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Colombia ex-rebels apologize for 2002 massacre

Press TV – September 30, 2016

A commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) has officially asked for forgiveness days after signing a peace treaty that has brought a new spirit of reconciliation to the nation.

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As peace comes to Colombia, what happens to those who committed the gravest crimes of its civil war?

Colombia signed a peace treaty with its rebel movement this week and on Sunday the country votes to ratify the deal, which would end a 52-year civil war. 732 more words


Why Colombia’s Government Compromised for Peace

This was an important week in the history of peace. On Monday, in the charming colonial city of Cartagena, the Colombian government signed a peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), one of the most vicious and indomitable guerrilla movements in the Americas. 1,391 more words


Inside FARC’s Postwar Jungle Camp Finishing School

YARI PLAINS, Colombia — At dawn in a jungle clearing in southern Colombia, rebels wearing pixelated fatigues, berets and Lenin badges form up in a loose parade before the start of their school day. 2,199 more words


For the country is facing a difficult choice

¿Sí o No?

This is what Colombia is about to decide in a vote on Sunday, the 2nd October. This isn’t just a normal vote. It might be one of the most important decisions of the country since its foundation. 669 more words


FARC Rebels Might Become Cheesemakers in Post-War Colombia

Veterans of Colombia’s FARC guerrilla army could soon be making a living as eco-tourism guides, beef processors or cheese makers under plans by the Marxist group to invest in economic projects once a peace deal takes hold. 764 more words