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The Motorbike Taxi

Having experimented with “Walking in Bangkok” and meeting some, shall we say, ‘challenges’, I wanted to explore alternative means of getting around. This completely excludes dog walking as that just needs to be done, and we’re all (dogs included) starting to become oblivious to the chaos around us. 1,446 more words


Buddhism as a Second Language: Welcome to Thailand...

My name is Hardie and I am a workaholic. I started with the small stuff, house raisings and assorted cabin crew, sharp nails into wood and flesh, before moving on to the harder stuff—self-employment! 698 more words

Different Places, Different Faces

Different provinces I have been to as well as the different people I have met. I will likely segregate personal and teaching photos at a later date.


Buddhism and the Meditation Itchy-Scratchies: Peace of Mind, Peace of body...

You know the routine: position cushion on the floor, position butt on the cushion, position body on the butt spine straight crack shoulders eyes closed breath focus nose focus navel focus nothing nothing breathing breathing breath breath in out in out breathe breathe hmmmm… hmmmm… breath… hmmmm… hmmmm… Donald Trump….. 973 more words

Farang nightmares

The heat hurts hard,
beating down on farang faces
– fat, frowning flesh, fired up
for fevered fucking. Delirious
dogging down dry, dirty streets – 106 more words

Creative Journal


Families rent their children
The streets are covered in filth

Astronauts speak with telepathic dragons
The water is blue

This is life for a farang… 22 more words

Creative Journal