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My A-Z of having a rare disease

Appointments and adding a new doctor to my list every year.

Blood tests, so many that I no longer flinch when the needle goes in. 218 more words

Three Sided Fence (Money, life, reputation)

What is the difference between a millionaire living in a beautiful mansion driving exotic cars, and someone renting an apartment driving a broken down Toyota to a 9-5 job? 929 more words


3 Tips to Manage Pre-Op Mental Health

I strongly believe that talking about your disease and your experience when you want to and on your own terms is very important for your mental health. 410 more words


The Masturbation Double Standard

We all do it.

There’s even 9 species of animals recorded to masturbate for their own pleasure. So it’s natural right?

Damn right.

But we are so secretive about our masturbation (to a degree) that it’s still a pretty taboo topic. 252 more words

Self Pleasure

The Nice guy Syndrome

Full disclosure- I will be honest. The following story is something I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit. Being a people pleaser is something I grew up being. 1,039 more words


My Recovery Road Map So Far

I know this is a lot to read, but I feel this is more for myself as a summary of what I’ve done recently and where I’ve been on this journey in recovery. 942 more words


Pornography, Fapping and Why It Ruins Relationships

I owe the community of NoFap an extreme amount of gratitude. The reason behind this is because it has truly changed my life and the lives of many people as well. 637 more words

Social Glow