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The Daily “FUCK” Gazette Vol. Two , Number 2. grandiose sense.

“World history occupied a higher ground than one on which morality has properly its position, which is personal character and conscience of individuals. Moral claims which are irrelevant must not be brought into collision with world-historic deeds and their accomplishment. 55 more words

"In The Beginning There Was A Void Except For The Written Word." The Avengers (Band)

The History of the 'Westerns… All’Italiana!' Fanzine and Blog

Westerns… All’Italiana!‘s editor-in-chief Tom Betts offers a brief history of the groundbreaking and much-loved fanzine and blog.

Sometime early in 1983, Tim Ferrante got the bright idea of creating an Italian Westerns fanzine. 1,167 more words


riss(e) fanzine no. 7, 2017

riss(e) fanzine n. 7, 2017
graphich design Domenico Antonio Mancini

see issuu.com

riss(e) is an artist-run space directed by Ermanno Cristini, and together with Yellow… 84 more words

Giancarlo Norese

DragonLords Scrap Book

In the latest GROGPOD we discuss ‘zines in general and DragonLords in particular. Our guest contributor Ian Marsh edited the zine with his friends Mike Lewis and Marc Gascoigne and was remarkable for its irreverent coverage of the hobby. 326 more words

The Armchair Adventurers

Episode 14 (Part 1) RPG Fanzines (with Ian Marsh)


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INTRO Welcome to the world of fanzines.

OPEN BOX (with Ian Marsh) The first part of an interview with Ian Marsh, who was the editor of DragonLords fanzine and went on to become the editor of White Dwarf. 99 more words


Flashback: One poem in Flipside

That time my poem “Alicia” appeared in Flipside #81, from Nov/Dec 1992. This piece is a true story based on a coworker when I worked at the American Psychological Association as an abstractor for their academic database. 55 more words


Artists' Books at Canterbury. Mail Me: A Small Guide to Amsterdam. Fanny Wacklin Nilsson. (2009).

Artists Books WAC

Mail Me: A Small Guide to Amsterdam. (2009).

Wacklin Nilsson, Fanny.

A collection of ten postcards produced by Fanny Wacklin Nilsson. Each postcard is illustrated with a place visited in Amsterdam during the Foundation trip, including… 117 more words