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General Thailand: The Land Of Smiles?!

I’d like to¬†devote a special, albeit short than my usual rant post, on this subject because I think that, at this point, referring to Thailand as “The Land of Smiles” is no longer constructive. 391 more words

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Random Rambling: On Love

I never did any meaningful drugs so the highest ecstasy¬†known to me is being in love. If you’ve experienced it too little or too much you may get addicted to it fiercely. 1,318 more words

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Do something nice

Four weeks to go so I decided we do something nice. My husband and I have had a tardition of organizing dates for eachother once a month. 696 more words


Dating Prospects: Charming, But American

In my previous post, I laid my bear soul out to describe to you the predicament I am in at the moment – directing all of my sexual energy thousands of miles away while snubbing every local male prospect that comes my way. 2,307 more words

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Thailand General: Of Mice and Thai Men

When foreigners in Thailand speak of “Thai people” they generally mean Thai women. The reason for that is not because Thai women are so beautiful and so nice, although this is true, but it is because Thai men rarely figure into the experience of a foreigner in Thailand, whether it is one who lives here or one who is just passing by. 582 more words

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Chinese... tourists from hell?

They travel in large packs, barking angrily at one another and take over whole tourist spots leaving a trail of litter, spit and dirty toilets in their wake… 403 more words


Status Quo: Part II

Now, since I met this foreign Adonis, I have been telling people I have a boyfriend. Unless we were living in past times when mating was rigidly controlled and less nuanced than it is today, thus removing the subjectivity and free will off relationships, my calling this innocent bystander a boyfriend is preposterous. 1,560 more words