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Dr. Kinkade goes to Washington

My friend Gail recently took me to task about my usual blog subject — trying to eat healthier. “Nobody gives a damn if you’re on a diet, Josie. 378 more words


Downsize the Department of Agriculture

The DOA is bloated and ineffectual. This article from CATO‘s Downsizing Government offers one way (and a good way) to reduce the waste and harm that this agency does. 503 more words

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A Different Kind of Pork (in France)

There is a big government crisis in France following the arson of several trucks and blocking of traffic on several main national arteries for several days. 39 more words

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Should Washington End Agricultural Subsidies?

By Vincent H. Smith – Re-Blogged From The American Enterprise Institute

U.S. farmers don’t need support from U.S. taxpayers, either directly or through legislation that restricts the supply of a commodity to raise its price. 710 more words

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U.S. Farm Subsidies and Support for Specialty Crops


The Agricultural Act, or what is more commonly known as the U.S. Farm Bill, is the primary legislation by which America sets its agricultural policy. 2,932 more words


Believing Impossible Things

   By Bob Shapiro

The other night, I talked with my new friend Jack about the Economy, Taxes, and eventually Social Security. I explained that the unfunded liability for Social Security was far beyond what was possible to meet, and that somewhere down the road, Social Security would default. 954 more words

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PUBLIC ADVOCACY: A scrap for the Middle Class

Have you read the news lately?  Obama has just released $10 Million to several States to create good paying jobs to enable food stamp recipients to get off ” the Public trough”.   137 more words

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