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Dear Academic: I Want Society’s Money Back

Recently, I came across something horrifying: Buffy studies. Remember Joss Whedon’s cult show from 1997–2003, Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I do. I watched it and enjoyed it (as well as the spinoff, … 943 more words


Maranatha Bible Society

A ship of Saud was sank, a ship of Saud went down
Warm up for the 2nd Seal, The Red Horse will be around
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Three That The Government Pays For (2015)

  1. Roads.
  2. Bridges.
  3. Special Select Committees.


Same ones over and over, more than ever-

In this political endeavor.


The $350,000 Question: Can FanKings and DraftDuels Lose?

 DATELINE:  Can ESPN Be Far Behind?

If you think FanDuel and DraftKings have more in common than a missing space between their titles, you may be on to something. 268 more words


Hernandez Impervious at Latest Court Date

DATELINE: Humming Behind Bars

Those Ninja lawyers of Aaron Hernandez were back in court, making a motion to drop the double murder charge.

If this all seems like… 245 more words


Penalties Equal Penile Time for Bills

 DATELINE: Diction Issues

With his Buffalo Bills committing more personal fouls than you see at an NFL executive meeting, T-Rex Ryan defended his wild bunch as a group of energized bunnies. 229 more words