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February 2015 Prayer Newsletter

Please join us on Tuesday 3rd February in praying for the work of ASYM. You can find a link below to our latest prayer newsletter. 80 more words


An Ode to Coconut Oil

I like for my products to be multi-purpose. I also like products that I can put on my skin and use in my diet because I know for a fact they do my body good and coconut oil fits that description. 274 more words


5 healthy ways to help ease stress

The holiday season is fast approaching, the year is coming to an end and for college students, Finals are looming over our heads like an ominous dark cloud. 315 more words



Once upon a time somewhere on the internet I read an article that questioned why we did things the way we did. Why do we associate foods like bacon and eggs with breakfast and when we eat them later in the day it feels like we are doing something odd or weird? 390 more words


Eating Healthy - a beginner's guide

Eating healthy can be overwhelming in this day and age when information is free and everyone has opinions about everything. Here are some of my tips for those interested in making some changes in their diet for the better. 311 more words


Charcoal Chronicles

As I get older, the more I shy away from processed products. I care more about what I put in my skin and hair and I read labels like someone is paying me to. 599 more words


My Top Ten Favorite Apps

Like many people today I spend too much time on my cellphone, and my tablet, and my laptop, and my PC. At least I have the excuse that I am a Mass Media student and have to stay current (even though that is not always the case).   606 more words