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Growing Up at the Moser Ranch

  • Sledding with my brother and sister, long before Cameron got ruthless pulling us behind the 4-wheeler!
  • Cattle lined up at the bunks to eat during the winter.
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Farm Wife

Wheat Harvest Time

  • The wheat has started to change ever so slightly. It will be golden colored before it is harvested.
  • A beautiful sunset to the south of our home.
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Farm Wife

Free-Ranging Chickens - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen my flock of chickens throughout my post. I even have a blog post about raising chicks… 511 more words

New and Improved

Welcome to my NEW and IMPROVED blog! While I loved my old blog, Topknots and Toddlers, I felt in my heart that I could create a space that was more my style; more timeless, classic as well as more interactive and user friendly. 706 more words

Farm Wife

A Miserable Wife: 1886


‘Yes, professor, I am afraid I shall have to rent or sell the farm. My wife is so miserable. I cannot carry it on without hiring, and hiring eats up all the profits.’ 1,905 more words

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Farm Wife Improvisation

Sometimes you just make do with what you have at hand.

In the tractor, during seeding, I realized I didn’t have a hair tie. (Note: I do appreciate how clean my farmer keeps his equipment, but at times like this couldn’t he forget 1 rubber band, piece of string, etc…?) I was almost resigned to the fact that I would have to do without until I spotted it; my farmer’s lunch box. 39 more words

Farm Wife

Week 10: So Much to Be Thankful For

I’ve tried really hard during these past 10 weeks to document what I’m thankful for. It’s a simple list I keep on my phone that I add to in the evening before I go to bed. 1,184 more words