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FanVid Post! Because It's Been a While

No reason, and not that many videos this time, but there is a new Lioness13xx which is worth celebrating, and I found a Pranushka one for you Prabhas obsessives. 187 more words

Another Sci-fi Erotica Reviews Fanvid

Created a fanvid for various erotica stories put to Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman”; Enjoy!

Top Secret

Fan Vids - Robert & Brittany

To start our quick video commentary, we have decided to show you the best one first. To set a bar extremely high and in our opinion mix two great BBC fan communities that have often wished that these two have met. 228 more words

Good and Bad Dr. Who Fanvids

Cayley and I thought this video was very neat. The creators of this vid did a very nice job with matching their lyrics to the song Run, You Clever Boy. 89 more words

Fanvid Summary by: Melissa Dryml & Nathan Huff

The first link that we are posting is the fanvid that we consider to be “bad”. We believe that it’s considered bad because of the way that the audio of the clips overpowers the music. 147 more words