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Battery tender plug & charge indicator

The man flu is still keeping me down, but I got around to installing the battery tender plug & charge indicator. The idea is that I can see the condition of the battery at a glance and keep the battery charged during the winter without the need to attach cables to the battery or open any panels to access the battery. 133 more words

USB Charging plug / power socket

Installed a Burnsmoto USB plug for the Rally. I’ve installed the exact same kind of plug on 3 of my previous bikes and it has always worked very well. 211 more words

Honda 250 Rally Aux power source

I MAY have found the aux power plug under the left side upper front fairing. There is a thick cable running to the lights and it has an unused end with cap on it. 82 more words

GPS / phone mount version 1.0

For this first experiment I used an SW-Motech RAM-Mount combo that I have as a left over from a previous bike. The end result seems like a working solution, but not quite as elegant as I would like. 25 more words

Honda 250 Rally accessories catalog

Found a Youtube video where a Japanese guy goes through the accessories catalog. No such thing can be found on any of the Honda euro sites. 25 more words

To-do-list v 1.0

Rode the trade in bike to the shop today. +4 celsius, cold asf.

I hovered around the rally for a while and found a few things that need attention. 129 more words

Whoa - it's 2017!

Whew…it’s been a while since I’ve made time for updates! In between Christmas, New Year’s, vacation to Arizona, and starting my Master’s Degree…..2017 is a off to a crazy start! 32 more words

2011 Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS