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I care what you think

You know how people say _(and I hear this all the time) Oh! (whoosh of breath)  “I don’t care what people think! I just am what I am – etc and etc – take it or leave it, rinse and repeat.. 297 more words


Kitchen Mama

Yesterday our two girls Molly and Whitney were the 1940’s Kitchen Mamas.  They are travelling together, have known each other since kindergarten, though they go to different colleges now and like all old and fast friends are a perfect team. 238 more words


Exciting New Print Options!

New at Krysten Simmons Photography – now offering print options in glass, metal, acrylic, bamboo, wood plank, and canvas!  Top quality by Horizon Worldwide, a professional print manufacturer.   52 more words

Diversity on the Farm

Diversity on a Farm, well actually All lives and Living, are all about diversity. My diverse life is in no way special at all.  Having said that here is what was on the bench when I awoke this morning. 370 more words


Gardening with Cats

I have never met a cat who did not love to garden. There was no rain yesterday so Federico and I gardened and gardened and gardened. 402 more words


Permanence - there isn't any..

You know how you think about stuff as you work.

Well, the idea of permanence has been wandering about in my head. How I have this list of stuff that I want to do and then when it is all  done I have this idea that the  I will be DONE and then things will be good and perfect.   393 more words


Mud, Mud, Mud.

Our feet are growing webs. The rain has rained for days now, maybe weeks  – on and off  – On and off. The land drinks it all up in between squalls.  192 more words