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AskST: What happens when lightning hits an MRT train?

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Reader Koek Kai Bin wrote in to ask about the measures to protect MRT trains from getting struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. 332 more words

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The Art of the Electric Guitar

I’ve realized that when friends of mine use gadgets like cell phones, computers, or even air conditioning, they rarely ever feel the need to discover for themselves the intrigue behind those processes. 324 more words

Unconventional Homopolar Motor

As a hacker, chances are that you have built a homopolar motor, as you only need three things: a battery, a magnet and some copper wire. 208 more words

Classic Hacks

2017 Chicago Auto Show

I went back and forth on the idea before finally caving in and attending the 2017 Chicago Auto Show on opening day, Saturday 2.11.17. I haven’t gone in 3 years and unsurprisingly, not much has changed. 919 more words


Consumer Electronics Show 2017: automated everything and the smart home

Staff Writer

Every year, the biggest tech companies head to Las Vegas and showcase some of their upcoming products for the new year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). 652 more words

Sword And Shield

Faraday effect

Faraday effect states that magnetic field can affect the polarization of a linearly-polarized light.

Consider a linearly-polarized (LP) light passing through a pair of Helmholtz coils (along the direction of the magnetic field). 124 more words

27th January 1926.

Inventions rely on the contribution of many pioneers having gone before. This is especially seen in the development of television which for ingenuity is a high-point in the history of science and technology.  489 more words