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Mini Review: Far Cry Primal

Once more, I find myself running short on time and once more, I decided to suffice this by watching a some YouTube videos of a video game that was released and give my quick and dirty opinions on it for the world to read. 255 more words


PS3 Review: Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 takes place on a beautiful set of tropical islands. Unfortunately, you, Jason Brody, his 2 brothers, and 3 friends are captured by pirates while vacationing. 351 more words


Far Cry 3

Wauw what a wonderful game. I needed a bit of time to understand the concept of collection animals skins and plants but once I understand that I could go all out on this game, The graphics really are good looking, the water looks so nice 171 more words


Far Cry Primal (PC) Review

I have been a huge fan of the far cry games for a long time now, and have played through 3 and 4 multiple times, so I have no idea why it took so long for me to get far cry primal as I was excited for it as soon as I started hearing rumours about the game. 718 more words


Former Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO launches studio focused on adapting video games to film

Four years ago, I wrote a little article for my school magazine on the evolution of video games, and how they were starting to meld with the film industry more and more. 956 more words


Nags Head - An Ideal Oceanside Getaway Which Is Rich In History

At current you will discover 3 principal consoles for gaming out in the marketplace via which to pick therefore these are Playstation 3, Xbox along with Nintendo Wii. 615 more words

Far Cry

Your Ex Boyfriend Wants To Become Friends - How This Could Help You Obtain Him Back For Good

Japanese Head Of Hair Straightening – Your Strategy To Straighter Hairby: Andrea Simpson. Right now there is really a lot around the good status for hearing aids in order to fulfill… 755 more words

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