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And they shall know us by how we treat our most vulnerable

Texas, sadly, at the rate you’re going, you’re headed into the toilet.

In case you’re not a special needs parent in the state of Texas, or know one, you may not have caught up to the news. 1,249 more words



This November update identifies two relatively recently recognized forms of alleged denials of IDEA’s central obligation of “free appropriate public education” (FAPE), which have emerged beyond the procedural and substantive dimensions of FAPE originally established in… 118 more words

Monthly Legal Update

Magical thinking in Texas special education

I never post political information, but as my son is a child in the Texas schools, and this blog is about life with autism, these series of articles from the… 170 more words


Discrimination - Food for Thought

Creating tests became an interesting process while I was teaching. In my school, I taught learning support students (commonly referred to as special education students), itinerant students (those with mild learning disabilities), three levels of English language learners (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), and gifted students. 618 more words


When the #teacher is the #bully | #Parenting

The teen was unable to defend himself against the bully teacher and now needs legal help to protect his future.

via When the teacher is the bully | Parenting…

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Federal Government Moves to Protect Students with Disabilities

In two recent situations, agencies of the U.S. government are defining the protections offered to students with disabilities. In one instance, the Supreme Court has accepted a case that will better define what are minimum expectations in special education. 506 more words