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Fanvid of the Week: "It's A Hard-Knock Life"

Vidder: DailyAsgardianNews 

So far my summer has consisted of headaches and bad days, but this vid made one particularly bad day a little bit better. I didn’t know I needed 3 minutes of the Avengers being knocked on their asses to cheer me up, but it turns out that I absolutely did. 27 more words


Fanvid of the Week: "The Heart Wants What it Wants"

Today, we celebrate the soldiers who have served and died for the good old U.S. of A. Even after the distressing news that came with the release of the new Captain America comic last week, I still want my two favorite fictional super soldiers, Cap and Bucky, to have that fairytale ending. 37 more words

The Collectiva Diva

FanVid Post! From Gerua to Superwoman!

It’s been a while, but I hit a rich string of fanvids last night, so I thought I should share the best ones with you all.   337 more words


[Vietsub][TCCT] Chiếc ô - Kasa (傘) (Tán Tu / Mạc Tranh)

Chiếc ô – Kasa (傘)

Link: https://youtu.be/Mxemh4v_lvE

CP: Tán Tu, Mạc Tranh
Origin: Source: 參七 http://space.bilibili.com/657064
BGM: Kasa (傘) – Takenaka Eri
Trans: Jun
Subtitle: 16 more words

Toàn Chức Cao Thủ

[Vietsub][Vong Tiện] Minh Nguyệt Thiên Nhai - Hồ Ly Rùa

Asdkjaslkdjlasjlkd, không chịu nổi phải share luôn và ngay, tui xem cỡ 10 lần rồi vẫn không thấy chán, khóc sụt sùi vì nó luôn ấy, nhạc hay, ghép quá chuẩn, quá hợp, quá đã ;;;;A;;;; 183 more words


[Fanvid] Toàn Chức Cao Thủ - Ma Tính Cao Thủ - Kỳ 3

Ma Tính Cao Thủ – Đoàn Biểu Ca

Quà 1/5 dành cho các bạn, mong các bạn sẽ tiếp tục ủng hộ bọn mình nha XD… 17 more words

Toàn Chức Cao Thủ

The 100

So I made a thing.  I don’t make videos usually but this one had to be done.  This is my favorite TV show right now and a recent character death prompted this.  Still sad :(

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