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Bonehill's boneheaded bravado

Joshua Bonehill is perhaps the most amusing of all Britain’s wannabe Fuhrers. Even more entertaining than Gary Raikes, leader of the New British Union of Fascists’ and… 178 more words

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Bloody nasty people

I recently read ‘Bloody nasty people’, a book by Daniel Trilling that really is a ‘must read’ for anyone concerned about ther rise of the far right in UK. 141 more words

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Nasty Nick copies Britain First

There’s nothing original in the land of far right Nutzies. Nasty Nick Griffin is back following his humiliating departure from the BNP and he’s stolen a few underhand marketing & publicity ideas from Britain First. 104 more words

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News worth reporting but is it really news?

I have mixed feelings about this report in today’s Independent. That’s not because I object to the article’s content. On the contrary I think it’s entirely accurate in its expose of the odious Britain First. 571 more words

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On justice

We all have our pet peeves – the things that stir us up, that light that ‘fire in the belly’ and get us going. For some it’s about family, for others it’s about a particular belief, mindset or ideology. 718 more words

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Exposing Britain First: Some slideshows

Britain First is an extreme right wing, political party that behaves more like a bunch of street thugs than a democratic organisation. The few policies they have are based upon xenophobia and religious or racial discrimination. 82 more words

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Patriotism v Jingoism

On Facebook over the past few days there have been a range of affecting pictures and posts commemorating D-Day and, like me, you may have clicked like or share without much thought. 231 more words

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