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Lost in Translation- or maybe not

Ah yes, translation software is your friend. Even though Google translate didn’t get this one correct, it was close.

Seems a chili shop in England has been selling a sriracha sauce named หน้าหี, which means ‘pussy face’ (or face pussy if translated directly). 15 more words


In Thailand als vis in de zee

Zee en vis hebben we in Thailand zeker. Thailand staat bekend om de mooie eilanden waar je kunt duiken en snorkelen, waar je kunt feesten op Koh Phangan en Phuket of bijkomen op Koh Samui, Koh Samet, Koh Tao en Koh Chang. 1,419 more words


Becoming an Expat and adapting to Thai life

Getting a job in a school was the hard part, looking for somewhere to live was easy, we managed to find an apartment and move in all within 24 hours. 466 more words


My City

This couldn’t be more peaceful. I’m sitting on the narrow steps in front of a door to a temple that looks to be closed for business. 1,452 more words


Moment: Basketbottle

The steps outside the 7/11 by the corner of 26 were damp and visibly grimy, as 7/11 steps always are. Two farang men decked out in full tourist gear – Singha beer tank tops, elephant pants, backpacks, the works – perched on one side of them with toasties and coke, making what looked a lot like bored, half-hearted conversation. 76 more words


How not to be a TIT in Thailand

I’ve decided that TIT is going to be my generic term for those farangs who like to politely condescend to their host country with that delicate little insult “This is Thailand”, usually accompanied by some ethnocentric eye-rolling. 1,173 more words


Welcome to Bangkok

When I arrived in Thailand two months ago, I spent maybe 1 hour in Bangkok city limits. I spent that hour in an airport, a taxi, and a bus station, and I was happy to get on the bus to Pak Thong Chai because it was the final leg of my journey. 1,074 more words