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Bel Air Incubation Project: Follow Along!

We here at 25 Acres are so excited to be part of the Bel Air 1st grade class project. Spaz will be checking in from time to time, just to see how his chicks are coming along! 55 more words

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Dirt On My Plate’s Top 3 Shelf-Stable Chicken Treats!

On our 25 Acres, we like to treat our animals as we would treat ourselves. When it comes to snacks, shelf-stable goodies are where its at! 16 more words

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Bel Air Incubation Project: Egg Collection

This week I caught a post on a local Facebook site looking for hatching eggs to use in a class project. I was overjoyed to see a teacher willing to take the time to give her kids an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives! 487 more words

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The Way We Think: Choose To Aspire

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve pondered life and how the way we think effects our lives. Life isn’t necessarily something we can plan out and expect to develop as we intend it. 473 more words

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Community Chickens: The Black Chicken Poop Caper

After adding a good dose of wood ash to my chicken’s dust bathing area I received quite a shock. Not only do my birds like to fluff their feathers with the stuff, they seem to have developed a taste for charred wood. 26 more words

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Community Chickens: Winter Egg Laying Slow Down

Here’s my most recent article on finding fewer eggs left behind in nesting boxes. Winter is hard on everybody, even the chickens. Read along to find out what can be done to support your hens during the winter as well as planning for an age diversified flock to keep those eggs coming! 7 more words

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(Fun Poem) Farm Living


Have you ever been blessed to live on a country farm

A successful farm is the greatest peace anyone can see

Dark rich soil spreading from the sunrise till light dims… 191 more words

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