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First SA group summation 

The expectations and anxieties for my first SA group session were high, although I tempered the latter.

I guess I expected a circle of chairs and people speaking. 209 more words

Sex Addiction

Mind fap

There’s this condition in which you start overthinking everything.  It’s called Mental fapping. You create situations, ideas and problems that don’t exist. Just as if you had just smoked weed. 10 more words


Brigada del 11 de Abril

Las plantitas en las macetas que entregamos.

Mucho té!

El producto que tanto esperábamos.

Porn star political candidate 

In the UK, the general election is a matter of weeks away.

The choices on paper don’t seem great, but I feel placing a vote even if it’s ‘none of the above’ is better than not voting at all. 161 more words


Self flagellation

Oh dear, I appear to have lost a follower from my mostly anonymous fraternity already.

I’ve upset a fellow sex addict by implying it was sad to be y’know a sex addict (SA) Which includes me. 449 more words


Other people's blogs

After a week of doing my blog, I’ve decided to venture into the local blogosphere of ‘sex addiction’.

Within the WordPress blogosphere there seems to be several SA blogs written by men similar and dissimilar to me. 173 more words


Porn and the media- 1

A quick entry.

I wanted to highlight how serious the issue of porn and the media has become recently and how it has impacted my decision to change. 76 more words