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My time as a "farang" teacher

Me teaching????

A laughable concept considering I spent the majority of my teenage years outside of the classroom. Me and mainstream education certainly did not get along. 1,885 more words


Bit of a lark out at Buddha Park! - Day 204 - 10 August

Another trip out today for the Hughes’ World Tours – this time to “Buddha Park’ just a shortish way out from Vientiane’s main bus station somewhere in the centre of the city. 868 more words

Sukhothai: Dawn of Happiness

Sukhothai is a small city divided into two zones – the riverside New City, where the bulk of guesthouses, shops and restaurants are located, and Old City; the site of Sukhothai Historical Park, formerly known as Dawn of Happiness. 907 more words


My Anti-Mosquito method=Mosquito Stickers and Mosquito Repellent Baby Oil

I live in Thailand, where mosquitos are EVERYWHERE, more in some places than others. I am also a person that mosquitos love to bite. About a year ago I finally found two products that completely work for me. 109 more words

Thailand Foreigner

Religion and Politics, part 2: US at Odds with the World, and Getting Even...

Continued from previous…

For some reason in the Western world, ‘getting even’ or ‘settling scores’ almost always implies violence, and ‘eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth’, etc, lex talionis, the ‘law of retaliation’, once a statute of limitations, i.e. 888 more words

The sincerity of the Thai locals 

One of the biggest reasons I love Thailand, why I cane back to Thailand after going home to the U.S and why I decided to stay indefinitely is absolutely the people.

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Thailand Foreigner