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Mida ma tegelikult siin teen? What am I really doing here?

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Hei hei

Jõulud läksid mööda kiirelt, ilma mingisuguse draamata. Ma nutsin küll palju jõuluõhtul, kuna koduigatsus tuli peale, aga muidu oli täitsa vinks-vonks. 877 more words


23 Days a Melon Slave Left

It’s not been a very big week – our last week of melon packing lasted eight days, then we had three days off. Us being us, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to drink for three nights in a row. 533 more words


The RSPCA are Watching...

The owners of the farm had gone away to Melbourne for a few days so myself, Ellie and the two other backpackers (Jess and Luke) were tending to the farm. 758 more words


Organic vs Mass Produce

Spending time with the farmers and Ellie (the cool Aussie lady I mentioned earlier) I’ve been able to learn about the difference between a mass produce farm and an organic one, the latter of which I’m working on. 191 more words


Getting used to the Farm Life

I had been on the farm for a week now and I couldn’t believe how at home I felt. The bugs, the dirt and the unpredictable weather did not annoy me at all. 188 more words


good food news

I saw the very first fully formed cucumber in the high tunnel this morning while I was easing down both rows, winding their wandering vines through the cattle panel trellis. 15 more words


26 Days a Melon Packer Left

I didn’t post an update yesterday because I spent 8 hours at my get-fired-if-you-turn-up-hungover job packing melons with a hangover, and I wanted nothing more to lay in bed with a pizza and watch movies when I got in. 406 more words