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Keto Cocktails

I’m not a huge drinker but every so often I enjoy having a cocktail or a cold beer. Summer weekends are filled with hard work, barbecues and ice cold drinks. 711 more words

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Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts

I was never one chomping at the bit to add Brussel Sprouts to my grocery cart. My husband loves them boiled, very fork tender, served with plenty of butter, salt and pepper. 355 more words

Farm Living

Keto Journal: Week 5 Summary

Current Weight: 150.2

I have to say, this past week was pretty much a bust. The scales didn’t show much movement and I could tell even before I stepped up on that platform. 458 more words

Farm Living

The Nature of Forgiveness

Sometime last fall I became responsible for a flock of three plucky chickens. It wasn’t necessarily a new responsibility to me, my mother had a flock of about 16 chickens that we raised from chicks one year, so I knew the general ins and outs of the job. 1,047 more words

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Our One Year Farm-iversary!

Hello hello, everyone!

        So… there’s no getting around it, I have been quite the absentee for months now. Things around the farm have been beyond a bit crazy and have left us working double-time in what free time we have to keep things moving smooth”ish”. 519 more words

Fixer Upper

Alas, Greenhouse Construction!

Let me be frank here…I have been waiting nearly 6 months to put up this Palram Bella Greenhouse and I’m overjoyed! Purchased this past fall, I knew the wait would be a long one and as winters go, this one WAS lengthy. 1,114 more words

Farm Living

Keto Journal: Friendly Shortbread Cookies

One of the things I have missed most while eating Keto are cookies. I’ve tried the chocolate avocado cookies and they were ok but still racked up an impressive 10 or so carbs per cookie. 341 more words

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