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PAST standards - as of 2016

Parenthesis are what you should strive for before Indoc

2 x 25 meter underwater at 3 min interval (5 at 2:30)

500 m swim – 10:07 (9:30) 12 more words

Air Force

What program do you like for digital scrapbooking?

Adobe Photoshop Elements (PSE)

The last few months, I have focused on traditional scrapbooking, so be sure to check out the link on the right! 83 more words


What is Locked In Syndrome?

“Locked In” is when a person is unable to move or speak, but their brain is 100% there, inside a body that can only communicate by blinking.     126 more words


I struggle with 1 weak side on my body, & don’t know what to do.

I am not a doctor or therapist, but here’s a thought: have u tried e-stimulation?   (E-stimulation is recommended for soon after a stroke.)  However, if u can weakly move it, & u are just weak, but capable, so u may be interested in trying constraint therapy. 75 more words


Did you have experience with special types of pillows in the hospital?

Yes, I tried everything, & nothing really was great. One that I clearly recall: I had a buckey pillow (it is filled w/wheat, so it can be loud when it’s adjusted), as I recall, the bucky pillow looks like an airplane pillow.


What therapies do you do?


I attend equine (horse) therapy once a week, which is kind of like physical therapy.  “Horse” therapy isn’t just limited to building core strength, building endurance, or helping a person to work on their balance, but it has also strengthened my upper body, replaced many of my anxieties with confidence, & helped me to strengthen my breathe support, so after 10 years, I am finally able speak again! 1,763 more words


Freelancer FAQ

  • Дефиниция – Фрийлансър е всеки, който работи на свободна практика в домашна обстановка, без фиксирано работно място и без заобикалящият го кръг от колеги. Сам на себе си е шеф.