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Our Runaway Reliance on the Caging of Living Beings [AWEN archive]

by Alina Lilova

first published on: 22 September 2012

HER NOSE CLOSE TO THE METAL MESH, THE SERVAL LISTENS INTENTLY to an unseen prey hiding in the overgrown space between her cage and the fence that keeps visitors away. 2,791 more words

Why You Can’t Tell a Sheep “Bon Voyage” [AWEN archive]

by Alina Lilova

first published on: 22 April 2010

Countless farm animals are subjected to long journeys across countries and even continents. To them, this is no small matter but a very unpleasant and sometimes even painful experience. 722 more words

American Humane Association Encourages Nation to Set a Humane Table for the Holidays

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America loves Thanksgiving – the holiday that celebrates American traditions, family togetherness and gratitude for the unparalleled bounty of our great nation. As Thanksgiving approaches this year, American Humane Association went to Capitol Hill to urge Americans to set a humane table for the holidays and support humane farm practices. 2,671 more words

EU Policy on Animal Welfare: Benefits and Costs

Background: EU legislation on Animal Welfare

During last decades livestock production in food chain industry has experienced an enormous increase due to rapidly growing world population rates and rising demand for meat from emerging countries, as a result of changing consumption patterns and highest per capita incomes. 1,783 more words

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Photo Friday: an American House of Representatives Dogs Can Love

By Deborah Taylor-French on Dog Leader Mysteries

 Good Bye to a Bad Law

“Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny.” Edmund Burke 

I love to share every bit of good news. 648 more words

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What's On Your Plate Stouffville? Livestock Advocacy Efforts Continue Into 2013...

Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

Yesterday, in anticipation of the 2013 opening of the Stouffville Livestock Market, we met with Mayor Emmerson and a representative of the Town of Stouffville.  1,630 more words

Should We Care That Fish Might Feel Pain?


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