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For the Doctor of Psychology

The sun is going down, the sun is almost gone
Comes the Blackness of the night…will you ever see the dawn?

You thought that you could hide, you thought that you’ed be hid… 133 more words


Daily Prompt: Farce


Hello! Hello!

Did you hear his and her speeches? What a farce!

Did you go to Dolly’s play? She’s really a good writer. She had enough farce going on in the play that everyone was laughing.  143 more words

Blogging Blogger

Oh God~


chestnut again? Already? Have some people nothing better to do than to try to embarrass their leaders, their seniors, even their beloved front-line allies? 307 more words


Interview: Matthew Partridge, Putin Around

Writer and director Matthew Partridge set up Toujours Perdrix in 2014. Having spent the last few years working on adaptations of classic comedies, this week he brings his original play… 450 more words

London Theatre

Staged - Pun Intended

Tanka is a form of Japanese poetry with 31 syllables split across 5 lines as 5-7-5-7-7.

  Costumes closely sewn ;

  Lines, pause – rehearsed to a tee. 16 more words


The Alternative is YES

Shall we continue to play this game?
Dance around each other in curiosity
Not saying that which is in our hearts
For fear has a deep seated root within us… 85 more words