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PIGLINAROUND The World Wonderfully since 1993

After travelling to many places all my life and living in Indonesia for two months, I realised that I am making so many wonderful discoveries and unique experiences that I think it is time to share some of these and stop being so selfish. 423 more words


Thursday's Child

The apple blossom would always come
Too late
To celebrate the stretch of
My uncertain skin,
Spring sauntered in,
Teasing taunts, all wry smiles,
I, oblivious to the undertow of party lies; 181 more words


Flash Reviews (12th March 2014)

Far to Go by Alison Pick ****
I adore historical fiction, and I absolutely loved the Czech Republic when I visited in 2012, so it was only natural that I have wanted to read Alison Pick’s… 513 more words

The Smarter You Are, the Further You Have to Go

When you know a lot, you realize how little you actually do know.

When you have big dreams for your life, sometimes where you want to be can seem so far away from where you are right now that you can get down on yourself. 154 more words


A Look at the Booker

Today, snow covers eastern parts of this continent while here on the Pacific coast the sun is shining, the waves are sparkling – and I am reading. 860 more words

Book Review: Far to Go by Alison Pick

Title: Far to Go
Author: Alison Pick
Publisher: House of Anansi Press
ISBN: 978-0-88784-238-2
Genre: Literary Fiction
Source: Author/Publisher
Rating: 5/5

Far to Go by Alison Pick is one of the best reads for me this year. 681 more words


Far To Go

I don’t usually like to compare books so directly as they feature so many differences they can never truly stand side by side. In this instance, however, I can’t help but compare Far To Go with… 590 more words