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Baby, We Won't Drive Our Cars: The Future Of Automotive Transportation

Earlier this summer, Trinity had the pleasure of hosting a Transportation Tech dinner with some of the brightest minds in the space, including Uber’s lead data scientist, … 1,424 more words


The History and Principles of DC Machines

Abstract—This paper concerns the history and development of the modern DC electric generator and the scientific principles upon which electric machines are built.


IT  was in the year 1831 that British scientist Michael Faraday discovered the principles of what we now call “induction.” He discovered that by coiling a  conductor around a ferrous ring and inserting a magnet into the center “donut hole” of the ring, he could induce a current in the coiled conductor. 1,537 more words

Faraday Maxwell and the Electromagnetic Field How Two Men

As fans enjoy the latest album by Maxwell, there have been rumors of talks about a collaboration between maxwell and Roberta Flack. We know there are many who would absolutely die for a remake of Killing Me Softly between the two. 217 more words

Light-The concept of the Trinity

There was time when electricity and magnetism seemed different things for a layman. But scientists like Hans Christian Oersted and Michael Faraday established that they are deeply entwined. 480 more words



Let this list go faraday…

The list never ends and there should be time to do something fun out in the sandbox with the bucket and just tell the world to slide into a whole bunch of roses would be nice and if you brought them I’d kiss you while we ran two times around the Maypole holding rainbow rivers ribbon with the tads scads of baby frogs and Dalmatians touching noses while we forage out among the rocks a sea forever. 159 more words


James Clerk Maxwell (1831 - 1879), on Faraday's lines of force

“…In order to appreciate the requirements of the science, the student must make himself familiar with a considerable body of mathematics, the mere retention of which in the memory materially hinders further progress…. 10 more words

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Cusca Faraday / Stiinta

Prin cușca (lui) Faradei se înțelege orice incintă special concepută pentru a proteja o zonă de efectul undelor electrice și electromagnetice din exterior sau de a le menține înăuntru (de exemplu în cazul cuptoarelor cu microunde) și de a le împiedica să polueze energetic mediul înconjurător. 49 more words