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Photo Of The Day: Stalking The Sky

One of the oldest of Photography “Rules”  is in play here.  I say “Rules” because, of course, there are no rules ,and those that have been passed down come with the caveat,  “made to be broken.”   Over the years though, I’ve found this one is worth remembering: when all else fails, get low!   154 more words

Photo Of The Week: November In The Wetlands

It’s probably not on any government map as an official,”Wetlands,” probably because it’s not very large; maybe 50 to 75 yards wide and a mile or thereabouts long.   557 more words

30 Days of Photos - Day 25 Landscapes

Blue skies and old barns make for beautiful landscapes. On a day that several are shopping, we spent the day outside with cows.

Day 25 – Landscapes… 105 more words

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30 Days of Photos - Day 23 Decisions

Decisions shape our everyday lives. Decisions also determine if an image is going to be memorable or not.

Day 23 – Decisions

Every time I pick up my camera I make decisions. 83 more words

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30 Days of Photos - Day 22 Lines

A fence line is a type of marker. It lets you know where you are and where you can or cannot be. Let its lines lead you were you need to be. 130 more words

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30 Days of Photos - Day 21 Below

Being below also leads to an interesting perspective. When you look up, others maybe looking down.

Day 21 – Below

This big guy is the newest addition to the farm. 106 more words

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Saturday ~ November 19, 2016

Happy Saturday!

I have three images for you today that are from my wanderings through the country side this past Monday.  I drove about 100 miles looking for things that interested me and these are three of the things that caught my attention. 197 more words

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