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How I won a trip to Rio de Janeiro

You know those competitions where you could, in theory, win amazing prices but in reality never do? The ones you participate in because you have nothing else to do but where you don’t believe you’re going to win anything? 438 more words


Photographs of Machu Picchu

When I told you about the Inca Trail, I cut off the moment we arrived in Macchu Picchu. This is the post I promised, about the amazing Inca city so well hidden on top of a mountain that it took years to find it. 249 more words


Hiking the Inca Trail

I promised I would tell you all about my experience on the Inca Trail and after a very frustrating experience, which resulted in me having spent an hour on a post that got lost, I am now finally finished with my tale of a very long hike. 2,424 more words


A Day in Cusco

My plan was to tell you all about the Inca Trail. I sat down in front of the tiny heater in our hotel room and started writing. 906 more words


Inspiration for a bathroom project

I always say inspiration for my work comes from trips I have taken and places I have visited, the more I see the world the richer my inspiration bank gets. 185 more words


Home versus far away places

When I was a child there was this series on TV that I watched all the time and even though it bothered me a lot I kept watching it every day in the hopes that the main character would find a solution for his problem.   209 more words


Farming in the Amazon region

I promised you in my last post that I’d tell you more about the local farm we visited in the Amazon because it was an incredible experience. 218 more words