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Farm girl with a vegan bag

It was bound to happen one day. My Mom and Dad have always said that I’m not a true Dutch woman, I have a certain attraction to the more costly things in life. 1,006 more words


The Cold War

Who is sick of the cold? I know I am. So many people I know are through with winter. One of which is right here. The people who live in it and deal with it the most right now are dairy farmers and vegetable farmers. 334 more words

Burn Baby Burn

The morning started out like any other.  With no air conditioning and the windows open the house is already hot at seven in the morning.  I rolled out of bed and did my usual farm girl morning routine, meaning you do all the necessities with half of the effort you normally would.  1,174 more words


The Country Girl Meets The City Girl!

Something About Nothing by Julie Seedorf published week of February 16 in the Albert Lea Tribune

I once wrote a book for a friend. I called myself the city girl in the story, which of course, was a little far-fetched because I live in a small town in the country. 1,046 more words

Albert Lea Tribune

@306@ The Surreal Lyfe featuring Purple Candy Farm Girl

Cherish is wearing:
::Purple Candy::Farm girl pink
::Purple Candy::Farm girl red
Michelle Hair rigged
femaleHARAMITA Necklace/Silk silver
Haramita earring/silver
Riders Straw Cowboy Hat – Complimentary


Sparks Fly Continued

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, ten, I still had ten fingers to my surprise.  I couldn’t feel my hands as I rushed to the sink with ears ringing.   265 more words


What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up, Lesa?

 What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up, Lesa?

 There has been much attention given to women in agriculture lately. For the past fifty years, I have been a woman in agriculture and my paternal grandmother was a dairy farmer too. 492 more words