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Sour Cream Potatoes & Being A Nerd

So, the Avengers….I’ve always been a fan of comics. (I used to sneak into my cousin’s room and read his comic books when he wasn’t there.) The stories were fascinating to me. 275 more words


Demolition and Restoration Time

I demolish my bridges behind me- then there is no choice but forward ~ Fridtjof Nansen

There is nothing quite satisfying as the pleasure you feel when the crowbar pries away the wood frame or the joyous sound of carpet and tile scream while being torn away from the floor. 418 more words

Painted Clouds

Yesterday evening the clouds with the sun behind them were so beautiful it looked like they were painted in a perfect sky.  Sitting on our back deck chatting with my mother and watching the kids jump on the trampoline after a very long day of housework, barn chores, and gardening, it was the perfect scene to relax with especially with one of my favorite beautiful trees coming back to life after the winter.  6 more words


Thirsty Thursdays & Story Time!

I do not have any meals for the post, since Thursday nights are usually “order out” nights. (Trying to get better, but one night a week isn’t bad, right?) 562 more words


Peaceful morning

It was a peaceful morning on the farm today.  All the animals were eating breakfast and enjoying the warmth of the sun finally!


Salmon Meets Local Honey

I love honey.  I’d say it’s a secret, but it’s really not.  The sweet intense flavor can pair well with a lot of different dishes.  In this case, it was salmon. 330 more words