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Far Cry 5

Through out the series of Far Cry, the games have taken players around the globe to many locales to face evil doers, and in Far Cry 5 they bring the evilness back home to the states.  755 more words

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The Cutting Edge: Interviews with Ubisoft Employees

The Cutting Edge: Interviews with Ubisoft Employees 

By Simon Kidd, Edited by Amanda Barnard

If you are a video game enthusiast you may have heard of Assassin’s Creed or Prince of Persia, created by “Ubisoft” whose name is synonymous with top-tier franchises. 1,921 more words


Far Enough Cry

It might be difficult to remember now, because it hasn’t been happening in 10 years, but there was a time when consoles just couldn’t deal with the latest in PC gaming. 449 more words

Most anticipated games of 2017

This year has been an exciting one for gaming. We have seen a number of new releases which have been long anticipated and have all either lived up to or surpassed our expectations. 1,308 more words


Farcry 3-අප්‍රිකාවේ උන්මත්තකයා

ඉතින් මේක නම් පට්ට පරන Game එකක්.ඉතින් ඔයාලා හිතනවා ඇති ඇයි මේක මම අරගෙන ආවේ කියලා.ඉතින් මේක අරගෙන ආවේ තවමත් මේ Game එක Play කරපු නැති අයට Play කරන්න. 118 more words

The Problem With Final Bosses

It’s hard not to love the idea of a final boss. It is the culmination of your long journey and your final test as a gamer. 1,315 more words