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First ride back home...

I rode Cheyenne this afternoon. Sarah and my little sis rode too. We went to our neighbors. It was super fun. But oh my word! It was so strange getting on Cheyenne after riding Freedom (in Wyoming) who is tall and wide. 48 more words

Wyoming trip...

So our trip to Wyoming was sooooo amazing! I love the West and wish it wasn’t so far away. It was a 14 hour drive over two days to get out there. 248 more words

The last full day.

We rode for a long time up and down the hills. The view is so breath taking every where you look. If I didn’t feel God calling me to Africa to be a missionary I believe I would what to live here! 32 more words

Back home!

We made it back home! So thankful to all the family that made our awesome get away possible… and to a God who protected us every step of the way. 64 more words