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Raising Cows for Beef Benefits the Farm

On my farm we have cows. They are kind without being tame. They live a happy free-range life, and they fill their stomachs with grass and hay and plenty of cow treats. 645 more words


#1: Only the Lonely

It’s said that friends are like two peas in a pod. Members of the same industry are often told that they are stronger united, like stacked peas in a pod. 643 more words

Farm Girl Problems

The Anniversary that Wasn't: Why I Wish I had just "Thrown Away" my Marriage.

I was scrolling through the calendar on my phone, looking for an appointment I couldn’t remember making, when I scrolled across a repeating reminder.

“Anniversary” 1,114 more words

Random Musings

Peafowl Protect Farm Chickens and Ducks from Predators

Peafowl aren’t just another pretty face. While they’re best known for the males’ extravagant plumage, peafowl are also a practical addition to our farm.

When we initially acquired our peafowl, we had four: two hens and two cocks. 582 more words


Ducks Get Rid of Mosquitos and Flies at the Farm

Puddles may be breeding grounds for mosquitos, but they’re play places for ducks. The constant splashing around in the otherwise stagnant water is just one of the ways keeping ducks helps lower the fly and mosquito population at the farm. 527 more words


Goat Stomachs Grow Quickly at the Farm

When we first got our goats we thought they were pregnant.

They arrived at our farm in typical goat shape. Lucy, although she is a sweetheart, is named for Lucifer, due to her horns being large and satanic in appearance. 624 more words


Change is in the air...

Fall is upon us here in upstate NY and with that the rush to get everything prepared for winter.  The girls will need to be sheared next month along with trimming their feet.   84 more words