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Protecting your Baofeng UV-5R (A & MHP) from an EMP - Part #2

This is the second article in a two-part series cover the subject of how to protect your radio from an EMP strike. In the first article I went over material regarding what an EMP strike really is, how to view it as a “risk” to be mitigated. 681 more words


Protecting your Baofeng UV-5R (A & MHP) from an EMP

So what about the EMP thing?

Is it for real? Can it affect your handheld radio? Can you protect your radio from an EMP?

Before I get into all of that, remember, I look at “threats” as “risks.” And I then look at all of it as “risk mitigation”. 1,662 more words


Tesla's James Chen joins competitor Faraday Future

Last month we reported on Tesla’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Deputy General Counsel, James Chen, leaving the automaker. At the time, we were told that the executive was joining another company in the field, but we couldn’t confirm the news. 427 more words


Q&A with Faraday Future's Principal Engineer of Brake and Chassis Controls

Faraday Future is in the midst of developing its first production car set to be unveiled later this year and hopefully it will hit the market in 2017. 1,289 more words


Michael Faraday – A New Discovery in the IET Archives

The IET Archives has an ongoing programme of recalling artwork and objects from its collections in order to photograph, for reference and conservation purposes, and also to re-examine in order to update catalogue entries where necessary. 636 more words

Sneak peek into Faraday Future's test mule program [Video]

Now that everything appears to be set in motion for Faraday Future’s factory in Nevada, it would be convenient for the electric car startup to have a product to build in its $1 billion plant. 494 more words