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Test Dept - Interview

We phoned Some Bizarre Records and spoke to Toby of Test Dept who agreed to be interviewed face to face in a week or so. When the day arrived we set off to the Some Bizarre offices in St Anne’s Court, Soho. 3,567 more words

No Class

Wayfinder #16

The 16th issue of Wayfinder, the long running Pathfinder fanzine, is out now, and I’m all over this issue! I have two pieces in it, “Processing Buried Data: An Archetype for Mediums,” and “Enlightened Circuits: Android Philosophies.” I also edited six other pieces within this issue, and proofed some of it too. 79 more words


A Crass Conversation

The No Class tea drinkers received an invitation to interview Crass which turned out to be an inconvenience for everyone involved. When we got to the end of the Central line we phoned to say we were at Epping station but they had no idea we were coming even though we called 5 days earlier to confirm the visit. 3,784 more words

No Class

The Transmitters

The following No Class interview with Sam Dodson of The Transmitters was originally published in Hamish Ironside’s Saudade Fanzine.

Justice Is Our Conviction is a recently released benefit LP from which artists’ royalties will be given to the Martin Foran Defence Campaign. 1,178 more words

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The Noseflutes

The Noseflutes probably mean one of two things to most people: (a) absolutely nothing, or (b) vague memories of 1986: John Peel sessions, Ron Johnson Records, etc, but in their own words they explain that “it’s been a while since the last record came out so people haven’t had the Noseflutes at the forefront of their craniums” nevertheless they still aim “to be heard and proffered gifts”. 497 more words

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Shrew Kings: the interview

The Shrew Kings are a six piece band from South London comprising two singers (Jef Harvey and Bill Tidnam), two guitarists (Noel Byde and Michael Hughes), plus a bass guitarist (Ian Nixon) and a drummer (Eoin Shannon). 1,276 more words

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