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Video Review - The Ackermonster Chronicles

This week I’m doing a documentary review of the film “The Ackermonster Chronicles” 48 more words


Digital Archive of British Comic Fanzines Under Development

Under development: a digital archive of British Comic Fanzines.

“For several months now, British comics fan David Hathaway-Price had been gathering and scanning every British comics fanzine that he’s been able to buy or had loaned to him. 39 more words

New Resources

Una de Diseño Editorial

No vamos a entrar en el eterno debate de si es mejor maquetar con o sin retícula, pero lo cierto es que el diseño editorial… 68 more words


Post TCC 2015 Showcase #1: With All Due Haste

Hello dudes and dudettes. Yes, I know there have not been any posts and I am solely to blame for that, as are some unexpected personal issues (thankfully, NOT concerning anyone’s health), which have taken all of my time and have occupied all of my mental faculties with anything BUT creativity. 127 more words


When Taco Bell Promoted Fanzines (1993)

I’m not sure if it’s easier or harder to believe today, but in 1993 the grunge-driven corporate cooptation of the 1980s underground music scene – now watered down and repackaged as “alternative” – had reached such a level that even fast food was getting into it. 126 more words

Counterculture & Punk

Annoying Behaviour at Gigs – 2015 Round-up

Back in the 90s, when I was writing a fanzine with my sister, we did a round-up of irksome behaviour at gigs. Looking back, some of the things we described seem decidedly odd nowadays, such as people dancing with lit cigarettes – thankfully, something that no longer happens. 610 more words


Mick Buckles: King o the Roadies

P&P have been chasing legendary roadie Mick Buckles for a long time for this interview. He started off as a henchman for Peter Grant after a chance encounter in Buckles’ native Worcester. 470 more words