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Goofy horses (and people)!

The Sun finally came out today and I’m so happy!

Ranger was giving me kisses earlier… and he got a bit excited!!! ROFL!

My horse is a goof!

This afternoon I had to take down a bunch of cattle panels that had been set up for our piglets and the horses happened to be by me. 63 more words

• roof top adventures •

Well my dad had to work on something on the roof of our house so we all climbed up there to help and enjoy the view! 19 more words

|| hangin' with our friend ||

Yesterday my friend came over and we just sat out with the horse for awhile and I snapped a few pictures of her and Montana! 11 more words

|| love friday nights ||

Sorry but I can’t help but love the weekends! So thankful to have friends close by to hang out with! Even though we may have gotten a little crazy… lol!

|| violent cattle panels ||

This morning when I fed the horses I noticed dry blood on Ranger’s face. It looked like he had just cut it a little so I wasn’t worried about it and the blood was dry. 101 more words