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Far Cry: Primal (Review)

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft
Reviewed On: PlayStation 4
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Lions and tigers and mammoths, oh my! 1,292 more words


The Amazingly Ridiculous 'Blood Dragon' Universe Is Returning, But Not How You Might Expect

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was one of the greatest gags in video game history. Blood Dragon took the already pretty-good Far Cry 3 and turned it into an absurd, neon-drenched ode to the ’80s, starring Michael Biehn of… 193 more words


Far Cry Primal for PS4, Xbox One and PC

I’ve always preferred to play the Far Cry series as low tech as possible, favouring bows and knives over AK-47s and missile launchers. So, the announcement of Far Cry Primal was pretty exciting, with the series shifting to a prehistoric setting and a focus on primitive tools. 989 more words


Far Cry: Primal - Primitive fun

Ubisoft have firmly established themselves as a studio that is skilled at making very pretty games. Watchdogs was pretty, Far Cry 4 was downright gorgeous, and the same goes for… 980 more words



I want to talk about how we might ‘excavate’ games, explore their ruins and their leftovers, and by doing so I want us to reflect on the paranoid way in which we’re learning to play. 1,860 more words

Video Game Studies

Far Cry 3 Review

“Playing like a psychopath on an island full of psychopaths sums up how you are encouraged to cause as much destruction as possible. Wildlife beware.”

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Hardcore Henry - a 1st person POV movie with zero chill

Normally I would write this up.

Because of the way I physically feel after seeing this movie, a video was much easier to do.

This is what happened next… 7 more words