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Lower Than What?

In which we revisit and update two of my favorite rant topics, idiot drivers and telemarketers. May there be a special level of hell reserved for the both of them. 941 more words


What The Mikado and public hanging have in common

 Watched much opera lately?

If the answer is a decisive NO, I wouldn’t be surprised. Opera is an entertainment – along with bull baiting, taunting the village idiot and public hanging – that has dwindled in popularity over the decades. 665 more words

Buxton Opera House

Cock & Bull Review: A Load of Bull

This year I’ve decided to challenge myself to read a new book every week – and write about it a little bit here. I hope to touch on a variety of books – old and new, long and short, fiction and non-fiction – and maybe discover some new favourites. 660 more words


Boeing Boeing ..... in Technicolor

We like to think that we saved the best parts of the humor from the era while cutting out some of the more outdated elements.  Patrons and… 383 more words

The Modern-Spokane


“I say Carruthers have all the dreadful shenanigans with the missus calmed down yet?  I know it’s been so very tiresome for you of late.”  542 more words


Bernie Sanders Free College Paid For by Wall Street

TheLipTV, May 2015

Senator Bernie Sanders has announced a plan to use a Robin Hood tax on Wall Street and the one percent to fund tuition at four-year public colleges and universities. 60 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Les meilleurs souvenirs... attentions aux farces!

La vie de scout est vraiment très amusante. Chaque jour nous réserve de belles surprises, plein de jeux et de la joie de vie. On y apprend le véritable esprit de camaraderie, d’entraide, de solidarité et de respect. 319 more words