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The Foundations of Education Law 

The Constitution

The United States Constitution is the highest law in the land. However, the Constitution does not specifically address education.

The Bill of Rights… 224 more words

“Five Ways to Parent an Extreme Child Through Elementary School”

Parenting is messy and hard. Teaching is messy and hard. Both are exhausting beyond words. So this is a list from a teacher who is also the parent of a child with invisible disabilities that will help to educate educators and prepare parents for what parenting our children through public education might look like. 1,934 more words

Make Homework More Engaging — And Boost Your Child’s Confidence, Too

A very smart 10-year-old named Zach used to come home from school, sigh heavily, drop his backpack on the floor and say, “I don’t have any… 1,174 more words

“7 Reasons Why People with ADHD Should Work from Home”

When I think about the best choices I have ever made in my life, two come to mind. First and foremost was my decision, three years ago, to quit my steady job at a newspaper and apply to the graduate program in WGSS at… 941 more words

Warning: Even Doctors Make Medication Mistakes

Most doctors know little about the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD at any point in the life cycle. This is largely because they didn’t receive training… 1,017 more words

September 2017 Legal Update

September’s legal alert summarizes two recent officially published federal court decisions, M.L. v. Smith (2017) and F.L v. Board of Education of Great Neck U.F.S.D. 47 more words

Monthly Legal Update

What does an Advocate do?

 Special Education Advocates can play many roles. One of our most important jobs is to help parents understand their rights, known as “procedural safeguards… 557 more words