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See Far Ahead into the Future..

When you are smarter than most people around you, you can look several steps ahead into the fog of infinite possibilities and say what lies ahead but since the world believes in the motto “Seeing is believeing” they dont see what you see and therefore wont believe you..

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Indelible Inks #36: Meandering Musings #11

between two lakes and

By Yi Ching Lin. Featured writer for the week of 18th – 24th May.

between two lakes and
immeasurable sorrow,
memories of you… 24 more words

Meandering Musings

Letter to Ford Motor Company

For years I’ve suffered through Ford’s print and television advertisements. Today I finally did something about it.

If you’ve read my page about apostrophes, ‘Apostrophe Alert,’ you know the story of a late friend who was an apostrophe vigilante.  204 more words


The sound has faded...The day..now new

Cheered, not “Cherred”!!! Is not letting me change..Jerks!!…The performance….went amazing…I got home early and just feel so incomplete to be honest…But it is for now…Something will show…One day, one breath…One Life…Playing with drums…Is by far the coolest thing live….We did do well though Im happy, happy to say


10 reasons San Francisco has spoiled me for every other city

Over the years, I’ve had plenty of infatuations with beautiful cities. I fell hard for Amsterdam, with its lovely canals and spirited street scene. I loved the energy and air of self-importance of New York City. 1,098 more words


Heads or Tails

Nothing could get any better than having the flesh on your skin be wrapped around my body like it was meant to be stitched on me. 332 more words