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Night in the Jungle

At the beginning of the year, when I made my 2016 Bucket List, I added a night walk in the jungle. It was an easy goal to reach because back then, I had already booked my trip to Peru and knew we would set out at night into the Amazon. 526 more words



My mind travels during the night while you sleep so quietly and peacefully. I can’t rest my thoughts and while resting my hand on you the rest of my body starts to ascend. 308 more words


The softness of French country colors

Imagine a place of soft pastel colors bleached by abundant sunlight. Raw materials like stone, rough iron and roofs of terracotta tiles with stones on top to hold it down from the forces of the Mistral wind. 376 more words

Design Work


There’s a sense of history everywhere you walk around, or better saying, walk inside a medieval town. Towns surrounded by tall brick walls stood against enemies through centuries and will continue to stand there forever… telling their history to us, human-beings with such a short life span. 305 more words

Design Work

Highlights of Rio de Janeiro

As I told you two weeks ago, I was very lucky and won a trip to Rio de Janeiro. I still cannot believe I got to spend a week in that amazing Brasilian city. 1,033 more words


How I won a trip to Rio de Janeiro

You know those competitions where you could, in theory, win amazing prices but in reality never do? The ones you participate in because you have nothing else to do but where you don’t believe you’re going to win anything? 438 more words


Photographs of Machu Picchu

When I told you about the Inca Trail, I cut off the moment we arrived in Macchu Picchu. This is the post I promised, about the amazing Inca city so well hidden on top of a mountain that it took years to find it. 249 more words