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Discovery of Information about Proposed Peers at the BSEA: A Practice Note

Why proposed peer group information is essential in BSEA proceedings

The capacity of a school district’s program to meet the needs of a student with a disability often depends heavily on the learning, behavioral, and social communication needs of the peers with whom the district proposes to group the student.   1,235 more words

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L'organisation du système éducatif français et ses acteurs

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les schémas que vous avez élaborés collectivement.

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Arriving in Oregon

I recently moved to Portland, Oregon from Dallas, Texas. I was first licensed as an attorney in California in 1980; then Texas in 1982, then Illinois. 72 more words


The End of: Beyond the Hole in the Wall

As I wrap up reading, Beyond the Hole in the Wall, I realize the entire point of this book is for the reader to think about how educators teach, how students think, and if there isn’t a more effective method of teaching that could be employed that would cause the students to be more interested in what they were learning due to the fact that they would feel in charge of their educational experience. 476 more words

Children's First Networks and accountability

The NYC DOE has 60 Networks that are chosen by Nyc Public School Principals. There appears to be little accountability for these Networks. They are mainly responsible for Staff Development, so if teachers are not effective could some of that be due to the lack of proper support from these Networks? 677 more words

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