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Got Goats?

We do! Three little cuties who are all of 9 days old. We had decided our first livestock would be goats. Not only did a goat’s hearty spirit and easy care appeal to my novice-farmer ways, but we also thought that the goats could help nibble the briars and underbrush away from our property. 374 more words

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Pest Control

     Once the thrill of something actually growing subsided, I began to notice that my radish leaves had tell-tale holes in them. Now, I’m not going to point fingers but is seems like some of our little insect friends have started using our garden as a buffet. 184 more words

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A Sign from Spring

     On March the 9th I planted our first vegetables with a lot of guidance from my husband, who had to teach me how to properly dig a hole. 320 more words

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Valentine's Day 2012

For My Husband on Valentine’s Day


So now it’s that day of the year,

when we consume ice cream and beer

we never have had classy taste… 215 more words

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Making Muffins with Mayo

     Before you say eww, let me preface this by saying we are very picky about our muffins. I have been tweaing and playing with this recipe for about 2 years. 497 more words

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Our Farm Principles: Final Pieces‏

These were things that we wanted to include, but didn’t fit in with livestock or produce:

1. We are trying to preserve a way of life: 293 more words


A Season of Sacrifice: Food

While this post isn’t necessarily about farming, it is about something that leads up to it, so I find it relevant. Actually, all of the literature I have read about starting a farm from scratch mentions over and over that you need to think about/plan/reflect on your new farm before you break ground, so this seems to fit. 368 more words

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