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Week in Pictures

While I’m not a gravy type of gal, I will say that my first attempt (yep, ever) at making a chicken pot pie turned out pretty frickin’ tasty. 687 more words

Weekend In Pictures

Thank a Farmer Today!

Today I want to acknowledge and thank all Australian farmers.  Thank you for the food you put on our tables.  Thank you for the clothes on our back.  285 more words

Farm Life

Lessons I Learned on the Farm

It’s been a while since I wrote about my early years on the family farm.

I title this one: Lessons I Learned on the Farm… 650 more words

It has definitely felt more like fall these last few weeks. Almost springish- fall. Lots of rain. Lots of nice warm days and cool nights. I even got a few cool flower sprouts planted in the garden (more on that new experiment later :) ).But then~ just like that: 550 more words

The Wild and Wintry Winds

The temperatures outside are expected to dip below freezing tonight.  The wind is whipping the tree limbs in to chaotic sillouettes all over our land. The sound of the wind is whistling through every crack and crevice in our old farmhouse.  877 more words

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Karen and I am a little shy but friendly.  I am a first-time blogger and have been setting up my new blog on farming challenges and the inspiration within my journey in life.  362 more words

Farm Life