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Camp Fire Cooking

After another tough few days on the farm; days off been stripped, a whole patch of mouldy beans and being made to weed out of control weeds, the group were working hard together to raise each other’s spirits. 173 more words


Newsletter - July 11, 2017

Dear Friends of the farm,

This week you are getting Yukon Gold potatoes, garlic, Walla Walla onions, red beets, cucumbers (Either the regular slicing cucumber or a pickling variety ~ both equally delicious to eat raw, but only the pickling variety can withstand the canning process for making pickles.), summer squash ( any kind), cabbage or broccoli, muskmelon (it’s just the beginning!) and kale. 506 more words

Summer Shares

A 100kg Day

So we’ve been picking for two months now and I’m still bloody shite!

Everyday the top three pickers are Luke, Jess and Lucy, meanwhile Kieren, Connor and I fight not to be in last place. 494 more words


Exploring a lovely little village called Daylesford.

At the beginning of our farm work we stayed in a village called Daylesford for a few weeks. It’s located about half an hour north of Ballarat and is full of independent eateries and quirky shops, not to mention the AMAZING mill markets. 192 more words


A Wee Getaway to Maroochydore 

The group had worked 2 weeks straight and had spent the last few days on second picks, so we were very low. Luckily, good old Ellie saw this and arranged for us to go to her friends for a couple of days, down in Maroochydore. 808 more words


Leaving Ayr

The past five months has been quite the experience. It’s been fun and I’ve had some really, really good company as well as a high number of hangovers. 487 more words


Lemon Pickers wanted

After Donald Trump deported so many of the workers from farms in the U.S. an enterprising woman named Betsy, in Coral Springs, Florida decided to try one of those difficult farm jobs, that most Americans were not formerly willing to do, just in order to help save the crops. 91 more words

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