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Cost of Meat

Eating meat is bad for animals, bad for the environment, bad for your health.
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The Meaty Truth: Why Our Food Is Destroying Our Health and Environment—and Who Is Responsible



Guest blog by Vicki Hird: Imagine the death of UK farms

As the Government continues to fail to develop any coherent plan for farming after Brexit, Vicki Hird, Sustain Campaign Coordinator and independent consultant (@vicki Hird) writes a guest blog. 897 more words


Insights into Agriculture

By Haley Barbour

Today we had the opportunity to sit down with three minority staff members of the House Committee on Agriculture: Evan Jurkovich a drake alum, Matt MacKenzie, and Mike Straz. 540 more words


NFU proposals for a new farm subsidy system only fit for cloud cuckoo land

It’s a special anniversary this year – 70 years since the 1947 Farming Act. I will return to this anniversary in more detail later in the year, but today I want to discuss one particular thing.  1,053 more words


A Pebble in the Pond: People Need Nature report on opportunities for farming, food & nature after Brexit.

I’m delighted to be able to tell you about this new report which is published today. It’s the first People Need Nature policy report – A Pebble in the Pond: Opportunities for farming, food and nature after Brexit. 502 more words

Common Agricultural Policy

The Insane World of Agriculture Subsidies

I’ve argued before that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) should be the top target of those seeking to shut down useless and counterproductive parts of the federal government. 1,352 more words

Government Spending

What is the public paying for? Guest post on farm subsidies from Tom Lancaster

I’m delighted to publish this guest post from Tom Lancaster, Senior Agriculture Policy Officer at the RSPB


The question is often asked of the Common Agricultural Policy – what is it exactly that the public is paying for? 1,324 more words