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When you’re invisible

I don’t look sick. This brings about lots of assumptions about me.

Without knowing me well and just by looking at me, you wouldn’t know that I have short hair because it fell out from chemo. 364 more words


Failed Goal: No Fap

When stumbling into failure (or sometimes sprinting into it), it becomes imperative to deep dive into a reflection. Bluntly, my no fap goal (originally written… 325 more words


Feeling empowered as a young patient

I often write and think about how unfair it is to face such health challenges in my 20s when I should be at the prime of my life. 558 more words


When your body starts catching up with you

I’ve recently realised that I’m at a stage in my journey with rare disease that my body is catching up with me, and a lot of my problems are chronic and aftermaths of necessary surgeries and treatments to save my life. 802 more words

Rare Disease

No Fap Relapse

What’s even more sad is that I am using this masterbation failure as an excuse for a very short entry this evening. Today, I masturbated. 101 more words


The reality of being brave

I recently saw a fundraising page for someone shaving their hair for charity. What stood out to me was the campaign logo which said “be brave & shave” 512 more words


Another year of being rare

Today is Rare Disease day. Last year on this same day was the first time I shared my story on social media and I can definitely say I’ve never put myself out there like that before, but I’m so glad I did because in the rare disease and chronic illness community, we need as many voices out there. 240 more words

Rare Disease