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The beginning of everything......

When I was in high school, Internet started to be popular and people are online everywhere. I started using internet for learning about lyrics of English songs and then started going on dating site when I was in late 17. 126 more words


Straws, Gordon Burns and Mopeds: All about Surin

When I started this blog, I envisaged this post being about Trang City. I even had lots of stats and facts ready for it. But in true… 1,003 more words


What Travel Means to Me

Traveling is about understanding other people.

Realizing the world is bigger than just your little, every day bubble.

Gaining so much knowledge by learning the ways of other cultures so different than what your grew up with. 170 more words


My First Week of Teaching

So I did it. I survived a whole week as a teacher (well, apart from the Wednesday, which was a public holiday. Oh, and all of Friday morning as my lessons were cancelled for a full-morning assembly) and I’m still here to tell the tail. 1,415 more words


An English Teacher in Surin

After last Friday’s dramatic revelation that I would not be going to Trang and would instead be joining the group teaching in Surin, I feel like I have something of a proper routine. 1,196 more words


Orientation Week, the Rest of.

After the initial relief at finally having landed in Bangkok and met my fellow interns in somewhat bizarre circumstances (see my last post), the rest of orientation week was just an absolute blur. 1,465 more words


Bangkok, Thailand - Farang Scam!

In Bangkok at 12 o’clock they foam at the mouth and run
But mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.
– Noel Coward… 582 more words