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Dr. Marc Farber - CNBC March 2009

Dr. Marc Farber – CNBC March 2009
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Madoff's World
“Mark got divorced and married a babe—hot, blonde Stephanie,” said a friend. “They had a million-plus wedding on Nantucket.” Meanwhile, Andrew was diagnosed with mantle-cell lymphoma in March 2003, and had to consi…

Marc Farber- Capitalism Could Fail Like Communism

The Federal Reserve’s policy of printing money is destabilizing the markets and creating “enormous volatility” said Faber, who in his latest “Gloom, Boom & Doom Report” wrote that it was money printing that had pushed stock prices up.
“The US…

Marc Farber: The problem with President Obama & Recession 2013!

“I think the problem with President Obama is that you get more regulation which is disincentive for businessmen to hire people….So you have money printing supporting the market, on the other hand you have an global economic slowdown which will effect earnings negatively….I…

How To Make Great Predictions Like Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Marc Farber, Celente etc.

You Too Can Become A Great Predicting Nostradumbass SchiffBot Today!
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For the Erwin Schiff Clip! A Master piece!
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Marc Farber on the Fed & Gold

http://www.NewWaveSlave.com – Marc Faber in a classic interview that is loaded with great quotes and the simple truth. When asked about gold, (you know, the shiny yellow metal that according to Ben Bernanke… is not money, is a barbaric relic, and only has value due to…

Billionaire Marc Farber on The State of Gold

Should You Invest in Gold? Marc Farber shares his view on the state of Gold and Silver, and where he thinks we are going. In a time where many places are trying to get you to sell your silver and gold this is a must see. 8 more words