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I felt like Lucy from Peanuts today. Ever have those days when you can’t help yourself from sharing your wisdom? Those days when you’re possessed by the need to shower others with what you’ve learned from years of doing it your way? 997 more words


Inventing The Induction Motor

When you think of who invented the induction motor, Nikola Tesla and Galileo Ferraris should come to mind. Though that could be a case of the squeaky wheel being the one that gets the grease. 1,403 more words


When you'll turn up your eyes to the moon...

Is this title too poetic for a blog science’ passionate?

Tell me about it :-) So if it bother you or give you a strong particular impression shield it or leave it behind – if you can handle that – until the end of this post. 1,075 more words

Science Communication

Equations Stripped: Maxwell's Equations

Stripping back some of the most important equations in maths layer-by-layer so that everyone can understand… This time it’s the turn of Maxwell’s Equations of Electromagnetism – they gave us the electromagnetic spectrum and showed once and for all that light is a wave.


An anniversary of an experiment that transformed the world

Two hundred years ago, the relationship between magnetism and electricity was not an established fact. It had been known that thunderbolts created certain magnetic effects, but there was no proof that magnetism and electricity were related, until 1820, when… 439 more words


25th August 1867. The Man who Invented the Electric Motor.

Michael Faraday after a basic education was originally apprenticed to a bookbinder, before he started to attend lectures by Humphry Davy at the Royal Institution, to whom he applied later for a job. 349 more words


Faraday Future signs lease on new turn-key manufacturing facility

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Faraday Future recently abandoned plans to build its own tailor-made factory from scratch in Nevada, and now it’s signed a lease on a new ready-made production facility in Hanford, CA. 256 more words