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Farm Work In Australia - My First Foray.

Twas’ a wet and black Sunday evening.  The roads were slick with lashing rain and dreary hope.  Hope, that after months of searching, applying, researching and calling, that maybe this farm that I’d spent seven hours of my Sunday driving to would be at least homely and welcoming.   2,315 more words


What doing my regional work in Australia has taught me so far... Part 1

Just a little background…I left Canada almost 7 months ago now with a one-way ticket, thinking I was going to South East Asia for 3 months (I really had no idea what I was doing to be quite honest…Yep, me the over-planner…) It turned out to be 4 months in 8 different countries which led me to landing in Australia instead of home. 1,074 more words


The Dark Side of Farm Work in Australia

When telling stories to friends and family about your time doing farm work in Australia, many will often talk about the hard work, sweat, back pain and long hours. 1,604 more words

Current Material Needs: Farm Work

For the Power to the People , African Garden section and for our Homestead.
Links to our homestead work: Ile Oko farm

A really good Hoe, not those whose stem breaks in a minute. 51 more words

Power To The People Garden

Top tips for avoiding grape madness

Grape madness is taking over. I have worked the last 44 days with a mere 3 days off, managing to watch the sun rise nearly every one of these days. 790 more words


Grapes, Grapes, Grapes - 2 months farm work in Mildura

This post is about my working experience in a farm in Australia, in order to obtain my second Working Holiday Visa. If you’re looking for any information about how to find a harvest job or you’re simply curious about experiences of this kind, check out… 1,223 more words

Murray Falls

Quite simply, go here. Especially if you’re in the Tully / Mission Beach / Innisfail area. It makes for a refreshing break from farm life. 143 more words

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