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Telling the Truth..

This is a story I wrote for a workshop a few years ago.  It’s a memory that makes me smile, for many reasons.  I raised my children and will still say to the grandchildren, “If you tell the truth, the punishment will be less than if I catch you lying.”  Sometimes it works, sometimes I still get a lie…with a smile…  My parents got it right many times… 1,086 more words


Farm Girl is one of my favorite go-to’s for a quick and healthy brunch. Their food is all natural and so delicious you don’t even realize how healthy it is. 176 more words


Out to Pasture

Hello, dears? How goes life? I’ll bet you’re all having so much fun starting school again after Thanksgiving break, am I right? Ha. *sigh*

Anyway, a friend recently brought some of her cows to one of our pastures and they are SO CUTE. 538 more words


Chicks Teach Baby Peafowl to Eat so they don't Starve

Baby peafowl—called peachicks—look a lot like baby chickens. We initially ordered four: two males and two females. When we opened the box of baby birds, … 509 more words


Everything I Know About Laying Hens & Egg Production

Hens, especially young hens (commonly called “pullets”) will lay eggs. Just how many eggs and how often depends on a number of factors. In addition to age, the breed, environment, diet, health, and time of year all affect a hen’s egg laying potential. 2,399 more words

Raising Cows for Beef Benefits the Farm

On my farm we have cows. They are kind without being tame. They live a happy free-range life, and they fill their stomachs with grass and hay and plenty of cow treats. 645 more words


#1: Only the Lonely

It’s said that friends are like two peas in a pod. Members of the same industry are often told that they are stronger united, like stacked peas in a pod. 643 more words

Farm Girl Problems