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The Earl of Shrewsbury's Fleaky Bitt

This post was contributed by Val Gannon, one of our volunteers.

As part of the Staffordshire Place-Name Project, I am indexing document no. D240/ES/2/4, “Survey of the Earl of Shrewsbury’s Estates”, 1789. 173 more words



Hello again!

This post is a little bit of everything…

The concrete has been poured in the frost walls of the garage – the ones that looked so much like Lego. 850 more words


Adventures with a view

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to be able to go out and visit Highland Bear. What an experience! We saw all kinds of creatures, plants, weather, and driving conditions… 923 more words


Flora and fauna... but mostly fauna

Situated high on the mountainside, Highland Bear is a prime location for all kinds of wildlife. Elk, deer (mule and white tail), and bighorn sheep are a common sight both on the property and in nearby areas (like inside the town limits of Radium, where they have special signs to tell you if the sheep are on the near side of town or the far side). 309 more words


Begin at the beginning.

Hello! Welcome to the blog! My name is Jordan and I will be the main writer here, although you may occasionally see bits from either or both of my parents, Kathy and Adrian. 857 more words


Monday Blues

Monday, everyone’s favorite day, right? And it’s raining. What can I do to make a blue Monday a little better?

How about sharing my favorite list of blue books? 476 more words