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Simple, Sustaining South Asian Dal

Some foods are so comforting and nourishing, they feel like home in a bowl.  This simple lentil dish is one of those foods for me.  Various people in my life have made various versions.  562 more words


Suspended in plain air

Second day started after a twelve hour sleep. There was the repeated prayer echoing throughout the town, as early as the first sun rays. There were people talking and walking in the  garden next to our bedroom window. 205 more words


Here, now.

He asked me about a year ago “Simony, what travel destination do you have on your bucket list?” I answered without any hesitation : Morocco!!! He smiled and said that’s mine too! 467 more words


Soul traveling

I used to travel to see the world, now I travel to feel the world.

I think there are three types of traveling:

1) Nature traveling, when we want to see this beautiful planet, beaches, animals, forests, mountains, etc. 432 more words


Here, there and everywhere

Here, there and everywhere… How we decorate , how we dress, how we think are products of what we have seen, what we have lived and how we have combined all of those experiences together. 374 more words


Why November is the perfect month to visit Senegal

The main reason I visited Senegal in November is because it’s easiest to get two weeks off during that time. Nobody wants to go on holidays in November. 621 more words


Cross cultural design

We are most aware of something after the event has taken place, after the moment has passed, after time has shown us results. When we are living in the moment we are pretty overtaken by the emotion and feelings. 331 more words