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Y’all, Taiwan has been an adventure so far.

Since I’m bad at regular updates, here are some frequently asked questions we’ve been getting since we moved: 1,164 more words

Living Abroad

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Thinking of applying to teach ESL with VIPKID? Maybe you’ve seen posts on Facebook from teachers claiming that they make $1000 a month teaching from home in their jammies, and you can too if you’d just PM them for details. 1,237 more words

10 Things You Need to Learn to Become Effective Lighting Designer. Cont'd

  1. Learn Basic Electrical Engineering


Lighting belongs mostly to electricity.  Therefore, knowing the basic terms in electrical engineering is a must for a lighting designer.  Here are the list of information you need to understand. 396 more words

DIALux Lighting Design Manuals


Jenga is more than

Butter sticks and hot glue guns

Second thoughts and tears


Did it get boring or repetitive?

There’s a lot of variety in entertainment specifically because you could be playing up to like 6 different characters on any given day, any park, and then there’s dining and your hours are always different. 41 more words


How much do you get paid?

College Program employees get paid $10 an hour. Face Characters get paid $13.75

Disney College Program

I’m not that experienced of a dancer, is that going to hurt me during character/performer auditions?

Not a lot. The first dance you do is super super easy and they are honestly just looking for high energy people so if you’re smiling and look like you’re having fun then they won’t care if you get a step off. 49 more words