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The White Marble City of Ashgabat

“Hey,” the soldier cried out. We didn’t have to look around to know that he was shouting at us. We were the only ones in the square. 1,146 more words


The wind under your feet

Let the winds of heaven flow under your feet.

That dark blue sky carrying a load of water was quickly approaching our location. The wind felt warm and soft, embracing every part of my body, moving under my feet and making me as light as a kite flying in the sky. 201 more words


The cow's head

Zara said “Bonjour” as soon as she saw us in the garden early that morning, she was smiling as always and we were excited with expectations of a fun cooking day ahead of us. 558 more words


Caring About Far Away Places

My stories make it obvious that I love places that require a difficult journey to visit. Greenland. Bhutan. Antarctica. Tierra del Fuego. A small village in Nigeria. 433 more words

Pacific Islands

Simple, Sustaining South Asian Dal

Some foods are so comforting and nourishing, they feel like home in a bowl.  This simple lentil dish is one of those foods for me.  Various people in my life have made various versions.  562 more words


Suspended in plain air

Second day started after a twelve hour sleep. There was the repeated prayer echoing throughout the town, as early as the first sun rays. There were people talking and walking in the  garden next to our bedroom window. 205 more words