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Farang? What is Farang?

Well, Farang is a generic Thai term to describe a person from outside of Thailand with white skin.

Some think it is a bad word but really it is no different to being called an Aussie, Kiwi, German, French, etc…. 134 more words

Top three great casual dining restaurants in Stockholm

The city I know the best when it comes to food is, not surprisingly, my hometown Stockholm. New restaurants seem to pop up everywhere, not at least in Vasastan. 270 more words


farang életkör Thaiföldön

Jutka küldött nemrég nekem egy rendkívül érdekes cikket a Thaiföldön élő külföldiek “élet- és halálkör”-éről, ahol az író a buddhista élet- és halálkört aktualizálta a farangok (a thai-ok így hívnak itt minket) életciklusára Thaiföldön.  2,270 more words

My first Vegetarian dinner date.

Life is always about learning,trying out and discovering new things. Growing up I always heard about vegetarians and coming from Africa, it’s a rare thing to find one, if hardly any I have known of  apart from one guy I met in India who broke the record of being the first Afro Veg I have met . 271 more words


Land of Plenty

What kind of Westerner ends up in Southeast Asia?

Mostly men of a certain age. These are not the guys who were doing terribly well with money or women back home. 175 more words


The nature of coming and going

Recently this bird flew the nest and migrated south to its homeland. There in the dryer climes of southernmost Africa it nestled in the hot silent grasslands, beneath a clear sky splashed red at dawn and sunset. 184 more words


The Happiest Place on Earth

Disney World, imma let you finish.. but Thailand is the happiest place on Earth.  1,028 more words