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BRIEFING: Everything you need to know about Colombia’s peace process

By Guillermo Farias

The government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the country’s largest and most-organized rebel group, started holding peace talks… 1,559 more words


Peace Process Latest:

FARC’s chief drug trafficker killed

On March 8, Gilberto Becerro, commander of the FARC’s 57th Front, which operates along the Panama border, was killed in an air strike. 219 more words


How Did Guerrilla Violence Shape the 2014 Presidential Election in Colombia?

Guest post by Michael Weintraub, Thomas Flores, and Juan Vargas

Violence sadly has become a regular feature of 21st century elections. Elections often take place soon after civil war ends, as was the case with Sri Lanka’s 2010 presidential election, held only months after the defeat of the Tamil Tigers. 790 more words

Civil War

Colombia: las voces de las víctimas en el proceso de paz

Los negociadores del gobierno colombiano y las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) han tomado la importante decisión de
incluir a las víctimas en las conversaciones que podrían poner fin al conflicto que… 598 more words


Unravelling Colombia's Potential

The Colombian economy consistently generated strong growth rates over the last couple of years. This growth was not only based on high oil prices, but also on competent economic management. 761 more words


Conferences of the Creation (Translation)

As I begin my work as an English teacher in Bogotá, Colombia, I wanted to do a translation from verdadabierta.com. The armed conflict is an unescapble aspect of daily life here in Colombia. 711 more words

Latin America

Colombia is converting former death squad members into yoga teachers

In New York or L.A., it’s pretty common to learn that a yoga teacher used to be a dancer, an actor, or even a former Wall Street banker. 1,358 more words