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Love for Animals

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakend. – Anatole France

Can you imagine life without animals to love and care for?

Goat Care (and General Farm)

Wild Rose Hips

While admiring the berries and fruits I found along the wooded paths during my most recent walk, I also noticed wild rose hips. We are abundant in wild roses in our area. 136 more words

Goat Care (and General Farm)

Good Morning, Mr. Grasshopper

In the half-light, I looked out the window and saw large pieces of white paper strewn about across the back lot. There is no trash here, not a speck. 139 more words

Goat Care (and General Farm)

They All Want Warm Milk On The Farm

When the most recent kids were born at Annie’s Goat Hill, I decided to let them camp out in the milk stand area.  Unlike our old barn, which had a separate milk/feed room with a sliding door, I now milk in a penned section of the barn.   502 more words

Goat Care (and General Farm)

When The Guard Dog Goes Flat

Farm scenario:  Look into the goat pasture and see 1) remnants of a feed sack (oh no, I didn’t shut the feed room gate last night), 2) a dead goat (I hope not), 3) a sleeping guard dog. 256 more words

Goat Care (and General Farm)

Power Outage (and tips) at Annie's Goat Hill

We have had our share of electric outages, but who hasn’t?

The most current outage happened before a storm came through, three evenings ago.

We were watching television, relaxing, and noticed that a fan had shut off by itself.   819 more words

Goat Care (and General Farm)

Annie's Goat Hill - Nature Walk

I found a few edibles on the farm nature walk today.  The wild blackberries are everywhere, however, they are small.  The larger berries are 3 or 4 feet back, into thicker parts of the woods.   220 more words

Goat Care (and General Farm)