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Fanvid of the Week: Jack & Ennis || you can make me whole

Warning! Spoilers for a 12 year old film JIC you haven’t seen it.

I watched Brokeback Mountain this week and have a lot of feelings about these two. 17 more words


Fanvid of the Week: Sense8|Arsonist's Lullabye

So, Netflix announced earlier today that they are cancelling Sense8, which is stupid and ridiculous and dumb because it is an all-inclusive show that represents a plethora of different cultures and lifestyles that is well-loved by so many fans. 33 more words

The Collectiva Diva

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  A Mexican holiday, which inspires me to find every vaguely Hispanic song in the history of Indian film.  There are not many.   80 more words


Fanvid of the Week: "The Dance of Dragons - Daenerys Stormborn"

Vidder: xWPrisonLoveMx

I’ve begun rewatching Game of Thrones from season 1, and one thing I’ve appreciated is how strong, independent, and fierce the show painted Danaerys as from the beginning. 41 more words


Fanvid of the Week: Stucky || We Laugh And It Pits The World Against Us

As a big, fat, nerd, I enjoy connecting my fanvids and fics when it’s my week to pick, and this time, I’m on a Stucky kick. 56 more words

The Collectiva Diva