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Prickly saltwort- Salsola kali L. ssp kali

Stace (2010) pg 495/ BSBI Distribution: http://www.bsbimaps.org.uk/atlas/map_page.php?spid=1806.0

This species is found growing in sand around newly forming dunes at locations such as “Far point”.

Prickly saltwort,  71 more words


Shrubby Sea blite- Suaeda vera Forssk ex J.F.Gmel

Stace (2010) pg 495/ Rose & O’Reilly (2006) pg 134/BSBI Distribution: http://www.bsbimaps.org.uk/atlas/map_page.php?spid=2018.0

These shrubby herbs provide important habitat for other species and is usually a plant found in mainland Europe. 155 more words


Common cord grass- Spartina anglica C.E.Hubb.

Stace (2010) pg 1065/ Rose (1989) pg 154/ BSBI Distribution: http://www.bsbimaps.org.uk/atlas/map_page.php?spid=2278.0

This perennial saltmarsh grass can be found within the saltmarsh on the landward side of Blakeney Point and on the intertidal areas between the dunes at Far Point particularly. 111 more words


Sea rocket- Cakile maritima Scop.

Stace (2010) pg 416/ Stace (2005) pg 279/Rose & O’Reilly(2006) pg 208/ BSBI Distribution: http://www.bsbimaps.org.uk/atlas/map_page.php?spid=291.0

Sea rocket, Cakile maritima is found around the less colonised, newly forming dunes on Blakeney Point. 108 more words


Sea couch- Elytrigia atherica (Link.) Kerguélen

Stace (2010) pg 1049/Stace (2005) pg 893/ Rose (1989) pg 132/ BSBI Distribution: http://www.bsbimaps.org.uk/atlas/map_page.php?spid=32.0

This grass species is described by Stace (2005) as growing in wet, sandy or gravelly places at the margins of dunes and saltmarshes.During fieldwork it was mainly sighted on the embryonic dunes at “Far Point”. 88 more words


Canadian Fleabane- Conyza canadensis (L.) Cronquist

Stace (2010) pg 746/ Rose & O’Reilly (2006) pg 446/ BSBI Distribution: http://www.bsbimaps.org.uk/atlas/map_page.php?spid=735.0

This species was found within the dunes though notably on areas bordering the saltmarsh at Middle and Far Point. 182 more words


Sea mayweed- Tripleurospermum maritimum (L.) W.D.J. Koch

Stace (2010) pg 759/ BSBI Distribution: http://www.bsbimaps.org.uk/atlas/map_page.php?spid=1241.3

This species was found in neat clumps at “Far Point” but also along the shingle ridge. Due to the scented smell when  crushed between fingers I could rule out Scentless Mayweed, … 63 more words