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The Leviathan's Shadow: 'Accelerationism', 'The Dark Enlightenment', and Late Capitalisms NRx's Rise

“The life of a man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” (Hobbes; Chpt. XVIII, Ln. 30)

“The thing that is common to all these people, whether it is Pétain mournfully preaching ‘the discipline of defeat’, or Sorel denouncing liberalism, or Berdyaev shaking his head over the Russian Revolution, or ‘Beachcomber’ delivering side-kicks at Beveridge in the Express, or Huxley advocating non-resistance behind the guns of the American Fleet, is their refusal to believe that human society can be fundamentally improved.

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Trumpism: American Proto - Fascism in Motion

“Beyond these simple professions of envy or admiration, the conservative actually copies and learns from the revolution he opposes. “To destroy that enemy,” Burke wrote of the Jacobins, “by some means or other, the force opposed to it should be made to bear some analogy and resemblance to the force and spirit that system exerts.

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Obama Locks Down Democrat Votes Needed for Iran Deal, Breitbart Commenters Go Cuckoo


Amid the deluge of hate speech, one comment is hidden, awaiting moderation

Check out the photo the goons at Breitbart “News” use for… 170 more words

Batshit Crazy

Bonehill's boneheaded bravado

Joshua Bonehill is perhaps the most amusing of all Britain’s wannabe Fuhrers. Even more entertaining than Gary Raikes, leader of the New British Union of Fascists’ and… 178 more words

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Bloody nasty people

I recently read ‘Bloody nasty people’, a book by Daniel Trilling that really is a ‘must read’ for anyone concerned about ther rise of the far right in UK. 141 more words

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On justice

We all have our pet peeves – the things that stir us up, that light that ‘fire in the belly’ and get us going. For some it’s about family, for others it’s about a particular belief, mindset or ideology. 718 more words

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