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Believing Impossible Things

   By Bob Shapiro

The other night, I talked with my new friend Jack about the Economy, Taxes, and eventually Social Security. I explained that the unfunded liability for Social Security was far beyond what was possible to meet, and that somewhere down the road, Social Security would default. 954 more words

GDP & Employment

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: A scrap for the Middle Class

Have you read the news lately?  Obama has just released $10 Million to several States to create good paying jobs to enable food stamp recipients to get off ” the Public trough”.   137 more words


Who Benefits from Agricultural Subsidies?

Check out my post on my department’s blog about some of the research I have been doing lately: Who Benefits from Agricultural Subsidies?


What 'The Bachelor' reveals—and conceals—about Iowa farmers

Iowa farmers are having a moment.

On March 7, the first-ever Iowa Ag Summit in Des Moines drew Republican presidential hopefuls like former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Senator Ted Cruz, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. 944 more words


Remove Agricultural Subsidies

By Chris Edwards – Re-Bloggd From http://www.Cato.org


The U.S. Department of Agriculture distributes between $10 billion and $30 billion in cash subsidies to farmers and owners of farmland each year.. 3,746 more words

GDP & Employment

Economist 2/18/15

  1. American farm subsidies are egregiously expensive, harvesting $20 billion a year from taxpayers’ pockets. Most of the money goes to big, rich farmers producing staple commodities such as corn and soyabeans in states such as Iowa.To this day, …
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Judd Gregg: There Are No Magic Republican Bullets

Wall Street Journal: Budget ‘reconciliation’ can be a powerful GOP tool, but it carries major political risks if the party overreaches.

There is considerable talk by pundits and members of Congress that the best weapon Republicans have to accomplish their agenda is something called “reconciliation.” This is one of those Beltway terms that causes normal Americans to bang their heads against the wall and ask “are these Washington types for real?” Yet reconciliation is a tool of considerable legislative force if used well. 516 more words