is gorgeously edited and evocative. Not to mention, the spot on soundtrack. Really, just go to her youtube and watch all of her vids, because she’s wonderful. 40 more words