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New Year, New Farm

Well, not exactly.  We actually bought our new farm late last summer but haven’t done much more than get all the animals and ourselves here and get our old house ready to put on the market.   629 more words

Farm Life

Photo Of The Week: Christmas Eve Sunrise

For several years running,  the Christmas day sunrise has been nothing short of spectacular here, to the point of becoming an almost spiritual thing. Not This year.   140 more words

A Touch of Ice ...

… is enough. A touch of ice is enough to scare this girl who grew up on a new Zealand beach.

My new truck with four wheel drive has saved my bacon twice in the last two days.   379 more words


Photo of the Week: Dawn at the Live Oak

I’ve posted many shots of the stately Live Oak that anchors the old Civil War Ear Cemetery on our farm,  so in that regard this shot is nothing new but, of course, as the seasons change so does the view.   457 more words

Photo Of The Day: Stalking The Sky

One of the oldest of Photography “Rules”  is in play here.  I say “Rules” because, of course, there are no rules ,and those that have been passed down come with the caveat,  “made to be broken.”   Over the years though, I’ve found this one is worth remembering: when all else fails, get low!   154 more words

Photo Of The Week: November In The Wetlands

It’s probably not on any government map as an official,”Wetlands,” probably because it’s not very large; maybe 50 to 75 yards wide and a mile or thereabouts long.   557 more words