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5 things I love about being a farang

And I just found out I don’t even qualify as one. According to definition, a farang is a colloquial Thai word for a white man of European descent. 736 more words


Traveling vs. Living Abroad

I am a millennial. I thrive off new experiences and adventures. I love to travel and explore new places. However, I have found that I much prefer immersing myself in different cultures, rather than hopping from country to country just to check them off my Bucket List. 361 more words

Adventures In Thailand

The Freedom of being a foreigner

Have you ever felt an urge of touching the nose of someone riding on the bus with you? Or screaming in the street or skipping all the way to work? 636 more words


Surprise visits and Dinerama

My plans for the weekend were zero, and I’ll be honest this existed me no end. But this blissful emptiness was not to be and for the very best of reasons, two of my best friends independently decided to pay me a visit. 319 more words

Being alone in a crowd

In my country it’s Autumn now. The heavy warmth of the summer air turns fresh and crisp and the ground feels more solid underfoot. The mornings are sharp and silent and in the bronze evenings the veld grass releases cardamom-scented sighs. 321 more words


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This is what happens to you when you decide to live in Bangkok – https://wp.me/p6zPlS-bd

For us expats Thailand can only be classed as an extended working holiday, with constent visa problems we are treated as outsiders, even if you speak Thai and be over charged at every opportunity, Bsngkok is a dog eat dog city, non stop everyone has a love hate relationship with it.


Slow Loris

I’ll never forget the first time I Saw a slow loris in real life……..

We were new to Phang-nga and still getting used to seeing so much wildlife especially right outside our front door. 752 more words