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Roasted Tomato and Garlic Pizza Sauce

Buongiorno a tutti!  I studied Italian in college for one semester because I LOVE Audrey Hepburn and after seeing Roman Holiday, I decided that I MUST visit Italy at some point in my life.   364 more words


Clean Apple Ginger Bread

Driving to work this morning was such an awesome experience! It was the same stretch of road that I have traveled for years! But, this morning God’s beauty and grace seemed so very evident, as was the beginning days of fall. 593 more words

Clean Eating

A Little Taste of Italy Omelet

I love eggs! I love fresh eggs! Have I mentioned that I love eggs? Eggs are also a  wonderful and healthy source of protein. I limit myself on my intake of yolks to help maintain my cholesterol, but at least one morning a week, I thoroughly enjoy an omelet for breakfast. 644 more words

Clean Eating

Prowler's and Pitching In 

This has been a great weekend. Despite the fact that I had a short week at work it sure seemed to take forever. Thursday I hit the evening class at the gym and it was one of those workouts where it doesn’t sound like much and then it totally kicks your butt. 422 more words

Almond Butter Fruit Dip

Living on a farm, no matter the size, means there’s always work to be done. So, what better time to find a little relaxation than in the early morning hours? 555 more words

Clean Eating

Drying Fresh Basil

Clean eating has changed my life in many different ways. I feel better physically, I have more energy and stamina than I’ve had in twenty years, and I’ve lost sixty-eight pounds during this three-year journey. 639 more words

Clean Eating

Drying Apples for a Healthy Snack

Life for this college professor has been quite busy this week with blogging, scoring graduate work, attending meetings, book club, canning apples, apple butter, and making a few other delicious treats. 616 more words

Clean Eating