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Video Games and Screen as a Membrane

Video games have rapidly grown over the past two decades to become one of the biggest storytelling platforms in the world. From humble beginnings with the introduction of arcade gaming developed by Atari in the early 1970’s before the redevelopment into console (Dreamcast, Nintendo/Super Nintendo/Nintendo 64) and computer based gaming in the late 80’s and early 90’s. 762 more words


#50 Far Cry 3 (PC)

I love this game. A beautiful world to explore and some really great characters to encounter. I have beaten this before but I wanted to play it again and compare it to Far Cry 4. 35 more words

Will Yip's Far Cry

Ordening a single record from the USA doesn’t make sense anymore with those shipping prices. So when I ordered that Dag Nasty LP, I ordered these two records too. 48 more words


Shut Up, Hotline Miami 2

Until 2013, a lot of the breakout independent games I’d played – The Unfinished Swan, Braid, Flower, Journey – I’d found twee and insubstantial. But then Hotline Miami was toothy, and despite its total disregard for good taste, it was still intelligent. 741 more words

Another Year another Assassin's Creed... For gods sake Ubisoft, will you never learn.

Another Year another Assassin’s Creed… Come on now Ubisoft.

Hi to all you gamers out there, Damn it feels good to be back here after all those exams! 877 more words


Ubisoft is making open-world games feel stale

By Zac Gooch

Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?

I’m thinking of a Ubisoft game where the player must climb a structure to uncover portions of the map. 1,743 more words