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Would-be Colombian refugee’s desire to be 'more famous' on Facebook destroyed his bid to settle in Canada

Facebook posts about social events and travel by a would-be refugee undermined claims he was hiding in fear and now his desire to be “more famous” through social media “likes” has destroyed his bid to settle in Canada. 720 more words


Colombia and FARC Sign Revised Peace Deal

By Luz Mosquera

On November 30, Colombia signed a new and modified version of the peace deal with rebel group FARC. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos continued his plan to sign the peace deal that would end a war with FARC that has lasted 52 years, resulted in many deaths, and created vast numbers of refugees. 313 more words


Success of the Implementation of the Peace Accord Depends on Real Participation

By Christian Wlaschütz*

The same thing that caused the Colombian government to fail to win the plebiscite on its peace agreement with the FARC in October – a deficient understanding of participation – could complicate implementation of the version of the agreement approved by the Congress last week.  694 more words

52 Tahun Perang Saudara, Kolombia-FARC Berdamai

KOLOMBIA, FOKUSJabar.com : Perang saudara yang sudah berlangsung selama 52 tahun di Kolombia resmi berakhir setelah pemerintah dan kelomok pemberontak Marxis FARC setuju berdamai.
Melansir Reuters, Kamis (01/12/2016), perjanjian perdamaian tersebut telah disetujui kedua pihak meski sebelumnya…

Colombia's only way out of war

Why the agreement reached by Santos and the FARC is the best option Colombians have to leave their bloody past of civil conflict behind and build a future of peace and growth… 728 more words

Colombia’s Congress Approves Peace Accord With FARC

Colombia’s Congress approved a revised peace accord with the country’s largest rebel group on Wednesday night, a vote that was most likely the final hurdle in ratifying the troubled agreement whose earlier version had been  569 more words

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