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Newark trying to force teachers to talk parents out of special education programs

Newark school administrators now working for newly appointed state superintendent Christopher Cerf are trying to force the city’s special education teachers and specialists to persuade the parents of the neediest of the city’s children to buy into a special “pathway” that could rob the students of much needed services. 56 more words

Special Education

Three Spanish Journalists Kidnapped In Syria

Three Spanish freelance journalists have been gone missing, reportedly kidnapped, in Syria, while doing an investigative report on the northern city of Aleppo. 132 more words


Wrightslaw - Topics - Learn About Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)

At your next IEP meeting, the team will be talking about how FAPE will be delivered to your child. Know what a Free Appropriate Public Education means for your child with an IEP! 8 more words

Parents are awarded an out of district placement after proving that the district’s program for a child with Autism and Intellectual Disability does not provide FAPE

A Brookline family has just prevailed in a decision issued by the BSEA’s newest hearing officer, Amy Reichbach, finding that the district’s program did not provide a FAPE and ordering Brookline to place the student at the RCS Learning Center in Natick.  643 more words


Inclusion Cart Before The Horse?

I am always searching for arguments for and against inclusion in schools so that I better understand all sides of this important concept. While I am not a proponent of full inclusion in schools for all, I am ever hopeful that there will come a day when I can support that. 955 more words

Meandering in Search of 'That One Thing'

Friday’s post hit a nerve for hundreds of you.

I am glad.

But was I just preaching to the choir?

There are few things I think about more than how to get this school thing right for all kids. 1,047 more words

A very serious matter

I came across this video yesterday of a desperate mother who has been bullied by her son’s school system. It’s appalling and disrespectful, and it makes me sick to my stomach. 76 more words

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This is a tragic story of an autistic boy who has been placed in a residential treatment facility and suffered injuries, along with the loss of his beloved bear. It's a video worth watching. Check out their Facebook page. Let's help!