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Dawn on Wednesday brought ample evidence of what was coming that night. By nightfall it had started as very light sleet with snow mixed.

Living out in the country, our biggest fear is always the loss of power.  167 more words

A Worthy Sub for the D750

I had noticed the fade in a corner of a frame of one of my shots with the Nikon D750,  along with what seemed to be a hint of some artifacts hidden in the light.  265 more words


Today we have abundant sunshine all day long.

And the cows and I will be out in it all day long too. 

It got a little windy yesterday. 42 more words


The Soybean Field II

I spent several more days in the soybean field this past week, drawn by the pre-dawn sky which provides  a rather spectacular backdrop for, lets face it, a rather boring crop in the field. 127 more words

Instagram is my love story in photos

I love, love, LOVE photography.    Upon discovering Instagram a few years ago , it quickly became a satisfying way for me to express myself creatively.   I was let to meet my husband, Phil, through Instagram.   109 more words


Picture papers

A few weeks ago I grabbed handfuls of saffron from very wet grass, took them home to dry, but ended with sogginess and to the compost they went. 656 more words

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