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Fanvid of the Week: Castiel | Human Weakness

Are you ready for feelings? If you are a fan of Cas, this video is going to make you weepy, because that poor angel has been through SO MUCH over the years. 26 more words


Favorite Fan Video

This video is great because it takes a show that is usually fun and quirky and puts an interesting darker spin on it. One of my favorite parts of Doctor Who is the constant question of how much influence the Doctor should have on the course of history. 50 more words

[Vid-rec] Unscheduled recommendation for Sheriarty

The reason for this post is because hours ago I wandered around Slashworld and stumbled upon some fanvid recs, and I think why not, let’s do one myself. 742 more words


Favorite Vid

Here is a link to my favorite Vid that I have seen. The tenth doctor is my favorite doctor because of his personality. His charm and looks are a big factor but also his friendly, upbeat personality. 169 more words

Fanvid of the Week: "Wonder Woman" Origin Trailer

I know this isn’t a fanvid, but hear me out! We finally got the “origin” trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman film, and it is amazing. 33 more words


※Chúc các chị em 8/3 vui vẻ! <3

Song: 小蘋果串燒 | Trái Tảo Nhỏ
Singer: 韓夕| Hàn Tịch

※Vid này là mị cut từ 2 vid khác của JX3. 187 more words

Fanvid of the Week: Penny Dreadful || Dear God

If you’re a fan of Penny Dreadful, this viddy will give you the major feels. It’s short but sweet, much like our lovely television series that may or may not be back for a fourth season. 69 more words

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