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The Guardian view on France’s election: a win for Macron and hope | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

In this excellent editorial from the Guardian, it reports that in the first round in the race for the Élysée, the postwar parties have been humbled and that France has voted for change. 271 more words


The Guardian view on the 2017 general election: a poll that Britain does not need | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

The Guardian editorial is worth a read. It argues that Theresa May’s wish for an early general election is a U-turn that is bad for politics. 332 more words


Corbyn & Labour: Home Truth's From The Left

Labours explosion of new members making it the largest left wing party in Europe is down almost entirely to Jeremy Corbyn’s personal views on things such as Nuclear disarmament. 1,623 more words

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Opinion - New post-Brexit landscape could squeeze Labour out, warns new report | Politics | The Guardian

In this excellent article, the Guardian argues that the a new expert publication, the ‘UK in a Changing Europe‘ called the last six months the most tumultuous political period since the… 257 more words