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Jarrod’s Revenge

Jarrod walked with purpose when going to the cave which had a huge stone in front of it. When he and Wayne’s mates got there he said to them “push away the stone.” Billy, Wayne’s best friend, said “Jarrod, your brother is gonna stink to high heaven, ‘coz he’s been in there too long”. 1,652 more words

Short Fiction

A Diagnosis from Dr. Pawel L Lewicki

From a PhD Psychologist, from a Doctor of the mind
Comes a diagnosis, of the ills that plague mankind

His examination is precise, not a stone is left unturned… 112 more words


Film review: Million Dollar Legs (1932)

President: Hello sweetheart.

Migg Tweeny: Listen, my names Tweeny.

The President: You’ll always be sweetheart to me.

Migg Tweeny: I know, I know, but there’s talk already. 411 more words

Rants And Reviews

Trump Lied About Immigrant Crime and Terror Attack on Sweden That Never Happened - Juan Cole - Truthdig

It is clear that the president and his advisers despise Sweden and Germany for sheltering more than their fair share of refugees since the crisis began. 17 more words


"Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above / Don't fence me in"*...

The human urge to own land sometimes borders on the absurd… Do we have too many cities with too few people in them? (Answer: Yes!) But there’s an implicit question embedded in that notion of anti-NIMBY place-making, once posed by Leo Tolstoy: “How much land does a man need?”

352 more words

Soured friendship flavors 'Suite' farce

By John Lyle Belden

A Hollywood star-studded 1940s benefit for the war effort is the backdrop of the comedy “Suite Surrender,” on stage through Feb. 26 at Carmel Community Players. 328 more words


SNL took a cheap shot at Kellyanne Conway

The skit is gut-splitting hilarious — Kate McKinnon portraying Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President of the United States, as a Fatal Attraction nympho coming on to CNN Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper (portrayed by Beck Bennett). 358 more words

Humor/Stand Up Comedy