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King Ubu (2003)

After Alfred Jarry‘s “Ubu Roi” was first performed in 1896, it has been considered a revolutionary piece of theatre, enabling the birth of absurdism, surrealism, etc. 693 more words


Goldbuster (Sandra Ng, 2017)

In her directorial debut, veteran comic actress Sandra Ng gives us a goofy farce, a compendium of horror movie tropes and references, and a sappy tribute to the underdog spirit of Hong Kong’s working class in the days of hyper-capitalisim and real estate speculation. 600 more words

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The Monarch of the Glen

This book is absolutely **ridiculous**.

It came to my attention courtesy of Elizabeth Wein, who saw a stage production involving a hot shirtless dude* somersaulting onto stage in a a kilt, so I acquired a used copy and read it over the phone with my reading-books-over-the-phone bestie. 248 more words

Playing a Farce, Part 1

I’m about to direct a farce, Boeing Boeing, by Marc Camoletti, translated by Beverly Cross & Francis Evans.  I thought I’d take you through the process and see what we can learn together about it.  762 more words


Blowing the Whistle on the Whistle-Blowers Act

To be effective, whistle-blower legislation requires an arms-length process that protects workers from reprisals for reporting government wrong-doing. Everyone understands that; except, apparently, Premier MacLauchlan. 631 more words

Prince Edward Island

Whatever Works

About six weeks ago the deluge of Christmas catalogs began.

Over the years we’ve bought a lot of stuff online and by mail order. Do that once and you’re guaranteed to get catalogs from that company from now until the heat death of the universe. 556 more words