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Fanvid of the Week: "(GoT) Battle of the Bastards || KINGS"


I’ve been craving Game of Thrones lately, and what better way to satisfy that than with a kickass fanvid? This homage focuses on the “Battle of the Bastards” episode from last season, which was hailed as one of the series’ best. 23 more words


FanVid Post! Unusual Couples

I got a little alert from youtube that one of my fanvid people had just posted a new video, which drove me down a rabbit hole of looking at all the new videos posted by all my youtube people, and some new folks as well. 259 more words


Fanvid of the Week: HEATHENS ● Supernatural

Vidder: Dark Lord of the Alpacas

I’m obsessed with this song, and it’s the perfect choice for a Supernatural vid. The editing, I swear to Chuck, is one of the most flawless I’ve seen. 60 more words

The Collectress

Fanvid of the Week: I'm On A Boat

Vidder: DailyAsgardianNews

If you’re not singing “I”m On A Boat” for the next 47 hours…who am I kidding? You will be.

-The Collectress

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Music: Memories of the Heart Already Gone, Titus Jones
Vidshow: Vividcon Challenge 2015 (“Memory”)
Notes: Contains strobe

(@ DW…

28 more words