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Far Cry 4: The Leadership of the Golden Path Is Awful

In Far Cry 4, you play, Ajay, an American of Kyratian (?) decent who winds up embroiled in a revolutionary insurgence on a trip to toss his dead mom’s ashes on the ground. 625 more words

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Is Far Cry About to Fall Victim to Ubisoft's Primal Instincts?

I really like the Far Cry series. The blend of open world with purposeful story is masterfully executed. The side activities feel fulfilling without resorting too often to menial fetch quests. 841 more words

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Far Cry Primal Trailer Launched

Ubisoft has launched a new trailer for the upcoming 2016 shooter Far Cry Primal. Set in, you guessed it, the Stone Age. This game seems to nicely mix things up without completely getting away from what Far Cry is, an open world shooter, although the shooting will most probably be done with bows and arrows, and also the occasional pelting of rocks. 140 more words


Far Cry Primal: can't wait

I’m a huge Far Cry fan, specially of Far Cry 4, loved the size of the map and the different activities in it, as well as the combat, not much the weak story, tho.  133 more words


Gaming News – Ubisoft unveil Far Cry Primal

Details have been revealed for the latest in the FPS franchise.

Set in 10,000BC in the land of Oros, players take on the role of Takkar, a hunter who finds himself alone in this land and must fight to survive as he is the last of his tribe left alive following a hunting expedition gone wrong. 104 more words


It's a far cry from previous story lines, but will Primal end up more of the same? Probably, yes

Pumped for Far Cry Primal? Eh. It’s not a full Meh, not the devastating internet bestowal of indifference upon something, but an eh, which is a bit more conflicted. 773 more words


Far Cry Primal Trailer Debut 10/7/2015

I am going to start a running segment on game trailers as they release to keep you guys updated on the comings and goings of the gaming world. 176 more words

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