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Finding Inspiration for ZINES!

Next week, human beings, I have a post coming for you: Why You Should Write Mini Zines. However, this time around, I am going to be talking about how to find inspiration for them. 558 more words


West Coast Punk Music Zines from the 80s

Download 50+ Issues of Legendary West Coast Punk Music Zines from the 1970-80s: Damage, Slash & No Mag

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To My Friends

Artists' Books at Canterbury. The Present is not a Purgatory. Diary comics from 2008 - James Nash (2008 - 2009)

Artists’ Books NAS

Nash, James.

The Present is not a Purgatory. Diary comics from 2008.

Each day is different for everyone, James Nash documents his day-to-day life using three panel comics. 84 more words

Artists' Books at Canterbury. Lonely Robot - Aisling Marray (2009).

Lonely Robot – Aisling Marray

Artists’ Books MAR

Created by Aisling Marray in 2009 after the Foundation trip to Amsterdam. A concertina style zine with each page becoming a different location. 64 more words

Artists Books at Canterbury. Happy Travellers -Artists Book MIY.

Happy Travellers (2009)

Chie Miyazaki & Soju Tanaka

Artists Books MIY

A rather sweet and delicate artists’ book with subtle watercolour illustrations of some jovial characters who are travelling. 80 more words

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Terra Incognita: Εκδήλωση με 3 fanzines [Σάββατο 04/02, 20:00]

Εκδήλωση με 3 fanzines που συναντήθηκαν…

…μια συζήτηση που άρχισε και ελπίζουμε να μην τελειώσει σύντομα

– Τα Κουρέλια

– Μισώ Τους Ιδιοκτήτες Παλαιών Ακινήτων 7 more words