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Sugar Subsidies Impose a Bitter Price on Workers, Consumers, and Taxpayers

Government intervention is not good for economic prosperity. That general observation is both accurate and appropriate, but it might also be helpful to contemplate what sector of the economy suffers the most damage and distortion because of government. 1,498 more words


Farmers are doing okay.

The front page headline of the Des Moines Register on October 210, 2017 read: “Hoping To Break Even”  The sub-heading read, “Iowa farmers are facing their fourth year of possible losses as they head into this year’s harvest season”.  188 more words

The ‘Reverse Robin Hood Effect’ Of Farm Handouts

By Daren Bakst ~

The federal government takes the hard-earned money of taxpayers and gives handouts to farm households that generally make a lot more money than they do. 619 more words

Public Opinion

LEGOs, Landscapes and Catchments - guest blog by @UKSustain farm campaigner @VickiHird

I am delighted to post another guest blog from Sustain’s Campaign Co-ordinator for Food and Farming Policy, Vicki Hird.

The rich debate about how we deliver new farming and land management support after we leave the CAP is getting stimulating. 1,486 more words

The stupidest thing the federal government does

From The Spectator-Australia

David Archibald

This is a tale of idiocy, full of facts and foreboding, signifying that the end times must be surely upon us. 564 more words

Government Idiocy

Michael Gove and the American Neoconservatives

Last week I wrote about Michael Gove’s surprise arrival as Secretary of State for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs. There is so much more to write about this, but time is limited and I will not be able to cover everything in one piece. 1,298 more words

Sheepwrecked or a World Heritage Site? Thoughts on the Lake District

As the inevitability of President Theresa May being crowned on June the 9th seems without doubt now, we are hurtling, possibly out of control towards the exit, or rather the hard Brexit. 2,156 more words