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Yet another pair of levers

Santa was considerate enough to bring something for me too in the form of new pair of levers. The levers look exactly like the first pair that did, not fit with the exception, that now the pivot bolt holes and thickness are correct. 256 more words

The Wish List, 2018

It’s that time of the year again, when we get to dream big with empty wallets. In an ideal world, one where either Santa exists or bank accounts are bottomless, what would you get to prepare for next year’s riding season? 1,202 more words


Crash / engine guards for CRF 250 Rally

It seems that the guys in Indonesia have been busy for a while now, but other crash bar options are still a well kept secret. 164 more words

Cleaner & better GPS / phone mounts for the 250 Rally

I have been searching for a cleaner solution to mounting my phone on the bike ever since I installed the first mount (https://honda250rally.com/2017/03/21/gps-phone-mount-version-1-0/) 419 more words

SW-Motech barback risers for Honda 250 Rally

The SW-Motech barback risers came yesterday and I installed them on the same day.

As I suspected the stock cables were too short for the bars to be able to fit properly without some additional work. 227 more words

PM Racks luggage rack

After investigating the options I went with the PM Rack. The shape fits nicely to the contours of the bike, it’s american made (as opposed to “made-in-nobody-knows” like some of the options). 146 more words

Luggage rack

I need something to strap my stuff on for longer rides. Carrying a back pack is not a viable option for anything but the shortest of rides. 125 more words