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It’s a ruse : a perfect sham.

What you see is not who I am.

I am not the one hiding in plain sight.

Just a shadow cast by love’s light.


The Black Wizard

If you haven’t yet, read this first. It might make the stuff below more sensible. No promises.

Martin watched Flinch as he arranged Sil’s various armaments. 1,567 more words

The Black Wizard


Each of my days
has stood up
and fallen on
it’s arse

I think I might
just give up now
this weeks been
such a farce.

To Be Or Not To Be

When the concept of satire or farce comes to the conversation, we rarely think of history.  And that’s really too bad.   It must have been Karl Marx who noticed that history repeats itself.   428 more words


Sketch For Community TV Mixer

This is a short video of a sketch I wrote and appeared in for Community Television of Santa Cruz.  The event was a social mixer that was held last Friday March 17.  44 more words


Even the Best-Laid Lies ...

Clinton, South Carolina, Monday, March 20, 2017, 10:56 a.m.

Jesse Few lives in the suspended adolescence of the power life.

Suddenly, all of his indiscretions come back to haunt him at once. 532 more words

Monte Dutton

For the Praise Honor and Glory of Richard Edward Rhoades

A “Preacher” that I knew, an “Evangelist” no less
Richard Edward Rhoades, him I will not bless

Why pray tell oh why? Listen closely and I’ll tell… 122 more words