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Newsletter - June 18, 2018

Dear Farm Friends,

Our first week was as exciting as ever, but this week is even better! We are so happy to be giving you… 677 more words


Life at the bush house

What can you do if you have a day off but you are in a hostel in the middle of nowhere, without internet?

Well fortunately there were a few things to do; there was a swimming pool and a pool table that we used a lot, we used to have a swim in the morning and after lunch a pool match. 105 more words


Pumpkins piking!

After too much days off finally there was a job for me for a few days, but not for the girls. I decided to go for it and we would waited for some days more, if the girls would not had a job in one week then we would left that hostel. 96 more words


good food news

I wanted to quickly share a couple of interesting, noteworthy bits of farm news. Beginning this week, Wednesdays from 4-6 p.m., we will be participating in a brand new, producer only farmers market at Mercy Med in…to read more click here Vol.11 #8 (06-05-18)


On Shearing and Doing Hard Things

This is me.

This is me on an almost 90 degree day, after shearing nine of my llamas over the course of about two hours. 761 more words

Farm Life

Cairns and the Great Australian Job hunt

So, it’s been a little while and not much really happened, if I’m honest. When I first arrived in Australia, I wasn’t sure if I was going to do the second year of my working holiday visa. 648 more words


Too much days off

After one week we started to have too much days off, really.

Maybe some of you will say “but then you had time to relax, take a swim in the swimming pool or play pool with your new friend from Sweden, your travel buddy”. 122 more words