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FAQ Friday: When do you work?

When I’m not decluttering and organizing, I can be found behind the wheel of my trusty Honda racking up the miles as I drive my kids to and from school and their after school activities.  82 more words

FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday – What are My Unemployment Insurance Work Search Requirements?

If you are receiving unemployment benefits, you should develop a realistic plan to become re-employed.

You are required to make a good faith effort to seek full-time work each week you claim benefits, even if you are employed part time. 966 more words

Idaho Department Of Labor

FAQ Friday: How do you protect my confidentiality?

I believe that within a few years the stigma over needing help with decluttering and organizing will be completely gone.  But we’re not quite there yet.  255 more words

FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday: PCI DSS Compliance and SMBs

By Steve Sims, CISSP, TierPoint Sales Engineer

Customers frequently ask many questions about compliance in the cloud. In particular, SMBs often ask us how they can be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) even if they are not required to be. 578 more words

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FAQ Friday: you want me to do what?! The therapy piece of the puzzle

Are you just too busy to get organized or is there more to it?  I had a client whose garage was completely full. The first time we met, he was quite unable to decide what to keep and what to let go.  1,656 more words

FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday: Do you offer gift certificates?

Looking back at birthday presents over the years, how many really felt like gifts?  Were you itching to blow out the candles on your cake so you could finally get your hands on those spelling workbooks and guides to improving your algebra?  297 more words

FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday: Are you going to leave things in a big mess?

I know it can feel disruptive to have someone come in and start reorganizing.  Although the end result will be more than worth it, it can take us a while to get to the end.  89 more words

FAQ Friday