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Internet Dateing.

I think I am a internet taunter or whatever. The main reason for this is because I have acctually only ever been on 2 internet dates. 146 more words

3 Aspects of Genetics Counselling

The strange combination of words couldn’t more suitably capture the essence and purpose of the session. The Genetics Counselling discussed everything about FAP and how my life will be in the future. 981 more words



Do you think how to earn money sitting at home?
Do you think that is not possible?

Let me show you how to do it. 86 more words


Masturbation / Fapping effects

Hi friend,

I just started this blog to tell you guys what happens when things go as not expected!!.

without further addo lets start it!!. 297 more words



It’s October 2016, it’s a cold fall day, the air is crisp and the leaves are dashing every-which-way in the light breeze. I am at a colonoscopy clinic in Ontario, and I am just coming to. 628 more words


Food Adventures: How it All Started

When I was a junior in high school, I started following a food vlog channel called “Eat Your Kimchi.” These ten minute long YouTube videos chronicled the lives of a Canadian couple as they ate their way through South Korea, trying everything from Korean-style pizza to egg toast to live octopi. 305 more words



Captain’s log (Entry 2, Day 4):
This has only been the first couple of days of my journey and I’ve already come across multiple problems. The urge to “calm myself down” is incredibly high, women have become significantly more attractive, and by gods did I mention how hard it is to stop myself from popping open a tab to stare at images of flesh?! 627 more words

20 Year Old