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Somco and Friends: True Final boss remake

Hey guys, it’s Dr Volk, (or Stewie106) with another remake of an old pic.

I decided to remake this to post on DeviantArt because not of copyright issues, but because I don’t hate vore at all. 19 more words


You’re Being Watched Somco… (remake)

Hey guys! You may or may not remember my original pic, titled ” You’re Being Watched Somco…” but if you do, you’ll notice that one of those pictures, the Volk one, is a recolor of some other deviant’s art. 94 more words


343 - Who's for Dinner?

I think Pluto’s just paranoid. They’re clearly just happy to have him for dinner!


Tangled Up in Flynn

I ran into Flynn at the office today. And last week. And the week before. We’ve been seeing each other a lot, completely unplanned and unanticipated.  806 more words


All in the Family

I recently went to China. I saw beautiful temples and shrines, ate some delicious and some not so delicious foods, walked on The Great Wall, went to a house church and a government church, played with precious babies in an orphanage…I could continue, but I think you get the idea. 1,033 more words


332 - First Steps

And it looks like Kumi is off to a good start!