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Is your home perfectly organized?

No! I live in the real world too and with an active family and quite a few pets, I’m happy to say that our house is welcomingly lived in. 136 more words


Factual Friday

Whoa guys! Just a quick update then I’ll be out of your hair!

Crown of Crimson, the first book in the series, will be available for pre-order in the next couple of days, so watch my new  17 more words


FAQ Friday - A better mousetrap?

The question I am addressing this FAQ Friday actually comes from a potential client.  He is with a large corporation that has to deal with thousands of invoices every month and has to manually key or enter invoice data into the corporate accounting system.   471 more words

FAQ Friday 11/13

Our question of the week is a combination of several questions posed by County Clerks throughout Texas and Oklahoma.  Microfilm storage and retrieval has become a burden to many and what they want to know is: 530 more words


Unemployment Claimants Can Now Use Internet Chat Tool for Help With Claims

Unemployment insurance claimants will be able to use an online chat tool to speak with a claim specialist beginning Monday, Aug. 17.

How do I access Click to Chat? 302 more words

Idaho Department Of Labor

Recursos de Seguro De Desempleo para Reclamantes que Hablan Español

Yo hablo Español y no puedo leer Ingles. ¿Cómo yo puedo archivar un reclamo?

Nosotros le ayudaremos archivar su reclamo por teléfono; pero, antes de llamar, junte la siguiente información: 709 more words

Idaho Department Of Labor

Unemployment Claimants: Speed Up Your Claim with the Online Alternative Base Period Affidavit

Unemployment insurance claimants can now report their earnings online by using the Alternative Base Period Affidavit and – if they are personally and monetarily eligible – receive their unemployment insurance benefits sooner. 676 more words

Idaho Department Of Labor