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Normiism, Onanism, and Politicization

Some men refuse to advocate for Male Sexualist positions simply because they do not want to be “that guy” – meaning, they don’t want to be known to their peers as the typical ‘pedo’ who rails against the AOC and against anti-CP legislation and so on. 1,109 more words


Memory Lane: Major Hoople

You may have heard me say “Fap!” now and then, and probably asked yourselves, “Did he say ‘fap’? What’s fap?”

I grew up with Sunday color comics in the newspaper, and one of my favorites was “Our Boarding House,” featuring Major Amos B. 83 more words

Pop Culture

Why Be Creepy Tho?

Apparently, I am surrounded by people who either try to convince men to masturbate, or to convince men to stop masturbating, and honestly I find it very bizarre. 927 more words


Acknowledging my medical trauma, three years on

In September this year it will have been three years since I lost my bowel, it’s taken me this long to fully appreciate how much this has affected me. 752 more words


When you’re invisible

I don’t look sick. This brings about lots of assumptions about me.

Without knowing me well and just by looking at me, you wouldn’t know that I have short hair because it fell out from chemo. 364 more words


Failed Goal: No Fap

When stumbling into failure (or sometimes sprinting into it), it becomes imperative to deep dive into a reflection. Bluntly, my no fap goal (originally written… 325 more words


Feeling empowered as a young patient

I often write and think about how unfair it is to face such health challenges in my 20s when I should be at the prime of my life. 558 more words