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Wild mushroom and quinoa stuffing - Farce aux champignons sauvages et quinoa

(Version française plus bas)

So this was supposed to be a side dish to serve with your turkey during the holidays but why not make it now! 440 more words

Gluten Free

A Day to Recall for a Dress Down

DATELINE: Small World

The World Wide Web turned into Marshall McLuhan’s global village. And, it’s a village populated with idiots.

We saw the black and blue dress and wondered what all the hubbub was about, bub. 219 more words

Hernandez Dances Up a Storm

DATELINE: Disco Hernandez Dances Out of a Cage

After another day’s testimony and video evidence, you might come to the conclusion that Aaron Hernandez is certainly guilty of spending money like a drunken football player at local bars. 229 more words

Politics & Society

Bilko Meets Lawrence of Arabia?

DATELINE: Movie Mashup

Call us astonished when we discovered that there is a movie wherein Sergeant Ernest T. Bilko meets Beau Geste and lands us in an oasis of British comedy about the French Foreign Legion. 254 more words

The Farce of Ethics Reforms in Albany

By John Verni

The arrest of the Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for enriching himself with $4,000,000 due to his position is the latest in a long line of corruption originating from our state capitol.  355 more words

New York State

Short, Simple and to the Point Humor

These short video concepts have been in my head for some time. I was proud to finally get them filmed and put online today.

A Puppet Farce…or…Fart?

A Body Switch

LISTEN: Natalie Bennett's car crash interview on Green housing policy

Okay, so you’ve almost certainly already seen this. But it’s worth a repost just to show how what an absolute farce the Greens are when it comes to policy and spending. 83 more words