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| writing |

Front porch sittin’… rediscovering how much I l o v e writing novels and fiction! We will see what happens next to my character. Also remembering how to let my imagination run wild! 13 more words

Girl's day out

Today us girls took off for the city, ate lunch and did a bit of necessary clothes shopping. We  n e v e r  go shopping for clothes so it was a real treat! 125 more words

|| surprised ||

So today my wonderful friend surprised me  and showed up at church! I was totally blown away!!! 😊 I hadn’t seen her for like 5 months since her family started looking for a church closer to home. 13 more words

• camping •

I  l o v e  sleeping out under the stars! So amazing… ⭐️⭐️💫✨🌟🌟💫

{ improvement }

So yesterday I had a few spare moments and I asked Sarah to take some pictures while I worked with Ranger. He has improved SOOOOO much it’s unbelievable! 106 more words