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A comprehensive list of Sydney Farm to Plate restaurants

We’re at it again! Always on the hunt for the places you might not know exist, yet offer you fresh produce, in the true definition of the word. 1,202 more words


Asparagus in August: From farm, to market, to plate

After two years of loving cultivation, and a lot of hard-won lessons, my friend Gabriello Carnazza, a Swiss-Italian former designer now farming in South Africa, sold a batch of asparagus from his first harvest at the… 630 more words


Our Garden!

    The talented Gloria Ripley has worked to rehabilitate our soil, promising a we will reap a bountiful harvest from our organic garden.  We use as many of our own vegetables as possible, enjoying seasonal vegetables.  36 more words

Farm To Plate

How do we eat them?

How do we eat them?

It’s a very common question we get from almost everyone who comes out to our farm. It is usually asked in a hushed tone and hesitantly but its one we do not mind answering. 221 more words

Ecological Farming

The Beauty of a CSA

So, if you do not know what a CSA is, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way to support local farmers by subscribing to a farm share where you purchase locally and seasonally grown produce. 127 more words

Healthy Living


It is very easy to take for granted the raw materials that we (cooks) work with on a daily basis. We are so removed from the source, that many of the incredible items we use in kitchens have become simple commodities. 954 more words

Jigsaw Learning - the 3 Moooodules!


We thought that a good place to start would be by looking at each of the 3 modules we’d seen on the Discover Dairy website because although we could guess what they might be about, its going to be hard to choose which one to focus on for Hazel’s design without knowing for sure. 249 more words