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Summer on the farm was everything we could have imagined. Warm but never hot (at least by our warm-climate experience), so green it hurts, planting and grilling and napping in the sun. 159 more words


Bundaberg – like the ginger beer, except not at all… True, it is the place one of my favourite drinks is made, but this resulted in my mind creating visions of the city quite far from reality. 535 more words


Busy days!

Yeah we have been busy on making this thing by the truck shed, i finally got the name for it, its called a ( lean to ) whatever that means…. 35 more words

Meet Bella!

Bella is my sister Cherry’s calf that she was given by my dad, us kids were rewarded for working hard on the farm, so we each got a calf to pick. 35 more words

Compost Burritos and Other Stories I Tell About Hawai'i

A friend and I were talking last night about feeling settled in Boston. We appreciate the lives and communities we’ve built here but we still feel the pull of distant places. 393 more words

Hawaiian Summer Camp

Welcome to Australia!

I’ve been in Australia for almost seven months now, and despite what a lot of you might think it isn’t just one massive holiday; although for the first three months this is exactly what it was! 458 more words


Alberta Style Sheep Drive

I wanted to share some pictures from running the ewes home last week. We had 250 ewes grazing a few miles down the road at Alyssa’s parent’s farm this summer. 259 more words

Farm Work