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357 - Together

Felix knows how and when to say the right things, nowadays :D


Self revelations and being Indian

I too went to an unpronounceable place on Sunday where the waterfall separated Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It was beautiful but I witnessed women washing their clothes and themselves ( Th smell of medimix was in the air, if you know what I mean). 327 more words


355 - Share the Burden

SIgns of a true best friend here, folks.


Dad Dancing Is the Best Way to Embarrass Kids

Unfortunately, when I confidently claimed there was no way last week’s viral dad dancing video was a set up because there’s no way popsters The Vamps would be associated with anyone over the age of 14 enjoying their music, I was only half right. 342 more words

Dad News


These few days have been so BLAH! I’m just wasting time that I’ll never get back. Yesterday, I called the admin to ask a few questions and he was so rude, I felt like yelling at him but me being me, I didn’t. 208 more words


Nike Oregon Project and the Doping rumoursĀ 

So I thought I’d give my opinion on the recent doping allegations that seem to be surrounding athletics and in particular the Nike Oregon project and Mo Farah currently. 691 more words