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FAQ Friday: Top Questions We Get Asked about TierPoint

By John Holland, TierPoint SVP of Sales

Yesterday, TierPoint hosted a partner event where we discussed cloud opportunities and how to better inform customers about their cloud choices. 450 more words


FAQ Friday: Can you help fix my office too?

Paperwork is the scourge of modern living.  Despite all our technological advances, we’re still surrounded by a sea of mail, memos and paper.  Sometimes it can feel like we’re drowning.  281 more words

FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday: “Active Active” Data Centers Are a Hot Hot Topic Within Disaster Recovery

By Brian Schwartz, TierPoint Content & Social Media Marketing Manager

This week I spoke with Christian Lappin, a TierPoint senior sales engineer, who is a business continuity/disaster recovery expert and an active member of the FBI Infragard Task Force. 336 more words


FAQ Friday: How long will it take?

Or to put it another way, how long is a piece of string?

There are quite a few variables to consider:


FAQ Friday: What makes an ideal location for a secondary data center?

By Brian Schwartz, TierPoint Content & Social Media Marketing Manager

Welcome to FAQ Friday, a new regular feature aimed at chronicling topics and stories that are important to our customers and partners. 663 more words

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FAQ Friday: what do other people think?

“I especially appreciated how Lucy did not judge or make us embarrassed about anything. It was really a pleasure to organize, something I would have thought impossible before!” …

488 more words
FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday/Factual Friday

Whoa, it’s Friday already! This whole week has flown by for me and hopefully it has for you, too. And what better way than to spend Friday with some friends for a post-birthday celebration for dinner and a movie? 1,623 more words

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