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Farm Show

A bunch of people packed into a small arena….hmmm!!!

So one of my many things I do besides site visits is outreach type things.  I have been to a few venues where I have a table or booth and talk about forestry. 

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Brigada del 7 de Marzo

El pasado 7 de Marzo fue la última oportunidad que tuvimos de ir a Magdalena y a Plomozas antes de Semana Santa, por lo que llevamos de una vez macetas para empezar a estandarizar la producción de té.  99 more words


Kpopalypse fashion class - school uniforms

It’s coming up to Seoul Fashion Week yet again, so that’s a good excuse as any other for another episode of Kpopalypse Fashion Class!

We all know how fashion articles on other k-pop sites usually go – … 1,732 more words

Your Mum

Kabul Surgical Center in Afghanistan Receives Injured from Attack in Tagab District

On February 13th, fourteen casualties, including a 6-year old boy, were brought to our Kabul Surgical Center following an attack on a mosque in the district of Tagab. 65 more words


Echoes Through Time – Page 02: “Only A Pirate Hat”

Like you’ve never ran naked through a herd of livestock before, so don’t you go casting the first stone at Cru for what he does while shit-faced drunk. 20 more words

Echoes Through Time

Kpopalypse girl group bias list compendium

I asked people a few days ago for questions that I could use to expand my FAQ.  Obviously I wasn’t thinking straight because I woke up today and realised “that’s right – nobody fucking reads FAQs”.  1,864 more words

Your Mum