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Picture papers

A few weeks ago I grabbed handfuls of saffron from very wet grass, took them home to dry, but ended with sogginess and to the compost they went. 656 more words

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The Cotton Field

Time was, the crop dusters would fly in to spray the crop  in order to defoliate it.  Now, most growers just let nature take its course and that was the case here. 72 more words

Late Summer Sunflowers

These were planted in late July instead of late June which had been the normal practice here.  Other than extending the blooming season, it probably made little difference.   40 more words

So Far, So good.....

Our farm in Southeastern North Carolina is about 45 air miles from the Atlantic. We’ve seen a lot of storms here. From Nor’easters to tornadoes to hurricanes.   297 more words

The magic of morning is calling...

It’s been a good month since I’ve been able to buckle down with my photography. I’ve been involved with the catering of a big community event and after many hours of chopping onions, making lists and chopping more onions, it’s done and dusted for another year! 819 more words


Pig Graffiti

Poppys Six went out to their new home in the field yesterday with a great big welcoming wallw that they very quickly turned into delicious mud.  361 more words


In the Fog at Sunrise

I do a lot of rural and farm photography.  For one thing, it’s where I am and for another, I’ve found a a bit of a market for it.   272 more words