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Far Cry 4 Afterthoughts

After putting this game on the list of games I have completed I have no regrets in purchasing this game and it’s dlc. The latest installment of the far cry franchise is amazing on all aspects. 74 more words


Long breaks + Pointless Collectibles

I tried my best but failed miserably, so I guess I should start over.

These past few months have been extremely busy. Working in a game shop over Christmas is hard work… So much coming out and such little time to play anything. 270 more words


Far Cry 3 Review

Far Cry 3 Review

I have played through this game twice on 2 different controls and each time I played through the game I have had a different experience with the game, so hopefully I am qualified to make a good review on this game. 785 more words

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Far Cry and Cultural Sensitivity

I’ve been off from work for a bit, what with recent trauma.  This has given me quite a bit more time to play video games than I am accustomed to (so from 0 hours to more than 0 hours, heh). 880 more words

Far Cry 4 Review

Far Cry 4 takes the well-respected and fun Far Cry 3 formula, adds a few new twists, and throws in a main storyline that actually matters. 1,009 more words

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Making Far Cry 3 better with self-imposed limitations

Far Cry 3 took me a long while to get into. I bought it long after release and even then it didn’t entirely click, with its ludicrous, mad playground of bizarre wildlife, open tropical island territory and huge arsenal being amusing but not terribly engaging. 656 more words


Far Cry 4 Afterthoughts

So SheeGee just finished playing Far Cry 4! Definitely one of the favorites played this year. Check out what she thought of the game!