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The other day...

.. something happened. I did not want to tell you because maybe you would think I was stupid and leave me. But then I thought maybe you do stupid things too (I hope) and it would be a relief for you to read about other people doing stupid things (I hope). 830 more words


Farm Photography

First, a little history lesson.  This first photo is of a grain silo located in the farming region of Central California.  Build in roughly the 1920’s it is constructed of some sort of concrete with red tiles.  159 more words


Caught napping

I know that the Weather People said there would be snow here yesterday. And I know the Weather People said there would be cold and the high winds. 389 more words


Photo Of The Day: Beans At First Light

Soybeans at Sunrise.  Hopefully, they are beginning to dry out.  We suspect the yield will be down this year primarily due to all the rain we’ve had here.  131 more words

The winter barn

John has been working hard to get the winter barn, our other barn across the creek that is really a ditch, up to code  for the winter. 434 more words


Flying Turkeys

Did you know – well, who knew –  turkeys fly?

They sure love to be all over the roof of my house, but they talk nicely. 360 more words